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  2. The Grand Park of Living-Stars: The tribe of Jnithstrnd: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798538065592: Books
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Some Quotes

Seeing the Unseen


Just One Thing For An Aching Grass

Floods, fires, pains

When I am gone

Profit verses Benefits – Piece of Knowledge


Women taking arms against Taliban, why men in Afghanistan not helping women and normal people in their fights ? Esp. those men who were trained by The Americas ?

A complete crash of a political system build over 20 years: Afghanistan

Children have right to ask and demand elders. But they need to understand how real world works and what ending Climate Change really means!

Humanoid robot. I have some questions

Why Some Research With Minimal Research Contents Accepted And Those with Sufficient Novelty Declined. Is there contacts, friendships needed to publish research articles?

How to teach some Outgrown Men that a women/girls NO means a NO- FULL STOP #women_rights

Afghanistan Crisis – My Views, Why To Rule Another Person Country– Rule Your Own

Does Fear of Being Women Haunts At Times?#Afgan_Crisis #Women_Rights_Are_Global_Problem

Heal the Soil every Season! Ever thought where all these minerals in fruits are coming from- Soil!

Can every house in outskirt of city have its own Bio-Gas unit installed for house electricity requirements?

AI based sensors for Forest Fires detection and AI based systems for Stopping the Spread

The Most Recent History Mentions: Myanmar versus Afghanistan

Taliban Should have waited till all foreign troops, citizens and allies were out. Taliban should be responsible for the Chaos

A fictional scenario and a worst nightmare~~ Can a AI robotic news anchor be directed by a rival country which wants to can change the way a group of people think ?

Where are humans heading to ?

Pink Resume: Shaamena is a Women who wants her resume to be pink and different from a man’s resume

Think and Grow Wise versus Thinking of being Rich

Tata-Airbus set to sign 22,000-crores deal to make military plane

Why a phone hacker would do these things to me? It made delete WhatsApp from phone now…

AI based Application for Individuals Climate Sensitivity Index Computation

Germany Election and The Climate Change Rally—It it just a co-incidence or vested co-occurrence ?

Russia and Belarus – Movements of Revolts—Still in The same People in Power since so many years?

Life is beautiful in West ? Is that the reason why everyone is rushing to west ? Is West the heaven of Earth ?

Why North Korea Testing Missiles Every other time ?

Why Fossil Fuels Were Preferred When BioGas Could Had Been Used ? And Now Electric Batteries ??

Show me your colors –song – Is it right?

Flexible Pay, flexible benefits with Flexible Work?

Climate Change is Not Just By Emission but Can Pollution with Fostering carbon-di-oxide plays good role too ?

Over Productions and extra Exports, How they are indirectly related to Climate Change

Population Density in a Region and its impact on Climate Change

Whistleblower: Fake Accounts can change a Recommender System Outputs

Midwives–There Was A Time there used to be midwives

Paints, Colors and Their Effect On Climate Change #GREEN_PAINTS #GREEN_COLORS

Languages and its Acoustics impacting Sound Energy effect on Human Brain and Body– Research Needed

Astro Robot Nanena – Part III

Music and Sounds that made my day today….These names are so soothing – Listen – The name of …..

Artificial Intelligence with oldest written scriptures-Especially Sanskrit, Lithuanian and combining the old historical scientific knowledge with latest state of art

Climate Change: How to handle the current problems? Solutions of treating gases released from cars and industries. Can AI answer this?

How to tackle — AI is Learning Wrong Languages, Wrong Contents and Impacting Children and Adults

Presidential Candidates of France- Why others are not as much highlighted in media as Anne Hidalgo? Or is it just that I miss it everyday when others are shown on TV? May be.

AI based Robots Teaching in School, Colleges and Universities

Fairy Tales: Imagination is An Art !

  1. The Colored Princess: And their Birth on Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows – Kindle edition by Yadav, Nidhika. Children Kindle eBooks @
  2. The Grand Park of Living-Stars: The tribe of Jnithstrnd: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798538065592: Books


Here are My Blogs:

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  2. Blogs on Topics on Life in General
  3. Climate Change- Solutions, Problems, Views
  4. World News -My Point Of Views

Some Featured Blogs Are Listed Here:

Re-Freezing Artic ! Viable ?

