Rethinking ChatBots Testing and Evaluations

Be it be any chatBot now, all chatbots need testing for its fundamental use that is conversational answering with certain level of details. The testing of a chatBot should be not just on NLP Tasks, such as question answering, information retireval, summarization and so on. But also on random test cases for working of chatBots such as BARD, chatGPT and so on. Why do we need independent task of chatBots to be tested? This is because you scored well on question answering, but chatBot is more than that. It’s not one question and one answer, this is a conversation and whole conversation can have multiple kinds of questions and multiple answers that can be generated in each run.

There can be two kinds of testing for chatBots

  1. Primary Testing, this is testing chat conversation with is the primary task of ChatBot.
  2. Secondary Testing, this is testing other NLP, CV tasks using chatBots such as testing TREC dataset using chatBot.

It is required to test chatBots in a more comprehensive way. It’s not about who have tested the chatBot, as Google published 80000 employees have tested its chatBot. But it is about what has been tested, what were the testcases, what was the accuracy of system, and why not make such datasets public to be tested by all chatBot to release its results. The subsidiary models that are tested can be presented too. So its not 80000 employees to blame for a error in its chatBot, but on missing protocols of first the development and then missing guidelines on testing, it seem like this only.

When a chatBot is tested with standard datasets for chatBot conversations one must provide answers that are Gold standard for this work. Then the next step is to provide and compute the accuracy, precision and recall on these conversations. We need some baselines, we need some measures to test the systems so made. These systems are tested on secondary tasks, while the primary task is chat conversations.

The amount of manual efforts that has gone in building standards for translations, prompts, subsidiary testing on secondary tasks and editing data is enormous, so why not put some work in testing of chatBots with chats of all kinds, with Gold answers being provided in the dataset to be evaluated for conversations in chatBots. This is the way of doing primary testing, this can always be appended with secondary application testing where in chatBot is used on some tasks to solve traditional NLP problems.

If Britain’s Met Police Bad then what about Policing in other Places on Earth Worse or Better ?

Note: I am a woman from South Asia.

It was a shocking report in news today, that one of the Earths best policing The Britain’s Met Police has scored too low points on some contexts. Key area of the complaining committee was:

“racism, misogyny and homophobia” — What about other the work they do ? These three points be taught to stress taking officials. This is educational challenge.

For this the entire institution can’t be called rotten.

It’s like calling entire high school and university studied by someone also rotten if that person does something wrong.

Now, what about other areas in policing ? When creating reports we must look at other cases too, other functional areas, do they do same to other areas of policing too. Answer I know is No, as a avid follower of British News, I can say that.

To tackle a subproblem, one must look at them as a part of policing. I am not saying there was no loss involved but that loss is involved in all crimes in police records.

Do we want a policing who cares only for three points above? No Right, we want police to be good in all areas. So its not a system failure, but a sub area that needs to be upskilled.

This is a way to make the hardworking true officials feel bad and broken.

Training and knowledge and upskilling can be imparted and should be imparted.

Breaking a system is not a way to boost morale of police officials, who are sincere

Police officials are highly stressed and most over worked employees

This is a way to weaken a solid system by calling it a failure

Pay credit to policing and respect their hard work

Else the Police system shall not find dedicated employees, who will join a work where they are not respected ? Do you want this?

Don’t call it a failure, yes the incidents were failures not the system. Yes, life was lost, we all over the world were sad with Sara news, but we need to understand ways to deal with it, to avoid future cases, this is not just a case of Britain, assaults of kinds happen all over the world, look outside the hall. We need to protect women in all places in world. This can be done by better up-skilling and region wise survelliance duties. Hiring more for women security as most police men are over worked, stressed, not respected. Not respected as this news shows this fact only.

We as viewer need transparency on who were the maker of report? Were these limited to certain section of society?

