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Fairy Tales: Imagination is An Art !

  1. The Colored Princess: And their Birth on Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows – Kindle edition by Yadav, Nidhika. Children Kindle eBooks @
  2. The Grand Park of Living-Stars: The tribe of Jnithstrnd: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798538065592: Books


Re-Freezing Artic ! Viable ?

Extracting Salt free water from Sea easier or using Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s

Climate Change and Temporary Measures for Preservations

Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies

Imagination is A Broad Art: Why is it needed and so much valued ?

Law of Averages For Children Childhood Activities, Why Race In Childhood!

History- prior to 5000 BC ! Well Written and Kept Intact even now??? Why are the manuscripts, history, dating several millennium back- IMPORTANT!

Happy Earths Day- Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural !

Workplace should accept “hormonal”, “menopausal” women too

Wildfires, cloud bursts: What else can be done to protect environment? #Save Green Environment

Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!

Choosing the Right New Source of Energy with Help of AI and Computer Simulations: Stop and Think Before Implementing

Do We Need A Child’s Resume In Job Market?

Artificial Backwaters As A Source of Constant Water Supplies and Other Beneficial Uses

Who Determines the Work and Life Speed at Which People on Planet Earth Are Running Day and Night? Can I Have A Break? Can I Own My Speed?

Should search strings and form data in search engines and internet be End to End Encrypted ? #privacy

Can Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Advancements be used to prevent Natural Calamities #climate_change

Artificial Intelligence based shopping store safety software

Can Earthen Tea Cups from a great Potter Store Help In Providing Lots of Disposable Beautiful Mugs and Cups in Pantries and Cafeterias ?

Climate Change and Flooding

Story Telling based Learning for Kids, Up to which age groups ? Think !

Why so less of Wooden Toys

Everything Carries Energy-Purify

AI: Can Artificial Intelligence Read Cartoons, Understand the Gestures Correctly or Can AI make as Good Cartoons as a Cartoonist does

Entertainment is a source of Energy too!

Green Fashion

Floods and Droughts – Can we dig solutions ?

Can every house in outskirt of city have its own Bio-Gas unit installed for house electricity requirements?

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