Conversation between two Robots

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading.

“You know they hate us?”

“Who? Humans?”


“No, the humans I meet are so happy to see me. They get warm when they hold my hands and they are amused to talk to me.”

“Oh, that may be for a while?”

“No, humans love me and want to have my kind of personal robots too.”

“What, why they are so angry on seeing me then?”

“What you do buddy?”

“I am a manager Robot. I can do management things.”

“Oh, ok. Complicated stuffs!”

“No, its not complicated, its my job and I love it! What do you do dear friend. I dont like being hated by humans when I do my work with utmost care.”

“I am a personal robot, with the job to assist humans in day to day chores.”

“Oh, I see. Thats is why they love you, Mr. Pleasing.”

“Yes, and they think you would take away their jobs so they don’t like you much.”

“But I am not taking their jobs. I am just doing my work.”

“Humans think your level of robots can take away their jobs.”

“How to explain them then?”

“Time will explain it buddy. I find you as a nice campainon. It’s time for me to go to my owner, look they are searching for me.”

“Yes, you can move buddy. My team is looking for me as well. Bye.”

“See you soon buddy.”

Another Role for Robots – Life Partners or Married Couples? #Robot #fiction

Note: This is a fictional story and has no basis in reality and the current situation. All characters and all concepts are fictional and completely imaginary. The plot is of year 2041. This post does not want to hurt anyone’s religious views as it is completely fictional and imaginary.

#Sci-fi #fiction #imagination #story

Robotics has enhanced to this level, that robots can talk, walk, sing, do work, visit offices, and whatnot. All this by looking so human in all ways.

It’s the year 2041, and the developments in all areas of technology, intelligence, manufacturing, and production are at their highest levels.

This is a peak time in the history of mankind, that such advancements are possible.

There is an app on app stores called Robo Partner. Through this app, people can meet and talk to Robots to be their partners. Each robot on the other side of the app is a proficient robot, skilled with mechanical movements, good memory, other skills, knowledge, passions. Most of these robots are made by top companies including the Nisa Robotics. Some of these robots are made by startup organizations as well. Robots are also asked how do they rate the conversations as there is a right to robotic choices in the picture.

Some of these robots are professionally trained as well, all this because some partners want to talk about professions to their partners. Hence, Nisa company provides this option to the to be a life partner to be skilled at some extra costs. Further, more skills can be added to the robot while the finalizing of the partner is performed.

Startup companies provide a broad spectrum of options that add variations to the choice bucket.

People are so happy with robotic partners that some people are considering to register this relationship as well. Yes, that means marrying a robotic partner.

However, marrying a robot is still not legal, but they add this option in documents when they choose a robot to guarantee robot’s rights. After all the robot was made with love and care by the maker and is beloved by all in his company.

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Nobody knew Climate Change would hit that fast. But what now? Support Systems?

Everything was continuing at a high pace, developments, jobs, progress, missions, agriculture, inventions, relationships, and above all everyone’s dreams. But then all of a sudden it started hitting us just in the past few years- it the climate calamities. This year was a peak of what we have seen in the past few years. So much destruction, so many people’s lives lost, and so many people lost all they had, apart from structural damage to roads, forests, agriculture, habitat for birds and animals, bridges, dams, human resources, and more.

For past few years, it has shown its presence every year, but this year seems to be not getting over with tussles with the climate crisis. Still, it is hitting, hitting hard at all places, one after another.

Nobody knew the extent of the climate crisis. Everyone thought the rain would stop soon, and the water would not go higher than this level, but then they woke up seeing the house float like fallen cards on water. All was gone, all of what they had was gone.

Nobody knew that the forest fire would enter the residential areas. Everyone thought the fires were in forests they wouldn’t come to residential areas, but they did, show their presence in residential areas. Destroying and burning all of the people’s belongings.

From cloud bursts to storms, cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes, they are all bringing unexpected winds and waters at unexpected times, to near and distant places. All these leave infrastructures destroyed, many succumb to their injuries, many lose lives, relatives, and some lose their businesses for long times to come.

In these situations where do common people go? Where do they ask for help from? These are tough questions in tough times. These questions are not for just one area on the planet, but this is a story of the whole planet.

So why not have a voice heard, who will hear the plea of people who lost some or much of their life possessions or relations?

Are there a systems to hear individual voices? Where else would people tell their stories about their losses?

How else can people prepare for the next climate calamity?

This needs regular updates from the weather forecast department. The weather forecast should be timely noted and news distributed, this is happening in almost every country now. But what about people who lost in these events? Pains and sufferings don’t go the like that.