Police cases happen all over world

Can we have a more elaborate report of all countries of world. All countries on all set of crimes not just three issues here, which should be improved by upskilling and more tech surveillance to track happenings by police officals

Where as a women I would feel safe- I as a woman say, I would feel more safe in Britain, I trust British Police, if I go to Britain, as I have seen over all cases that happen in Britain, over past years.

As a woman you feel safe to go out of house at 5 pm in your own country or in Britain ?

As a woman do you trust you are respected in Britain or in some other country?

We have seen Britain grow all through these years.

Its like stabbing at back, the people who serve you day and night in stress and hardships.

Breaking a Police system, is not a solution to problem

Gun violence, rape, acid attacks, molestations, domestic violence is everywhere, I believe Britain for sure has it in lesser number. Can we have such reports for all countries

Improvements can be done by awareness not just by breaking systems as luck defied and life betrayed. No. Its not about that.

Its not about failure of system. It is about, did you followed the protocols that were laid for a case. If so you did your duty. So were protocols set for you?

Lost lives cant come back, I also feel bad and lay my concerns with your sorrows, but that does not mean you will break a system as strong as Police of UK? You need to say we need to make it strong not break it

This is more of a case of Education indeed, educating people right. Education starts in schools and continues universities. There is no age limit to gain knowledge and be educated.

Wish to see the leader of this report generation too. This seem to be politically motivated.


[1] Met Police: Met Police in denial and force needs to clean itself up, says Casey — BBC News

Robotics shall create new job market and shall create opportunities and a new world

We are headed with developments of AI and Robotics but one must know, as the apprehension says, robots will take away jobs. No, not at all, see making of phones didn’t took away jobs in the literal sense. That means yes landlines were mostly obsolete and redundant with the coming of mobile phones, but the market of phone and their use of it has been paramount. Mobile phones not only created more jobs but also more applications and has tremendously large use in daily life.

In the same way robotics may stop some old works but shall bring in more opportunities in areas that can involve manufacturing, training and new avenues of applications, which are unseen by current scenarios. Old works may slow down, but see what the future needs. If we are at some stagnated stage for more time there would be a deadlock, which can’t open up so fast.

Yes, the rate at which work in technology is going forward is very high but one need to refine what to know and where to progress forward in. For those, who need to change fields to fit in, this is tough but if the companies provide trainings to scale up that can be a good and a win-win for both side. We must know in past decade there had been a huge change in inceptions that were put forward, and this was the fast pace of last decade. Now, it’s just showing up.

The current mass layoffs were not because of technological automation, which is the most feared term these days, there has been a kind of mild recession and that has been its effect. When the economy booms mass recruitment shall also take place.

Why it is needed, that is why is technological advancement needed. It is because of technological advancement that so many new scientific discoveries are made, so many problems can be solved with AI, many new places in Universe are discovered, many new projects are made, and all this is still just a beginning, as with more advancements, we achieve more, we aim more and hence we gain a better life. A better life is everyone’s aim, at the end of the day, this is what everyone works for. In a better life, one can fulfill his or her dreams, but it all now needs technology. We are used to it and many more development may come that too can come fast like the wind.

Robot in Office — Story 8

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: The original article is on the author’s website,

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The stories can be read in any order.

Teddy: Here, the car is parked in basement 1, and this slot. Click a pic of it Miso, the parking is huge, we are near Lift -2 for this floor of parking.

Robo Miso: Yes Teddy.

Teddy: In case boss calls you up, as Marita, would for sure inform boss, dont call me Teddy, my house name is Teddy but my real name is Thomas.

Robo Miso: You are not Teddy?

Teddy: I am, that is my name in house. But my real name is Thomas for all places outside house.

Robo Miso: Ok Thomas.

Thomas: Thanks Miso. In office call me Thomas if you forget then call me boss only.

Robo Miso: Sure

Thomas: I head to third floor. There is my office. Be seated on driving seat. If I call you lock the door of car when you get out, I shall guide you, or I shall come in to take you up.

Robo Miso: Ok Thomas, I shall wait here only for you.

