A little more of this and that

A little more of this and that

I want a little more

A little more of smiles

A little more of laughs

A little more of hugs and

really more of joys

All that before the clock strikes 12

I want do to a little more,

in everything I do

I want to fly a little more,

in my dreams

I want to dance a little more,

here on the floor

I want to sing a little more,

there in my room

Before the clock goes to Twelve

I will do a little more

A little more of swimming

A little more of sleeping

A little more of work

A little more happiness

And little more of ……..

A little more here, a little more there

I ll make little more more of  memories

I shall bake  little more of cakes

Before clock strikes  12

I will tell little more stories

I shall write little more of knowledge

A little more of this and that

Before its 12!

Open up the Curtains in your Mind

How blessed you were

Remove the curtains in your head

It waits for you to open up your wings

To fly in your desires

To hope in your dreams

Don’t find flaws in your placement on planet

See the blessings

Count the admiration  and care by your neighbors

Be it Autumn Flowers

Be it Monsoon Rain

Or a snow fall, out of season

Can you count your blessings now?

If still no count the unseen care by Mother Nature on you

Open the curtains of your minds and see

You were not positioned in this place to bear just pains

It was well planned by the Universe

To make you go through all this

All this to make you stronger

Find the strength in this discomfort

Find your voice

Come out high

Rise high out of this

All this was meant to prepare you

For your Karmic learnings

If not here, then up there

Just see how blessed you are now

To experience the pains

And be much stronger

And embrace joys in turbulent times

Embrace the unseen joyous times

It’s hard, Its difficult

But find the moments that were behind the curtains

The curtains of your memories

Which hides the enjoyment of the first rain from your balcony

The curtains in head

Which blocks you to see the rainbow you watched with your brother

The curtains that doesn’t let you remember the songs you sang with cold breeze in park

Yes, these curtains

Stops you

And shows you just the pains

Open up the curtains

You will see a beautiful journey

Even if it was not beautiful

Thank the Nature for all the warm spring air hugs

The flowers for all the smells

Take up the curtains

Open up the minds

Let it be free

See from a free mind

Now see was the pain really a pain

Or was it a mentor, teaching you

To Take off the old skin

Not easy, and pretty difficult things

But that’s is what it is for

Take off the curtain

And see the morning dew awaits your voice

Open up the curtains of minds

And see

See it, the beauty that it holds

The World is beautiful

Embrace it

It waits for you to open up your wings

To fly in your desires

To hope in your dreams

All that to be happy

And play your role

Here on Earth

We are all on a duty here

This is a place for Karmic Learning

Try to know what you experienced and why

Open up the curtains of mind

It waits for you to open up your wings

To fly in your desires

To hope in your dreams

You are as beautiful as your soul is, don’t compare with your human body

Look within your skin

Look inside yourself

You are as beautiful as your thoughts

Look in mirrors

And see how beautiful you are

Not the body, but the soul

You are as beautiful as you think of

As beautiful as your wants

As serene as your belongings

Look inside your dreams

Look at the desires

You have all the beauty of that your hopes have

You are as awesome

As handsome as the things you collect

As pretty as the paints you draw

They are are just mnemonics of your pursuits of charm

As much as you want the smile back from other faces

Faces that may not even know you

But still, you expect the twinkles back to you

You are as blessed as anyone can even think one can be

Beauty is within you

Not in the outer image

Yes, one tries to match the inner beauty with outer looks

But beauty is inside you

Dear don’t look outside

Just look inside

All the joy you have

The childish side

The adult side

The youthful side

Oh, yes the old side too

It’s all inside you

You are as young as your soul is

You are as pretty as your sprits are!

So don’t think twice

Rejoice thrice!

Choosing the Right New Source of Energy with Help of AI and Computer Simulations: Stop and Think Before Implementing

Yes, we are in a race against time to protect the environment.  There is growing imbalance in primarily the following three broad categories:

  1. In air
  2. On Earth’s surface
  3. Below Earth’s Surface

So dear stakeholders, its good to find a new source of energy that can replace fossil fuels. It gives the excitement and the required thrust to implement a new probable technique. Bring in new cars, new wind mills, new methodologies that uses newer and newer sources of energies.

But as a scientist I want to ask you to stop for a moment. Just give a hold on it. Go forward step wise as in any scientific discovery and experiment. Analyze all possible solutions that you can discover till date, then follow in a mechanism to implement it. Not in reality but on a model on a computer system. Yes, this is called simulation.

