Climate Change- Solutions, Problems, Views

This page provides my views, research ideas, my solutions in the area of Climate Change

Blogs on Climate Change

Conference on Climate COP27, 2022

Glaciers Melting, Why and What to do!

Re-Freezing Artic ! Viable ?

Are basic Electric Car- NOT Enough or Enough? #Climate change

Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies

Happy Earths Day- Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural !

Can Earthen Tea Cups from a great Potter Store Help In Providing Lots of Disposable Beautiful Mugs and Cups in Pantries and Cafeterias ?

Why so less of Wooden Toys

Green Fashion

Individual Responsibility In Healing of Climate Crisis

Heal the Soil every Season! Ever thought where all these minerals in fruits are coming from- Soil!

Children have right to ask and demand elders. But they need to understand how real world works and what ending Climate Change really means!

Why Fossil Fuels Were Preferred When BioGas Could Had Been Used ? And Now Electric Batteries ??

Climate Change is Not Just By Emission but Can Pollution with Fostering carbon-di-oxide plays good role too ?

Can You Say Something more than Bla, Bla, Bla, Young Climate Activists

Over Productions and extra Exports, How they are indirectly related to Climate Change

Population Density in a Region and its impact on Climate Change

Paints, Colors and Their Effect On Climate Change #GREEN_PAINTS #GREEN_COLORS

Air Conditioners and Their Effect on Climate Change. #Green_Cooling

Climate Children Activist call Climate Summit Failure– Wait teenager –It has not yet been over—AND far from being Implemented-DONOT INSTILL FEAR IN THOSE WHO ARE INNOCENT

Obama says- Young People be Angry? What you did  8 years as President ? You like them marching on Roads??

Solar Batteries or Solar Liquid Energy — Solar Cars, Solar Electricity- The Future ?

Quotes by Me on Climate Change
Atmosphere cannot be colonized. Same air flows to all places. Extreme things in one place can impact other place. You can prove it mathematically..
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