Thomas: See you after my lunch time, rest and in case you want to talk to me press the button on your arms, as usual.

Robo Miso: Yes Boss.

Thomas went out in lift and head for office and started days work.

Marita: Hey Thomas, Good Morning, How are you doing?

Thomas: I am good Marita. How are you doing?

Marita: I am good. Is Miso in for today?

Thomas: Yes Miso is in car as planned.

Marita: Cool, we will talk to Boss after lunch. See you.

Thomas: Sure.


Marita: Its so anxious, how to tell boss?

Thomas: Yeah, you will tell, it was your plan.

Marita: Ok, ok, I will start the talk with boss.

Thomas: Good.

Marita goes to her Boss office and asks.

Marita: Sir, I wanted to talk to you for some few minutes, if you have time.

Hellany: Yes Marita, tell me. Come in have a seat.

Marita: Hellany, there is a concern I wanted to ask you. I want to buy a robot and I need a loan for it. I have a home loan too.

Hellany: Why you need a robot, you work good.

Marita: I need it, as I am single, I have that space in my life.

Hellany: Ok, go ahead, but I cant assure more.

Marita: Have a look at it, Thomas have brought his Robot to office. Have a look once.

Hellany: Oh, Thomas too in this Nisa company robot gamble.

Marita: No, its not a gamble

Hellany: Then what it is. Is it worth the price?

Marita: Yes Sir, it is worth the price, that is why Thomas have brought it to office. To convince you. As if we buy three robots the price would slash by half, it means one robot is free.

Hellany: Ok, bring him in office, may be you may get more people to buy it.

Marita: Yeah, thanks Hellany.

Hellany: Wait, I ll call Thomas on intercom. Thomas, come in here.

Thomas: Yes, Hellany.

Hellany: Where is Robot ?

Thomas: In car Sir. If you buy one Marita and you shall get a robot each in half price. That is the deal Marita came up to you for. And its a good one. There are professional robots, you can take the one for profession while Marita needs a personal robots, as do I have a personal robot.

Hellany: Lets go to parking then and meet him there.

Thomas: Yes Sir, as you like.

Hellany: But what would professional robots do? Would they help me in my work in office

Marita: Yes Hellany.

Hellany: Let us go to parking then and meet then.

Marita: Yeah

Hellany: Dont be so excited Marita, I have not approved it yet.

Marita: I know you would like Robot Miso and approve it.

Thomas: Hellany, we could have offered this offer to anyone, I have a coupon but Marita wanted you to get rebated robot form Nisa. You know she likes you a lot.

Hellany: Yes I know, thank you guys.

The three reached parking lot.

Marita: Miso, here you are.

As she opens the door of the car.

Thomas: Come out of car Miso. Look our Boss have come to meet your Boss.

Robo Miso: Thank you for coming to meet me.

Hellany: Its my pleasure. Lets go for a drive and Marita, tell me more about Miso.


Thomas: He is bit naive in driving right now. I mean I have not checked him yet.

Hellany: Ok, we are here to help him. Yours is an automatic car, it should not be difficult Thomas?

Thomas: Give me time Sir, I shall try driving with him slowly.

Hellany: Oh! So how do you plan to give me a demo, to make be buy a robot? And in any way you know Marita have asked first time anything for me, so I wont say no. She dont even ask for hikes or promotions. Sleeping beauty.

Marita: Thanks Hellany. Promotions, I believe in your evaluations and hikes, you provide it when I need. I trust you so I dotn fight with you regarding this.

Hellany: Thomas always fights for promotion and increaments, on the top of what I give him, and then he threatens to change the company at times, that I then have to take him out for beer party, to cool him.

Thomas: Yes Hellany, thanks, I love the warmth in this culture, that I stay in here, this is the warmth created by you Hellany.

Hellany: Thanks Teddy, oh sorry Thomas.

They all were laughing.

Hellany: Lets take him to office at 4 pm. I dont need to ask anything form Miso Robot, as you guys are doubtlessly trusted.