The answers you have to find out are:

  1. How much is this source of energy going to help in imbalance on Earth. Not just climate change, but soil erosion, water pollution and below Earth permanent changes caused by over extractions from Earths crusts, to mention a few only.
  2. What would be cost of the new fuel be it hydrogen in cars or wind energy
  3. What is the cost of implementing the same?
  4. How much can it be used?
    1. Extensively
    1. Universally
    1. Locally
  5. What are the benefits ?
  6. What are the harmful costs- be it by-product, excess cost in production, effect on eco-system? For example, it was experimented, as per a tv show, that wind energy plants produce waves which are dangerous of bio-diversity nearby it. We want our honey bees and fishes and coral reefs to be healthy. If this is so, then should we be using it much!
  7. How to supply it to people ? Is it safe and easy way— Is it implementable, it should not be that we are producing by-products which cant be recycled or itself produces harmful climatically-incompatible substances?
  8. Yes in a new phase of scientific development, some of these sources of energies may become obsolete, so how are they from point of view of replaceability? And some may not change such as bio-gas, then how can they be sustained for longer time use? Think of using 5 year planning for a shorter time period energy sources and 10-year road map for irreplaceable energy sources.
  9. While designing a new model, be it an electric car batteries and electric cars make sure, to keep future goal, of replaceability and reusability- These batteries and cars should not be a new dump on Earth when obsolete as plastic is now ! So think before implementations.
  10. Next how shall you charge the batteries, who shall take tenders for battery charging pumps ?
  11. Another, concerns, what are the chemicals needed to run the batteries ? Where will they come from? What imbalance they can cause on Earth in next decade after electric cars come in!
  12. How many rare metals and chips we need in our cars ? When we know they are rare ? And still we are not willing to let go living without them- and then rally on roads using the same phone made of elements from Earth Crust- Time to think !

Answer all these questions for each energy source you have in answer to new energy to replace fossil fuels. Yes, one energy source may not be enough always and not in all regions.

Hence per region these questions need to be answered before implementation is performed. As once implemented the change on a region is somewhat lasting in a time duration. Be apt in taking decisions about implementations, especially given the critical climatic conditions which are being faced and challenged to humans! AI can help you find the technique which would be best suited for a region or for a particular climate! All through simulation on computers using AI! This has not been done prior to this! But we need to do it. You can contact me if you are interested in this research.

Rough Sets: Introduction

The amount of information in the world is increasing at a very high rate. With this increases the problem of efficiently and effectively using the abundant information. Rough Set is a mathematical tool to discover patterns hidden in data. It deals with the ”decision” of ”selecting” suitable attributes and objects. There are collections of objects which may not be defined using a given knowledge, Rough Sets allows us to view them approximately. We shall discussed the problem of suitable attribute and object selection applied to text data using the Rough Set Theory.

Rough Sets are highly used in various domains such as medical data analysis and disease diagnosis, information retrieval, text mining, economic and financial prediction. The advantage of using Rough Sets is that given a knowledge base the facts hidden in data are extracted out. There is no need of additional information like ”cut-offs (thresholds)”, ”interval lengths”, etc. Further, once the knowledge base is formed the problem becomes domain independent. Thus, this is a closed-world problem.

Approximation of Sets

Membership Measure

Chocolate less — Tasty Brown Sweet Dish–Heart Shaped

1. Put some butter in frying pan-2 serving spoons

2. Let it heat up

3. Put 2 cups of Gram flour in it and fry it till it changes color. Make sure not to burn the mixture.

4. Keep mixing the mixture. Don’t let it stagnant. Make sure not to burn the mixture. Close the heat in case it starts to burn!

5. Add 3/4th cup of sugar in it (you can taste it in later stage to add more sugar, as per taste)

6. Put some more butter and keep mixing the mixture. Keep adding butter till the mixture becomes mildly solid as in image below. Make sure not to burn the mixture.

7. When the mixture has obtained right amount of softness, take of frying pan from stove.

8. Add 2 cup of water in it now.

9. Dry the mixture by putting on the heat again.

10. Get a mold to give shape to the sweet dish just made. I used heart shaped mold as in image below. Fill it with the sweet dish.

11. Take it out once it is settled, or keep in fridge for few minutes. And here the sweets are ready. This can be served in bowls or in any desired shape, be it small sweet balls or biscuits.

Oh my Man

Oh my Man

Like a flame you burst in my heart

While I sleep

Its all over

Flames of love

Fires of desires

I am burning in your love

I am burning in your desires

My man!

Like a water balloon you blast in my tummy

While I sing

It’s all over

Droplets of likes

Droplets of feelings

I am swimming in your feelings

I am swimming in your likes

My man!

Like crackers you blow in my body

While I pray

It’s all over

Crackers of happiness

Crackers of joy

I am blowing in your joy

I am blowing in happiness

My man!

Like hot butterflies flying inside me

While I take rest

Its all over

Butterflies of adoration

Butterflies of beauty

I am flying when you adore me

I am flying when you appreciate me

My man!

Yes My man,

I am burning in your desires

I am swimming in your likes

I am blowing in happiness

I am flying when you appreciate me

I am burning in your love, My man!

I am swimming in your feelings, My man!

I am blowing in your joy, My man!

I am flying when you adore me, My man!