Show me your colors –song– Is it right ?

The latest song all over the advertisements on international channels – starts with “Show me your colors…..start waving your flags”. What colors? I am also a person of color –???? Why???

Now United – Wave Your Flag (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Here are some questions on it. I cant understand it at all…

  1. How can someone ask to show ones color? What color? Skin color–Flag color–Both divide the people
  2. Asking color was a bad manners—as far as I know? Please correct me if I am unaware of it still, being a person of color myself.
  3. Given nowadays, so many people of different countries have gained dual or new citizenships, is it ok to keep them divided and think of which flag they represent?
  4. The actors holding these flags —- represent a biased approach in defining nationality.
  5. Do china don’t have citizens of other places of world ?? I don’t know ? But other countries do have people from different regions.
  6. Is this a decent to show on television ?
  7. Can people think of it on other way ?
  8. Is it an open call asking ones colors ??
  9. The actors reflect all majority people of a country ???? –Can more be added –I don’t know–Its so weird—
  10. Do Africa don’t have Britain citizens??
  11. Does China don’t have other migrated people from other parts of world ??
  12. Should the makers apologize and take back the song ?

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