My Fictional Short Stories

Disclaimer & Note:-

Note, all characters here are fictional & completely imaginary, they bear no resemblance to any one in real life here or in any other written texts

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The first day of new bot

The new bot Miso, Day 2

Robot at work, day 3

A colleague is calling for her robot

She loved magical robot

Miso, the magical robot story

Personalised driving

Robot in office

The floating garden in Universe

Boxing galaxy 884

Peacock and under the water underworld’s

Two angels flying past sky

The New Science-I , Infinite Rainbows

Hen who gave Diamond Eggs – The Diamond Hen #fiction #moral #story

The Spritual Leaf, One Each, from the Forests to The Park of Lands

11th Parallel Solar System

King of Anthamba and Princess of Golden Moons. Fictional short story

Her FOUR VERSE which are the essence of the Mad worlds of Ni De Verse

Book of Destinies — The Medical Childhood Dreams and Love

The new game Golden Silver becomes One in Space and the monitors, the white and dark chess on lands.

Leave The Deoogies Ghosts

Either, let her life or Send her in Space, from where she came, Choose One, Decide, Story of two rival women powers

Story, DoNot steal, use your brain, not stolen Dream Minds to do work

Fictional Story of Sebow, a beautiful, intelligent Girl, no boy dared to propose in the Stone Age

Astro Robot Nanena-Short Science Fiction Story

Pink Resume: Shaamena is a Women who wants her resume to be pink and different from a man’s resume

Lomikowa – A monster who was jealous of flying mermaids. #fictional short story

Short Story ~ of life of Flowery #Green Fashion

Women’s Fashion should only grow not diminish- Short Story-Miss Waisty

Short Fictional Story, casted in lands of flying tiny bunny rabbits

Short Fictional Fairy Tale Story— Lily

Heniljia of Crystal Age, Short Story

The Flower Street – Sketches-Fashion Designing

Astro Robot-Nanena- Part II- Short Fiction Story

The Story of White Ghosts from far West and how the fooled common people-Policy of Divide and Rule East and West of Zyngalands

The Plant for Arosal on Planet Haukhayi

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Memories filled with stories

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“Stories Filled In Memories.”

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