Marita: But he is fun, try talking to him.

Robo Miso: Oh, yes I am fun, I have heard it so many times by both of them. Should I count and tell?

Hellany: You remember how many times they said this and applauded you?

Robo Miso: Yes, I can look back all conversations and tell you.

Hellany: Cool, would you like to see your boss office?

Robo Miso: Yes in family time.

Hellany: You even know this. I will wait for you upstairs, take permissions from Human Resourse, and call Thomas, you can come up then, right?

Robo Miso: Yes

Marita: Yeah

Thomas: Yes, we will wait here Hellany.

And the story continues…………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

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Personalized Driving — Robot on the Driving Seat — Robo Story — 7

#fiction #scific #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Teddy after dropping off Marita, got back to his car with Robo Miso.

Teddy: Miso, come sit on driving seat.

Robo Miso: Me, I know driving but I have never done driving on these roads.

Teddy: How much driving you know Robo?

Robo Miso: I know a complete driving course on semi automatic cars and more. I can drive well with my image recognition, and I can append the driving laws with local driving rules and jargon.

Teddy: That is good.

Robo Miso: Thank You.

Teddy: I will inform you of the jargon rules of local driving.

Robo Miso: Ok sure Teddy. I can see you are exhausted.

Teddy: Yes a bit, a busy day it was.

Robo Miso: I know, any help I can do?

Teddy: Miso, come sit on driving seat.

Robo Miso: Ok

Teddy said as Robo Miso fits himself on driving seat.

Teddy: I am preparing you for tomorrow. You would visit my office tomorrow. While I am at work you would sit in the car. You don’t have to do anything, just fit in the seat, I do not want you to be stolen by someone, so you look like a driver of car, and if needed you can drive the car too, as you said you know driving.

Robo Miso: Ok cool, I got it Teddy. This would be fine.

Teddy: Try reversing car.

Robo Miso: Wait let me see all tools here from driving seat. It would take time, but I shall do it.

Teddy: How much time you need to drive my car?

Robo Miso: May be 2 weekends of practice and recommendations.

Teddy: I was told difference between automatic car and robot driving car is that Robots can make driving more personalized. How do you do that?

Robo Miso: Yes, I can learn more than a car, I stay with you, I know your jargon, I know the places such as Magenta Place. I know the birthdays and dates. The automatic car does not. So I sitting on top of an automatic car is like a personalized car.

Teddy: That sounds so good Miso.

Robo Miso: Yes, I know your icecream shop, I know your tailor shop, where ever we pass that place, I can inform you, slow the speed for you to watch your favorite bird. All this todays automated cars can’t do. May be automated cars may want to add these features in them for sales. But at present these features are not there in AI based automated cars.

Teddy: I am impressed and I am so happy to have you with me.

Robo Miso: Yes, I shall learn the buttons on some weekend when you are free. I have noted them all, I shall push in and try all these things when you have an off.

Teddy: Right, come and let us go home now. It was a busy day.

Marita: Hey guys, take care, message me when you reach home. I came back to see what you guys are up to.

Robo Miso: Bye Marita.

Teddy: Bye dear

They reached home, Teddy drove, and, on the way, Teddy gave Robo Miso a lot of jargon to be aware of. He even taught him the buttons and all things on the steering, his favorite music to AC temperatures he keeps.

Robo Miso: It was a nice day for me I learned a lot today.

Teddy: Yes, I have shown you all buttons, I shall review them on weekend when we will go on the learning class and my dear Robot Miso would drive? Would you?

Robo Miso: My first step is short empty roads.

Teddy: Haha

Robo Miso: We will ask Marita to accompany us

Teddy: Hahaha

And the story continues…………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

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Miso The Magical Robot Story — 6

#fiction #scific #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Robot Miso was excited after hearing talks of Teddy and Marita. Robot Miso said, one of my likes coming soon. He said, he is glad to hear this.