Extracting Salt free water from Sea easier or using Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s

Climate Change and Temporary Measures for Preservations

Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies

Imagination is A Broad Art: Why is it needed and so much valued ?

Law of Averages For Children Childhood Activities, Why Race In Childhood!

History- prior to 5000 BC ! Well Written and Kept Intact even now??? Why are the manuscripts, history, dating several millennium back- IMPORTANT!

Happy Earths Day- Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural !

Workplace should accept “hormonal”, “menopausal” women too

Wildfires, cloud bursts: What else can be done to protect environment? #Save Green Environment

Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!

Choosing the Right New Source of Energy with Help of AI and Computer Simulations: Stop and Think Before Implementing

Do We Need A Child’s Resume In Job Market?

Artificial Backwaters As A Source of Constant Water Supplies and Other Beneficial Uses

Who Determines the Work and Life Speed at Which People on Planet Earth Are Running Day and Night? Can I Have A Break? Can I Own My Speed?

Should search strings and form data in search engines and internet be End to End Encrypted ? #privacy

Can Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Advancements be used to prevent Natural Calamities #climate_change

Artificial Intelligence based shopping store safety software

Can Earthen Tea Cups from a great Potter Store Help In Providing Lots of Disposable Beautiful Mugs and Cups in Pantries and Cafeterias ?

Climate Change and Flooding

Story Telling based Learning for Kids, Up to which age groups ? Think !

Why so less of Wooden Toys

Everything Carries Energy-Purify

AI: Can Artificial Intelligence Read Cartoons, Understand the Gestures Correctly or Can AI make as Good Cartoons as a Cartoonist does

Entertainment is a source of Energy too!

Green Fashion

Floods and Droughts – Can we dig solutions ?

Journalism should be un-biased- We need facts not the personal conclusion from News Reporters. Did Afghan Crisis saw media clap with one hand ?

The Rise Of Taliban: Its a Part of World History Now. If media not analyzing, Historians Should

The whole world knew New York would get Severe Flash Flooding, Why no Guidelines ?

How media can change the way people think of leaders ? – Part 1

Taliban and China relationships while NATO were ignored

Why not invest some money earned for development of native tribes? Who shall fill in this gap ?

Invest in cultural developments ? Dear Successful People – Should we invest to Keep Traditions Alive ? Are these a inheritance we have from our forefathers ?

CoronaVirus: AI based toolkits for Corona graph-time predictions. AI IS MORE THAN STATISTICS.

AI based project for Finding Beginning of Virus using AI Simulations

Migrants- Native Country or New Country ? Where do they belong? Why they running ? #refugee

Individual Responsibility In Healing of Climate Crisis

Guide Your Children If They Are Misguided By Peer Groups #parenting

Military Miscalculation? Or Planned Trick To Dodge ? Recent Drone Attack At Kabul International Airport

To The Youth —- Don’t be swayed. Climate Change and Heavy Rainfalls Comparisons For You To Find Answers On Your Own

I am a Woman who don’t call breaks in career as failures, but a part of my journey as a Woman

Can You Say Something more than Bla, Bla, Bla, Young Climate Activists

Check Your Recommender Systems- Algorithms–What needs check is Hacking– #Facebook

Need for Rise of Ethical Contents. The Reasons. Today’s Facebook News is just an example. Role of AI ?

Whistleblower. Why not parenting be improved and teenagers be taught by mothers how to deal with the things ?

Air Conditioners and Their Effect on Climate Change. #Green_Cooling

Sun retains its state, to current, Why Not? With right food in form of hydrogen gas it needs to provided by Man extracted with AI Robots from parts of Universe to it

Happy Vijayadashami (Upcoming) – After 9 days of NavRatri

The Fuzzy partial LIKE Button – Is Needed ? Or We Should Only Like -Fully ? On Social Media ~ Why not partial likes ?

Open Internet Device Exams versus Open Book Exams- AI based Exams- Discussions

5000 Year Old Flying Machine Found in Afghanistan- Why No More Analysis ! AI Digital Twin Simulation and Robotics can Help!

Flexible Time-Frame based Credit System of Education

Don’t Hate Carbon– We have carbon in us – Carbon is everywhere- Recycle it back to Rubber, Sugar, Carbohydrates, Butter, Cotton.. Solution is plants !

Who tells a Bird – How to make a Nest ? Who tells a woman what a right love should feel like ? This is in us-Feelings are in our Spirits.

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