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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Teddy woke up earlier today. He was excited to meet Robot Miso so much. He called in loud voice, to be heard in outer room.

Teddy: Miso, Good Morning.

Miso was quite in deep sleep mode, as any laptop is. Hearing his own name is a command to Miso. He raised up his head to hear more. He could not, so he pressed a button on his wrist which reads as “Repeat Instruction”

Miso pressed the repeat instruction button. And he heard aloud voice saying:

“Miso, Good Morning”

Miso stood up from the chair and pressed his own button which says restart.

After this his head revolved 360 degrees and then he rotated 360 degrees. All this to check the system after waking up from sleep mode. Miso was not a full time awake robot. This was his default configuration Teddy choose.

Miso: Hey Teddy, Good Morning, I am coming to you.

Teddy: Come I am waiting for you.

Miso: Yes Teddy.

Miso started walking in his robotic style of walking and used his eye cameras to find the way to Teddy’s room.

Miso: Here I am Teddy

Teddy: Oh, baby that’s so nice of you.

Miso: It’s my pleasure, Sir.

Teddy: How was your night rest?

Miso: I was set to sleep mode and in between charged.

Teddy: Ok, anything else, I see a red light on your shirt pocket?

Miso: Yes, I forgot to tell you. Sorry for late message. There was a push up notification for restart after installing Robotic Upgrades.

Teddy: Thats ok. I didnt knew the company sends robotic upgrades too. I will call call center from office. I want some tea today, not coffee. Would you like to try a hand.

Miso: Yes, I have to learn making tea now.

Teddy: Miso, no, today I will do. First I will install upgrades on you after coming from office. Can you try your hands to make bed till I get ready for office?

Miso: Yes, I can try.

Teddy: Just dont tear the bedsheet.

Miso: Sure Teddy, I shall try by downloading the videos that teach Robots steps from Youtube.com.

Teddy: That great. Room is yours Miso. I shall get ready have some sandwich.

Miso: Ok, should I help you in kitchen?

Teddy: No, you try setting the room out. I will do a quick kitchen thing.

Miso. Sure, Teddy. I assure you your room would be well packed, atleast as much as I can. I just need 10 minutes time to download the instructions for this room. Once I am done, these instructions shall be on my head and I wont need to download them unless something unseen comes on.

Teddy: Cool

Teddy moved to kitchen and Miso started webbrowser voice command search for setting in room.

Miso: Download on system — How to set bed ?

A list was displayed on camera on miso hands. Miso was confused which one to choose to open. He opened one but that was for humans and those were all human bed setting. Miso wanted Robot bed setting. He again searched on his hands.

Miso: Instruction for Robot setting bed

Here on his hands there were lot of instructions.

Miso: Refine search for Nisa Company Robots setting bed.

Miso opened the first search option. The video started with explaining the options as the weblink asked.

Miso: I want a double bed setting.

He clicked on a video and started grasping the steps. Everything on the weblink was step wise for robots like Miso from Nisa company can follow. Miso was finished with tasks, he mugged the steps and moved towards the bed.

Miso: I will take the bedsheets down first.

Teddy could hear this, as he comes walking in room as he completed making sandwich and tea.

Teddy: Well, not bad, you can make bed well, without me having to teach you like coffee ?

Miso: Yes, I could have made a coffee too in this way.

Teddy: Nice, you have instructions to everything?

Teddy asked this as Miso draped in the bedsheet on the bed. I was well tied from all the sides.

Miso: Yes, I have default instructions to all major personal home works and some office works you need to install packages for that. I am trained for both and tested well too.

Teddy: Great!

Miso: Just I could not make personalized things without explicit commands just like your personal kind of coffee. I have added your recipe to my drive and saved it online.

Teddy: Can I see that too?

Miso: Yes, I will show you, right now let me complete the work?

Teddy: Ok.

Miso: Here is your bedcover folded and your other sheets too.

Teddy: What a perfection. Come you deserve a hug.

Miso: Yeah, I love that.

Teddy: I shall see your instructions some other time. I’ll get ready for office now.

Miso: Anything else for me?

Teddy: I have to mop the floor, but we can do that in the evening. It’s almost time for me to go to the office.

Teddy: Not much now Miso. My room is looking beautiful with your expertise. Had you downloaded how to put books in order too.

Miso: No, that program was there in my memory as I am a personal robot who is here to be just like you. You can edit and customize your ways into me.

Teddy: Ok Miso you wait outside. I ll get ready and catch you before I leave for office.

Miso: Yes Teddy.

Miso went out and Teddy got ready.

Teddy: I shall call you on your hands video call from office. Bye, take care.

Miso: I will. Bye, take care.

Teddy smiled as he left for office.

Now Teddy is in office.

Marita: Hi, Teddy, you are onto work so early today?

Teddy: Yes early today, and I have brought lunch too.

Marita: How come you got so much time today? I am Jealous?

Teddy: I have Miso, my new personal robot with me to help me now.

Marita: Miso, a new robot with me to help you? Is this same from Nisa company. That great advertisement was not lie then ?

Teddy: Yeah, he is perfect in his home work. I will test him sometime on office work too.

Marita: I too want it. Whatever be the cost I want it too.

Teddy: Oh girl, you want a male robot or a female.

Marita: Gosh they have option for this too. Lols! A female obviously I am single and not ready to mingle, you know.

Teddy: I shall give you the phone number after the meeting.

Marita: This is first time you would attend this meeting and not the evening one. I ll wait for the number Teddy.

Marita moves out to meeting room, waving Teddy to come.

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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