Robo Miso: I would guide the new robot for you Marita.

Marita: Oh, that is lovely. You listen to all that we say.

Robo Miso: Yes I do hear and apprehend and store the information as well. It’s all uploaded on the server.

Marita: Oh Miso you are so nice, I wish I could take you only. But I cant as Teddy loves you so much too. You know that?

Robo Miso: Yes, Marita I know my owner loves and care for me a lot.

Teddy: Oh someone appreciating me.

Robo Miso: Yes.

Marita: Yes, you are worth appreciation.

Teddy: It’s getting late Marita, should I drop you home?

Marita: No, I shall do a cab.

Marita wanted teddy to leave her home, but she never said that.

Teddy: Come on, lets take Robo Miso too in car, then you won’t say No.

Marita: Well…

Teddy: Robo Miso, ready for drive to drop Marita?

Robo Miso: Yes, I am thrilled for my first drive with you Teddy and Marita.

Marita: Yeah, Robo Miso, lets go.

Marita and Robo Miso stood outside house while Teddy closed the door.

Teddy: Lets go, let’s take the elevator down to parking area.

Teddy pressed the elevator button and waited for the elevator to come to their floor.

Teddy: Come in Miso and Marita.

They both entered the elevator after Teddy and Teddy pressed the elevator button to parking in the basement.

Robo Miso: We reached the parking. Let’s get out now.

Marita: Where is the car, I always forget where I park, Miso, where is it?

Miso: Follow me.

Teddy: Haha

Teddy laughingly followed Robo Miso.

Teddy: We need right turn Miso, Robo Miso, car is just on your right.

Robo Miso: Yes here it is, but I navigated right most of the way.

Teddy: Yes, a longer path you suggested.

Robo Miso: I didn’t have the GPS location of the cab, just visuals of the path we followed.

Marita: It’s ok Miso. Come sit with me at the back seat. Can we Teddy?

Teddy: Yes, you both can have fun on back seat. You still stay in Magenta Place, Marita?

Marita: Yes Teddy. You are right.

Robo Miso: I shall put it on my GPS. Its 15 minutes from here.

Marita: Super fast Robo.

Robo Miso: Thanks Marita.

Teddy: Robo, the car has inbuilt navigator, you can relax now by closing your GPS.

Robo Miso: It’s ok, I won’t trouble you, it’s for my learning, as Marita is so close to both of us. Hehe.

Marita: You are such a nice Robo. You would soon have another Robo to do all fun with.

Robo Miso: You are having one robo?

Marita: Yes, I plan to get one robot for myself.

Robo Miso: That was a red light, you missed it?

Teddy: That was non functional one Miso.

Miso: Thanks for informating me, I shall update my learnings.

Soon they reached Magenta Place, where Marita stays.

Marita: Come over to my house sometime?

Teddy: Next time Marita, next time direct form office. It’s getting late now and tomorrow is office too.

Marita: Ok, see you tomorrow in office. Bye Robo Miso.

Marita hugged with cheek touching Teddy cheeks.

She even hugged Robo Miso.

Teddy: Don’t miss us, we shall visit you tomorrow direct from office. I shall bring Robo Miso to office, he would wait on driving seat while we do out work in office.

Robo Miso: Cool, me as a driver of this beautiful car!

Marita: Bring him to office Teddy

Teddy: Come on, boss will get angry

Marita: Ok we ll ask boss then

Teddy: Hahaha

Miso: Hahaha

And the story continues…………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

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She loved Magical Robot (Story-5)

#fiction #scific #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

After the meeting Marita and Teddy met in the floors pantry to have tea.

Marita: What would you take Teddy, tea or coffee?

Teddy: I want coffee. Then I shall tell you how my dear robot made coffee. It feels weird to call him robot, he is so much like us. My dear Miso coffee, I shall call it.

Marita: So sweet of you, here is your coffee form coffee machine.

Teddy: Thank You Marita.