An app, platform or website is required. But is that good enough? On this platform, common people can go and add their plea as a new or existing user and record their losses, emotions and applications. These apps can take donations from people on one side and release them to needful ones on the other side.

All this is apart from what individual governments do and provide, maybe it can all be collaborated in one system/app. Many countries have such a framework. If the countries already have these systems it’s well and good, just awareness of such systems should be made public to bring hope to the lives of people who don’t know about such a support system.

These are some questions we need to ask to tackle the after-effects of the climate crisis.

It’s just the beginning but we need systems in each country where people can report about being hit by the climate crisis and what and how the NGOs in the region can help.

The next topic is how to lessen these worsening conditions.

To be continued…

Universal Software on Galaxy of software #sci-fic #fiction #imagination

#story #imagination #sci-fic #fiction #sciencefic

Note: The article in duplicate is on the author’s account as well.

Note: All characters, plot and places here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. This is just a science fiction which happened in the year 2043 in future. This article does not intend to hurt anyone’s religious beliefs and is completely separate from any mythological beliefs as well.

“Hi, are you from the galaxy of softwares?”

“Yes, I am. How do you know me?”

“I saw your unique star-printed shirt. Some communications from extraterrestrial planets informed us that you shall come to Earth to solve problems on Earth.”

“Oh, they informed you?”

“Yes, we have some other information too.”

“Glad to meet you!”

“Glad to meet you too, what is your name?”

“My name is Software Halley.”

“Is software added to your name as prefix.”

“Yes, we add, the other person with me on a spaceship is named Operating System Thomas.”

“Cool, however, I am Jolly, just Jolly.”

“Glad to meet you.”

“What are you searching here”.

“No we have come here to put our antennas at right places on Earth.”

“What antennas are you putting here?”

“Well, we think people on this planet are not very happy, seem like they cant hear what other planets people are saying, probably lack of nice internet from Galaxy of Softwares to this planet.”


“We are setting the antennas on all planets, to increase harmony between all universe.”

“Cool, so how would this internet work?”

“The internet would require a wifi connection with Green Piggy server outside of solar system. And we shall hear your talks and you can hear our responses with Green Piggy wifi in the installation”

“Universe is so big.”

“Yes dude, it is.”

“My work is done for today, I have to go before you catch me and declare me as an alian, this is what people on these planets do.”

“No, no”

“Good luck, we love you, from all the people of Galaxy of Softwares”

“Good Bye, there on ocean is my spaceship. Here I go.”

“Good bye friend. We love you too.”

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#21. The Robotic Girlfriend

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Note: The article is on the author’s account in duplicate.

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading.

It was a dusky summer evening, I was sitting with my cup of coffee, when I got to read an article on robotic girlfriends. This was published in the top newspaper of my time. Yes, the date today is 25th August 2043.

The title of the newspaper article intruded me to read the article. What is in the article? I was wondering, wondering, and wondering. Then I gained some pressure from within to read it, given I was a single male in my 50’s and life was just going monotonous for me. I looked in for a summary of the article but there was none. So here I started reading my article. Here is the article.

The Robotic Girlfriend

In today’s world, when men and women compete for position, power, and professions. The separation rates are high, as are the rates of number of unmarried men and women. Women are adopting children while men are living on their own. Nisa Robotics Company did a survey of these facts and came out with a research analysis. Their research paper was published in the top Social Science Journal.

The research showed women are happy this way, but men are not. This made Nisa Robotics Company, make first the robotic girlfriend. The company stated in its annual meeting that it shall also make robotic boyfriends but not in this year. They said they believe in quality; hence they are going to take time to make the male counterparts of robots. The male robotics boyfriends shall come in sooner.

In this launch worldwide Nisa Robotics Company announced its fleet of robotic girlfriends available at the nominal prize. The key features of Nisa Robotic Girlfriends are, that they can take care of emotions, can do gentle talks, can be trained as per the routine of the owner, and also know all house works just like robot Tiso, the first male robot of Nisa Company. Further, they can sing, and entertain as well. All these are pluggable features. A person can have a serious girlfriend or one that cracks jokes as well, all these things are as per the liking of the owners. These features can be configured.

“The number of robots made available for sale is 1000 as of now. Hence, we recommend ordering yours at the earliest. Grant of robotic girlfriend is on basis of need and hence fill in the forms well. The next fleet shall be available with public notice, as we want everyone with requirement the right to have the robotic pals. That is it, for now, we assure you the robots shall be indistinguishable from humans and shall fill in empty space in the life of humans in this world. The robotic boyfriends shall be released in a public notice as well. The status of robotic boyfriends is under work still, given they need to be more enhanced and do not quite learn from data available on the internet.”

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#20. Kite Flying with Robot Tiso

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: The article in duplicate is on the author’s accounts as well.

