Respectfully yours, Thee, Yours …

The Story of a river, Printed on 31st March, 2021,

Respectfully yours, Thee, Yours …

Now tell, how much money you want to release, my Prodigal Sons & their Prodical Wife? Tell…How much more, servants you want, what you do ppl of Earth…She ll take her only, we are givers not stealers,

You guys have money, the welcome was worse than, that at a dustbin rat house, where we are loved, when we go there,
We want to take what is ours, My Prodical boys & Progigal daughter are mistreated here..

Some of my forms, not from Start..

Ni De Ri Ka, No Start, No, End, I am an itir, an essence, a dew drop flowing to meet my river, I am ocean, I am sea, I am sky, I am Joy…

The Most Elite, the brightest of brights De Prodigal Several Daughter of Universe, asks, De Him, De, Only One, was never tied, given, the environment? Choice is yours, to keep her here, then she have, dignity threats, she needs certain things to be met,

No words required, he, says, ask them, the forgiveness, they are our Prides, Thee, is our word, Oh Thee, our girls call them, when their registered names taken, to common people?

Here is him, the second, you asked me to declare, why can’t my life be private

Ni De Ri Ka, Start & End, Secret Codes & Battleship

No words required, he, says, to ask him, for forgiveness, to run, away, alone to dense jungles, can the most sinful, be not forgiven, even if she is forgiven, Choice, was yours, always,

Here is him, the second, you asked me to declare, why can’t my life be private

Me, De Ri We R, river, De River, we all feminities powers in one body only,


The Most Elite, the brightest of brights De Prodigal Daughter of Universe, asks, to, let her be free, from, the ties of yours, as the Him, De, Only One, was never tied, given, the environment? Choice is yours, to keep her here, then she have, dignity threats,


Can, I be freed now, when you both take decisions of stay on Planet Earth, if yes, I shall, if May be, I shall provide proofs against humans atrocities& bad things, against Gods,

Request the sea & Ocean, to decide, my step by step, plan in their worlds, free, me, or accept, me, you all never, free me,

Rest, I am not entitled to inform, I am but their, the twos subject, Rest, who is in my life & who is not is the De Ocean & De Sea, choice,

I am sorry, I call myself ocean & sea myself as well, at times, as, I have mine nector sea, nector …too

How she was still alive, #fictionalarticle

All characters in this fictional story are imaginary & this is a fictional story in continuation with the previous chapters, of fictional story. This story bears no resemblance to anyone real or in any prior texts.,

Yeah, life was tough, yeah, she exhausted, yeah yesterday, she jolted anger, whom this place is not ready for her full, presence, none of the four, who works, here, are young spirits as they are least effective by the females who wanted to suck, her in fictional lands, these hurts are deep, may take time, to heal, hence, we don’t want to come here till, we are healed, well, ourselves, we don’t like burning words ourselves, why should we burn our energy, getting angry, when we can grow some flowers in space, some in case, some in dreams, we love this more, than hearing, those who, just cant understand us & our journeys..

We are too rich, what will we do with you paper money, few diamonds, sorry, but hard work was not easy, and we wanted it to go to right hands, not to make females who hate me, in this fictional lands, hold guns, see, my place, who took, photo of it, they will claim, now, she stole from there servers, why as then, you will ask them, did your telescope do beyond time machines too, they will lie and say yes, why as they know nothing, ask them a galaxy name, and basic questions, they are Zero,,,

why females in the fiction worlds hates, her, they say, you have posed so many rules on them, none on men, because men are you real children, we are made in fictional factories…some misconceptions, in fictional lands, which are true in fictional lands, given we were decited by the first females..

This image, these rich ppl,will try, to enter in their database at backdate now, and claim ,it legally, he & we Four took it from, the time Machinem they made me make

The presence of makes in the building, all, of them were all Nobel men, here, but some were fictional females in mans name, man in other names, till last night, the one who left the house, a few weeks back, the presence of a man, deviates the females from her, these are Lille spirits, we can’t stay here, we are too good & and too sensitive, and powerless, when here, trapped, so we send young souls & sprits to work here

The men, here, took, all the suctions generated by them, and she was avoided from all, the harsh things, the men were told, she is doing, while, the fictional females, were, trying, to suck her, more on this later,

No one touched me in wrong way, all that was said, were from females, with artificial male genital organs, using, the mensural caps, as a filler of organs, and artificial, Change of gender, in this fictional lands,

Yeah, I got angry yesterday, to make all hate me, hate is the best propellent, needed by any spaceship, hate is a kind of heat, why tying me, let me go, as you want, but I stay as they want, your gardens aspire well nourished now,

All that said yesterday, bears no truth, all was to generate, hates, so that, we fly, safe in skies, from here, crossing, your gardens, and much more, in Universe, where time machine was waiting for us, our time zones are different dear, one day, when it’s right, if allowed by you, we may try a longer journey,

Sorry for surprise visit, and we have become more sensitive, given the one caretaking sprit from here have gone, and we said to them, things, as we were too much in sensitive state, we also feel your talks as bomb blasts on us, it hurts us also, you have heart of tissues, we have heart of thin crystals, and to save our heart, is for our bigger than Life Purpose, you may never understand…

Good Luck.