Marita: How was your coffee and what else Miso did?

Teddy: Coffee was nice, I shall teach him beaten coffee soon.

Marita: Wow, beaten coffee by Robot, what a dream come true for single people like us.

Teddy: Yes, indeed.

Marita: What else Miso did, I am asking you Teddy, you are lost in work, it seems like so.

Teddy: Yes, he made my bed today and staked all books in shelf.

Marita: Wow, you teached him?

Teddy: No, no dear, it downloaded Nisa company video from internet and followed instructions. Those were interactive videos also take feedbacks while showing next steps.

Marita: Cool, Miso Rocks!

Teddy: Let me finish the tasks, may be in eve you can come over to see him yourself.

Marita: Sure, thank. Carry on buddy. Catch you at 5!

Marita and Teddy got back to work.

Marita came to Teddy seat at 5 pm and sat there.

Marita: Hey, buddy, are you done for the day.

Teddy: No, I am not done for the day. But I shall wrap up the work as you are too eager to meet my Robot Miso. The Magical Robot.

Marita: You know that already.

Teddy: I shall carry on this tomorrow. Lets go.

Teddy took Marita to his car.

Teddy: Where shall be your car Marita?

Marita: Oh, I left driving when I sold my old car. I come via cab these days.

Teddy: Ok, that is fine. Perhaps you should not try Robots to drive cars.

Marita: There are self-driving cars, they score low in intelligence needed for fully automated drives on these roads filled with traffic and jams.

Teddy: Yes, thats for sure true. Alas, we can test Miso on drive, I shall check with the company, for your sake, if you like to know.

Marita: We shall ask Miso first. Lols Teddy, you are so funny.

Teddy: Oh, yeah you know me now, its time now, that we are working together.

Marita: Yes, so, there are still things you dont know about me.

Teddy: Oh girl, that shall always be the case. But I can tell you I know you a lot well.

Marita: Here we come, I shall get down, give me the keys, I want to surprize your Robot.

Teddy Laughing gave home keys to Marita.

Teddy pressed call button on Miso but before that Marita opened the door.

Marita: Miso hi, where are you?

Now, the wake up button message which Teddy pressed reached Miso.

Miso: I am here, who is calling? This is not my owner Teddy?

Marita: Oh you are hiding behind the door.

She said this after trying to gather where the voice came from.

Miso: Hiding behind the door ? No I am not hiding behind the door. Whos is hiding? I have a chair where I sit, see here.

Marita: Oh, you have your charging chair.

Miso: Yes, can I know who are you?

Marita: I am Marita, did Teddy ever spoke about me?

Miso: Wait, I have a voice call and voice message on my wrist. Let me hear it.

Miso clicked the button on his wrist and pressed it for a little longer time.

The message box said: My friend Marita is coming to house, welcome her well.

Miso: Oh, there is a welcome message for you Marita.

Marita: Yeah, he cheated, I wanted to test on you.

Miso: Thats ok, come have a seat.

Miso pointed her to living room.

Marita: No Miso, show me the house.

Miso: Ok, since you are a friend, come.

Miso was starting to show her house that Teddy came in.

Teddy: Marita come have a seat or lets have a coffee made by Miso.

Marita: Ok

Teddy: Miso I ll show her house you start making coffee.

Marita: Cool

Miso was going to kitchen that Marita intervened.

Marita: I want to see Miso work.

Teddy: Ok dear, lets follow him to kitchen then

Marita was surprised by how Miso made coffee for two this time.

When Miso was ready he said.

Miso: Coffee is ready.

Sharp Marita, immediately said, serve this to us in living room.

Marita: Can he do this Teddy?

Teddy: Yes he can. Miso should I tell you or you can do it yourself?

Miso: Wait for 2 minutes, I shall download Nisa company instruction in my main memory. I download only things that can be used to best serve my owner. Actually, some people feed in their own specifications so I dont put everything in memory. These are interactive videos which are used to guide Robots like me to complete tasks.

