History- prior to 5000 BC ! Well Written and Kept Intact even now??? Why are the manuscripts, history, dating several millennium back- IMPORTANT!

What is older than oldest proofs of mankind and mans existence on Earth! We are going to Mars and Moon! Have we explored to our past fully?

One example of millenniums old manuscripts are Vedas, Upanishads (if I am not wrong) Do check the exact dates on internet! What are others. Can we summarize them for easy understanding of common minds!

Here, is an example:

Chandogya Upanishad verses 1.1.1-1.1.9, Samaveda, Sanskrit, Devanagari script, 1849 CE manuscript – Chandogya Upanishad – Wikipedia

How old are the Vedas? – Ancient Science

What are Vedas & How Old are Vedas – HindUtsav

Other parts of worlds manuscripts please ?

Well if you have hard(soft)copy of scripts dating back to 5000 BC intact, they have much more to give us, not just the information, but society structures, living situations, including food, clothing and patterns of climatic behaviors predominant in the regions, in the times! Not just that how the civilization communicated with the world outside its realm –though planes were not there ! And may be forgotten healing and medicinal practices!

It is awesome to have a original view of such old scriptures and even been able to read them. Yes, one can start with English translation to understanding the histories and then can follow the original versions, after gaining the language competencies.

Well if there are around 1200 BC manuscripts, iron embeddings etc. available to us on Earth, well intact??. Then, these must be history much older than 2000 BC. Why? Because if something is written on a good preferable form of media – wooden paper. It must have been written on leaf before that, before being copies to the presently available form, and it must be on voice of people and in the mouths of great preachers and teachers-the Kings and Queens!? How can I say so– Based on Logics! Logic & no fiction here— that this is how the mode of communications must have progressed (if I am not wrong, my logics here, as I am not a historian nor an archaeologist, just a inquisitive learner) while man learned to use printer and computer to print modern day — solutions and discoveries.

Back then there were no computers, as man started writing with feather’s of birds on dried leaves and so on. Wisdom of mouth got a mode of communication through these snippets. This is (may be others too agree, may be noted before too, common sense, that is all), one probable philosophy of transfer of knowledge. Hence, a script written in Sanskrit dating 1200 BC, means the fundamentals were transferred through various communication techniques developed in this process of development of mode of information processing in early eras of pre-historic times. This amounts to fundamentals being even older than 1500 BC and the word of mouth things even much elder to around 5000 BC. Imagine the no paper world—and how the rulers must be transferring knowledge after ——–oral language was invented for communication ! 1200 BC is just for an illustration. I am myself reading how old the oldest scriptures on earth are.

The Aryan language existed in around 10,000 BC. [As per Source on this website: How old are the Vedas? – Ancient Science]. So, are their any manuscripts dating back to 10,000 BC ?

Which other civilizations on earth have such old works preserved till date ? Do comment about your knowledge about these facts. My interest in this area is recent and I am as naïve to the subject as you. This article is my objective analysis of any such old scripture on globe. If I am wrong in my analysis I am open to suggestion to improve my inquisition on this highly interesting area of research. [research->>re –searching].

Several website gave a new date to some archeologically old precious things to study which are human own writings -scriptures. So, even I am wondering the exact date and the technique used to find it. Radiocarbon dating?

As per these articles, Vedas, which are scripts intact written in Devanagari. Check the links on left panel on top of this webpage to have a view of how these old scripts look like. This is just an example. I am curious for all the old articles and snippets and manuscripts all around the globe not just in India! Yes a lot of them from India are available on internet and I try too look into it myself, whenever I get time. Do mail me more such scriptures from your regions!

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