Colored Universe-2, Second Painting Collections

Here is my latest collection from my two novels – Colored Princess and The Grand Park Of Living Stars. These are on as NFT on opensea at the following links. However they are not for sale on NFT. I don’t much like bitcoins. And we’re on NFT just for ownership of work and copyrights, notContinue reading “Colored Universe-2, Second Painting Collections”

Here is my MasterPiece – King Panitego from Colored Worlds

These paintings are based on my two short novels: 1. The colored Princess [] 2. The Grand Park of living stars [ ] … Both are available to buy on, These books have lot of paintings and sketches, but the paintings given here in this collections are not there in books, these were made whileContinue reading “Here is my MasterPiece – King Panitego from Colored Worlds”