Can every house in outskirt of city have its own Bio-Gas unit installed for house electricity requirements?

Bio gas is formed from human wastes, plant waste or/and animal waste decomposed in a chamber- Can people with open spaces in their house install a bio-gas unit? Firstly, there is not much innovation about it at this stage, to the best of knowledge.

Well, there are two parts in it:

  1. Safety: Gas have pressure hence safety mechanism has to be taken care of.  More than that-other measures need to be taken of such as-cleanliness, hygiene to mention a few.
  2. Procedure: The procedure has to be efficient. Hence working models have to be tested by innovators of this chamber with input the sewage of house and output are:
    1. Bio gas- An energy source
    1. Compost—remains after bio gas goes out from output chambers
    1. Liquid waste—to be send through current pipes out for supplies in forests, agriculture lands or treatments for use in agriculture. Scientist need to find out the pH value and other factors while dumping any such liquid waste in lands. And in which lands—Experiments in this direction should start.

Conclusion: Working models need to be build. So much of untreated waste is being dumped in water bodies, while it can help to provide power in full house.

Defects: It needs house with bigger space. Hence outskirt houses and rural places can install such a model once made.

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