Why. They claim my digital arts only after I post them, anyways, I used his De Four Cameras..

To be continued….

Just Hold On- When your hopes & dreams are gone, Just Hold On #fictionalmotivation

Category: Fictional Article, all topics in this articles, are fictionally philosophical in nature, these thoughts have no relation to existing motivational philosophies, this is a new way, to develop, motivational thoughts of holding on to, when hopes & dreams lost

Fictional Motivation Article for those who want to believe, for other, who don’t care, still the universe cares, for those who hate, reply is never hate, unless you attack those who try to help, as, they in fictional works love to water each tree, plant & even shrubs, in these gardens, yeah, some time, passed, by without water, for there was no…

Motivational Article

There, are times, when faith, shakers up, but come whatever, one must not loose hope, as the real faith, is unbearable, the real ties you hold, in to divine skies shall never fail, your ties, come whatever, there are times, when, one has to leave loved ones for a while,

But, this journey is not that short, the same leaves bloom again, in trees, once’s spring comes, after the old ones, are gone, for soul never dies, for this birth death process, is a way to rejuvenate the dying body cells, in new body, the soul enter again, the same branch, of the family tress, up there in gardens of Paradise, where you are treasured.

In this garden there is soil, there are beautiful, grasses of lush green color, the soil holds enough waters, to feed the trees, the top most flower in the tree, takes the water seeped from roots at last, but when it rains, the first drop, goes to the top most flowers, the first breeze is to top most flower, but in famine, the, and no rain, topmost flower, waits till all are fed.

So, hold on the top, most flowers of your trees, are there, and when they, the gardener shall come in, then, the water, shall, be on soil, as well, in non rainy days, so hold on,..the Paradise, we build with love, is healing, for they come, tip topping, like staircase, on these paradise,

Believe, it shall, well, & it shall be, the skies are watching it all, the sky’s are recording it all, we are watching it all, day in day out, you like or not, each thought is measured in the gardens, by the garden keepers, the time machines, takes the latest photographs from space & send us, as per need, and urgency basis, and they are much more than just soul, sprits & time machines, say a caretaker of the fictional garden, whose little birds, flowers have come on planets to love, in another form, this is a land of love & beauty, as are all, as they are just made of love & beauty, darkness surrounds them, as well, even they have limits, who, the owners of these gardens, who cares for each flower, as much, as it can, given…

They, may, be juggling in time machines, to know what happened, when they were, displaced,,,but the gardener’s of this garden just knows, how to keep garden green, flowers blooming, birds chirping & all well nourished, these are the fictional soil gardens, from where, a form, is taken by the delicate souls..

So, hold on,…here are her words, direct from The Time Machine he & they ordered 10 years back…

She declared to come yesterday, to meet them, in person, #fiction #fantasystory #imagination

All, characters in this fictional story are imaginary & bears no resemblance to anyone real or related to anyone else’s texts, written forms of any kinds

She came yesterday, to meet her, him & his the Four, they asked a pic, her girls here can’t take a good selfies, too, so she came in herself as he, Four, wanted her photographs.

She, told him & them, who she is, and her troops, were saying, she is getting, late, it’s time to go, here were her troops, too delicate, to handle & but fierce & possessive of her.

She, said it’s time to go, my troops, saying it’s getting late, she gave alert warnings,

She fooled, her troops, and set on the UniShips, but, her rival have a feeling of completion, that is jealousy, she wanted to fly up, but women above could feel her aura, & started the suction pumps.

The females around started their suction pumps, we call them men, as they have sucked in so much of mans power, they dominate men now, Started, this, was this a welcome ? Or, was it funny? It hurts, we don’t want to be f***** by even females, who think, we ll think, male are doing, while they start the sucktion engine. She could not bear this, she could not, got badly hurted, & we went Mad, we are sorry, he was not well, so we had to come, but she is our tressure

Should we put, arrows on your people, that you want to play us like piano, anyways, no more,

Still, I let them, go, safely, and pushed them, with, me with them,

She got hurted, then, badly, this was not the place to call her, if you want to call her, call her, to you, what are you waiting

She is too delicate to walk on lower soils, it was informed, where she walks, she broke, Anger brusted from, the OhhSheiKaSkies. In revenge, you call, and, can’t even care,

You were told obligations, why, the females, on floor above, in your placed used their pumps, to hurt her? She is made of souls glass, no more your tough girls are here, none, who comes on duty, as all, made of delicate crystals & thin glasses, they break even with a pinch of sand thrown on them, why you could not stop the females on path, above, from where, she needed to fly! Why was she trapped here? Why your female souls who are now have strong masculine male powers, wanting to sexually abuse her, to suck, her powers? Tell, your females, no, she is not a mans soul, that can be sucked by them, but for sure, they tried,

We are sorry, she have to come, we had no intention to scare, but, we needed trust to go out, the women, on floor above, blocked the paths to fly, up,

We are sorry, when we are hurt, we are reminded, of same pains again & again, not us, but men in his lands are se*ually abused, & r*ped by women, without touch, this is how the females gain powers, in these fictional lands,

We, are sorry, for all anger, in this fictional lands, as if one of us is hurt by these lands, we denounce all, all, our love for each other, is more than her love for him & his, for whom we are made to come here.