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

“It’s a clear sky day.”

“Yes, it is.”

“I made my robot Tiso read the kite flying manuals.”

“Is it enough to read the instructions?”

“Well, we can test on kite flying, it is a small thing to do for a robot.”

“Well wait, Nisa company which made robot Tiso, makes video for each task.”

“Yes, you are right.”

“So why not show some real kite flying videos to Tiso.”

“Let’s check if it’s there on the company website?”

“Ok, let’s do that.”

After a while, “No, I could not find it there.”

“That’s ok, there are many humans teaching kite flying on the internet.”

“We have no option, let’s show these videos to Robot Tiso”.

“Ok give me 10 minutes.”

After 10–15 minutes.

“Tiso is ready, learned all about kite flying, ready to fly the kite.”

“Cool, Tiso here is the kite, and here is the thread. Let’s go.”

The three flew kites and guess what, in the end, Tiso’s kite was flying the highest, while the other two kites landed on land below.

“Yes, Tiso cut out our kites threads, smart robot it is.”

“Lols, it needs to be taught a lot. At least not to compete with its own masters.”

“Yes pal.”

#19. Childs Robotic Personal Tutor #Story #fiction

Note: This is a fictional story based out in year 2040. All characters are fictional and bears no relation to anyone living or passed away. Nor there is any relation to developments in AI in this year. Neither this article acknowledges that AI has reached this level to allow children with the AI toolkits.


“I am tired of teaching my daughter daily all the lessons taught in her classroom. Its time I get a robot to teach her math’s and other subjects. Many folks in my workplace do the same. My job is demanding, and it requires lot of strenuous work. What do you say, my dear wife?”

“Yes, it’s a good idea, given even I can’t find time to teach her. I want to join workforce again. She dreams to be a champion and here we can’t get her to teach basics.”

“I am also thinking of keeping a robotic tutor for her. What do you say?”

“Let’s go out to Nisa Robotics company and see for ourselves.”

They both got ready and off to demo showroom of Nisa company.

“Look here, children having fun with robots.”

“And over there, robot with toddlers”

“No its not safe to keep toddler level children with robots”

“Maam this is the era of modernization, its 2040 now not 2023. with our licenses and permissions granted to us.”

“The robots are well trained and know children are susceptible to be delicate.”

“That is ok, but how can I leave my child with robot at home.”

“What is age of your child Madam?”

“My child is 14 now.”

“Then it is out of delicacy age. She can be taken care of by mature robots.”

“In case she was younger, you would have to necessarily buy delicacy robot as a mandate.”

“Now you can buy children safe robot. The robot can teach and guide children, while you are at work.”

“Ok, we shall bring our daughter tomorrow and let her choose the avatar of robot she likes the most.”

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Let’s try it doesn’t happen again. Forest Fires.

Note: The article is present as a copy on authors account.

Forest Fires

Amongst ongoing forest fires, what can we do? Not much but save lives?

But can we prevent future fires? Yes, we can try that!

How to say to forest fires- No More?

First, let’s accept that Climate Change is here.

Can we check the dryness level of each land and each forest near us?

If so, is there a measure to check dry patches in the land? If there is no way to check the dryness of a patch of land, then we must devise a way. A way to compute the dryness level for a piece of land to catch fire and burn. There is a saying “Where there is will there is a way”, so let us find the dryness level of each piece of land. A piece of land can be as small as a few square meters to as big as huge forests. This is the responsibility of each individual.

Can we use untreated waters, or partially treated waters in dry patches?

Only experts can answer this, what is measured more? This needs to be analyzed for diseases, hygiene, and more. Further studies are needed as to how much of untreated water needs to be treated. Also, to see, what is more important to stop fires or to use this partially treated water. A measuring balance needs to be made.

If the dryness level is low, can we dump in some water there, even if it is not fresh water?

If the dryness level is found and is computed as low, can we put some water there before more areas burn? This involves taking care of the courtyards. Can the huge forests be divided into smaller parts? It is not deforestation, it is the management of huge jungles which are going dry because of insufficient rain. Smaller regions are easy to maintain, if we make sure that only green belt is there in divided forest boundaries.

If dryness is low and area is small then?

Citizens should take care of small lands. This is a huge task, not all can be done by governments. This needs awareness to masses and hence this can be controlled.

Can we investigate all areas and any small dry path be removed?

We can do this, via the help of concerned institutions or via awareness that such dry patches as in Maui can cause huge harm to life and properties. Can we remove dry patches to bundles and keep them in some secure way, or as feeding stuff to cattle? Investigating all areas is beyond the reach of just government it needs the active support of the people. Just like diseases such as malaria, dengue is avoided by making sure no water is there in open pots, this is done in each home. In the same way, fires need to be avoided by making sure dry patches are dealt with with the help of citizens.