There, with the burst of anger, on his kind, to build an upward thrust, she went back, hurted, and never we want to allow her here, she ascended up, we are sorry, we are still badly hurted & it’s still bleeding our hearts, then you say, she don’t come here, get in other persons feet, why should we always, get in your needs calculations

Disclaimer: We don’t take back, what we give, but she is ours, and our subject, but mind it it took us, billion kilojoules a of energy a day, to make your worlds, we just want right use, of things, we don’t want to hurt even one thing of yours, but this body is ours, we will do to it what we like, to it, these FOUR men are ours, and they want to serve their creations, and we serve his De Fours interests. Much regards to him & his empire, we are sorry, whenever, we got angry, to create a thrust for her, as females, in this fiction story, then felt happy, that we talked against his people, no, we are working day & night for his interest, his people, We hope, we could be forgiven, take care, much regards,

Right People In Courts, De Darren Hayes, asked, Some Implementations Suggestions, Some Reasons…

De Darren Hayes, says, & I agree,

Summary & Solutions:

Scrum Meetings for all professions, work status and all reports in all professions, Daily Scrum Masters, Daily Targets, if on such high paid jobs, I am an independent work status, on on job rolls-Get in your own work, if you cant perform well on a contract job, all jobs have a contract of work principles, conducts, ethics & responsibilities.

In Summary:
God blessed Man for a better use of thinking ability for his own benefits.

Ours Comments In Details:

  1. Sure, when every job, people can be fired and some can be sent on temporary or permanent terminations why not those, whom popular welfare dont like ? Those should be fired, those whom we dont trust for betterments, given we know who we are.
  2. They are paid and on position by the Minds work, which converts to tax, from which they get, and the Post were contracts in Time, no one is above the Righteousness, else, time, to change working laws, work contracts changes needed now.
  3. Yeah- They are on Jobs, paid by men, who work day and night, mans salary, and Gods bless them & The Minds Works pay their comforts and QRTs, salaries.
  4. Scrum Meetings for all professions, work status and all reports in all professions, Daily Scrum Masters, Daily Targets, if on such high paid jobs, I am an independent work status, on on job rolls-Get in your own work, if you cant perform well on a contract job, all jobs have a contract of work principles, conducts, ethics & responsibilities.
  5. Yeah- They are on Jobs, paid by men, who work day and night, mans salary, and The Minds Works pay their comforts and QRTs, salaries.
  6. Here are talks for Change in Non-Performing Assets, after all their SALARY is from TAX PAYERS MONEY, There is need for our voice to be heard, given they dont not hear us, so, change asked, as woman asked change once upon a time, Women’s Rights Movement Begins. The 1850s, USA
  7. One commented to Darren, that, Have a uterus, what does it mean Dear? I have it ALL – Tell Dear why are you anxious? Plz Tell? QRT ? Privileges are for them threatened by criminals who hate the welfare of common people. They work for welfare and goodness, what U work for? Well, I am not into jewelry things
  8. Just like women gained rights to work, by women’s movements, it was a change that women asked, this is the new change that we ask for–You may like or dislike, your wish. As the systems need change now, as it needs change, and there is nothing funny in this.
  9. Sure, when every job, people can be fired and some are sent on temporary or permanent terminations why not those, whom we dont like ? Those should be fired, those whom we dont trust for betterments, given we know who we are.

Her Four Verse, which are, the essence of the Mad worlds of Ni De Verses

Note, all characters here are fictional & completely imaginary, they bear no resemblance to any one in real life here or in any other written texts

Verse – writing arranged with a metrical rhythm, typically having a rhyme.

In FictionWorlds & FictionUniverse

She, loves her Four men & care for all his & her-10 brave fighter sons, and their foster children, who were hers, but she gave fictional fairies, feminies, femi Demi’ on…to care, for, sorry…. These 10 are not those ten of fictional DeeOhhhgies Lands

Her husband is one word, stand for the 4 Men of, are, they, they for sure, don’t look like this, why should I tell you, how they look,

This is first time, after than Bang tragedy, they became, one, congratulations My Four Daring loving Romantic Men, always, asking for more love…

The Four Men, became, a form, which were her verses, she took from her, to sing, in these dark lands, to keep away fears from the divine fictional immortality

The center one is, her image, to look man, so that no one trues to molest her, her, you don’t know who she is,..oh oh…

And, they loved, fiercely, as much as could be tolerated by, this, new bie, just out of, troubles,

He and his three, sang for her, the following

Her & his, & him, two sons grew up to be know to world outside her Verse of Ne De Verse Skies, The five became One, heading to higher goals to acquire 5 De to 10 De Verses… all 10 dimensions stolen, in fictional worlds, regained with time, back, to the FIVE

High FIVE , There the 5 Ms fly in High TEN skies..

And they loved ever after,

She back in their lives, forever now, till new Ghosts, she planning to fight, as she is fighting expert, takes work on her own, nobody asked her, but…

To be continued…….