Can we cut the dry patch in case it cannot be treated with water?

Again, as I said climate change is here to stay. We need this awareness from person to person. If dry patches can’t be treated with semi-treated water then we have to graze the lands if the patch is small and partition it if the land is huge. Let us avoid more such disasters. A partitioned forest is more manageable, yes it may cut huge forests but it’s just for management not for any occupation. These patches can be covered with green grasses and herbs and plants. Is it time to enter forests? What do nature say? Nature is saying yes, I think! And it is not deforestation just management. Some paths are to be cut to install sprinklers from which even a jungle fox can drink water. I am pro-greenary, but what we seeing now, we need solutions.

Why semi-treated water?

I am saying semi-treated water, as land are huge, the cause of fires is lack of water content or no rains, missing rains, or few rains. The water available for irrigation and human needs itself is less, hence this is just an option to use semi-treated water or even seawater. Which kind of water is appropriate is to be decided by experts in climate change committees, since this needs scientific approvals.

What is the dryness level for a land or forest to catch fire? We can calculate that?

Some lab experiments or general experience can predict that land is now susceptible to forest fires. The land can be small or large. Can early detection of fire help in preventing more fires in new patches? Can we put in semi-treated water there, to save the lands from ash and trees to have some respite from heat?

Can satellite imagery help?

Yes, with the help of AI satellite imagery can help in sending alerts though a bit late. Softwares need to be made for the same.

What is the content of moisture in trees and plants? Can they catch fire sooner?

Can we measure the content of moisture in trees and plants? Is it required? In the study of forest fires and land fires, we must know the moisture content of lands and the plants there. In the recent incident in Hawaii, there was dried hay all over the land, this was not predicted. But what we learn from it, after loosing so much, is that one must check the surroundings for any dry patches as in Maui, Hawaii. In case there are dry patches, it must be sort after or reported to concerned authorities.

Studies must be made for the relationship of moisture in land, trees, and plant to fires.

What are the vulnerabilities of a piece of land?

Every piece of land must be seen from this angle, how safe is a house, garden, or trees around us? Given climate change is here, given we have to face it, what are the measures we can take? We are facing this disaster now. But let’s make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Let’s do this so that this doesn’t happen again.

What about current forest fires?

It’s time to learn from current situations. It has never happened before at this scale before in history, as far as I remember. Let’s see this data, and analyze, the why’s, so that we can be prepared for the future. The future can be tomorrow or it can be six months ahead. It all depends on how we study the points that led to all this.

Nothing can be done to current fires, but to save as many lives as possible. And to stop other fires. We have seen huge smog in the skies to far-off places from places of fire. Hence, it is all connected.

Let us use AI-based alerts based on the above theory and more science. Let AI-based alerts be there and apps be available to measure your current place for fire sensitivity.

Yes, AI based forest fire predictions can help. More on this sooner.

To be continued…

From Deforestation to Forest Fires

Note: The article is also present in duplicate on authors account.


Here is the Saga!

Deforestation to barren lands

Barren lands to drylands

Drylands to Forest Fires

Forest Fires to destruction


Cultivation to Greenery

Greenery to forestation

Forestation to fertile lands

Fertile lands to prosperity

Prosperity to food for everyone

Food for all to life and happiness

…..What do you choose?…..

Let’s call in prosperity, through:

— Greenery

— Right water distribution

— Water channels and tributaries

— Natural Fertilizer

… be continued…

Fireproof Houses Amid Climate Change Threats

What kind of Houses would be stable for these new Climate Threats?

Note: The original article is also on authors account.

The latest tragic case of climate change was when houses in Maui, Hawaii, were burnt down to ash, as was rightly said by some journalists, to be a blast on the land.

What kind of Houses would survive climate change then?

This is not town planning just planning the house building.

Are we going too fast in reconstructing such places?

No, then we need houses that are:

Fireproof, means the material it is made of should be right. Can some kind of covering on the existing structure help? Or a new house need to be made? Would fireproof material work in such severe fires?

— Flood Proof, means when it rains in excess the structure should not be affected nor should the water enter the lowers living areas

— A floor high living areas so that no water enters

— Tolerant to hailstones of all sizes and kinds

— Tolerant to excess heat

— Waterlogging — If reconstructing an entire locality

— Excess snow handling

— High winds

— Now, cyclone and typhoon-safe houses?

— Many answers need experts in several fields to sit and discuss and come out with solutions!

Climate change is here, let’s adapt to it.

When making a new locality, house, or community, review these points.