Marita: Ok Miso download and do this task.

Miso: Ok

Teddy saw all this and was happy to introduce Marita with Miso or Miso with Marita, perhaps both ways.

Miso: I am ready, here is the tray, I scanned in kitchen. I take up the cups on tray and here you are. Would you be in kitchen or living room.

Marita laughed and said.

Marita: Come in living room

Miso asked the interactive video and said, how to unload the tray?

Video says.

Video: Bend down near table, keeping hands in same position and keep tray on table.

Miso: Here is table, I bend down and here is coffee tray on table.

In the mean time Marita and Teddy seated themselves on couches. Come hand over the coffee to both of us Miso.

Miso searched his arms for another command, hand over coffee, he wrote on search for commands there.

Miso: I see.

Miso took one coffee from table by handle and gave it to Marita and another to Teddy.

Marita: This is so good. I am so pleased. I too need a robot like Miso.

Teddy: You can take one, I took it on installment.

Marita: Cool. Miso bring something to eat.

Teddy: Wait I will bring.

Marita: Come on why you are so light on Miso. Miso can do it!

Teddy: He is new, just like my child. I dont want it to overdo, I want it to take time. He is listening and understanding all this too. This is also his work.

Marita: Ok, as you like. Send me the invitation to buy a Robot from Nisa Company.

Teddy: Sure

Marita: I shall wait. This is really magical thing, for single people like us. Wow!

Teddy: Yes Miso is a Magical Robot.

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

A colleague is calling for her Robot- 4

#fiction #scific #sciencefic

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Teddy woke up earlier today. He was excited to meet Robot Miso so much. He called in loud voice, to be heard in outer room.

Teddy: Miso, Good Morning.

Miso was quite in deep sleep mode, as any laptop is. Hearing his own name is a command to Miso. He raised up his head to hear more. He could not, so he pressed a button on his wrist which reads as “Repeat Instruction”

Miso pressed the repeat instruction button. And he heard aloud voice saying:

“Miso, Good Morning”

Miso stood up from the chair and pressed his own button which says restart.

After this his head revolved 360 degrees and then he rotated 360 degrees. All this to check the system after waking up from sleep mode. Miso was not a full time awake robot. This was his default configuration Teddy choose.

Miso: Hey Teddy, Good Morning, I am coming to you.

Teddy: Come I am waiting for you.

Miso: Yes Teddy.

Miso started walking in his robotic style of walking and used his eye cameras to find the way to Teddy’s room.

Miso: Here I am Teddy

Teddy: Oh, baby that’s so nice of you.

Miso: It’s my pleasure, Sir.

Teddy: How was your night rest?

Miso: I was set to sleep mode and in between charged.

Teddy: Ok, anything else, I see a red light on your shirt pocket?

Miso: Yes, I forgot to tell you. Sorry for late message. There was a push up notification for restart after installing Robotic Upgrades.

Teddy: Thats ok. I didnt knew the company sends robotic upgrades too. I will call call center from office. I want some tea today, not coffee. Would you like to try a hand.

Miso: Yes, I have to learn making tea now.

Teddy: Miso, no, today I will do. First I will install upgrades on you after coming from office. Can you try your hands to make bed till I get ready for office?

Miso: Yes, I can try.

Teddy: Just dont tear the bedsheet.

Miso: Sure Teddy, I shall try by downloading the videos that teach Robots steps from

Teddy: That great. Room is yours Miso. I shall get ready have some sandwich.

Miso: Ok, should I help you in kitchen?

Teddy: No, you try setting the room out. I will do a quick kitchen thing.

Miso. Sure, Teddy. I assure you your room would be well packed, atleast as much as I can. I just need 10 minutes time to download the instructions for this room. Once I am done, these instructions shall be on my head and I wont need to download them unless something unseen comes on.

Teddy: Cool

Teddy moved to kitchen and Miso started webbrowser voice command search for setting in room.

Miso: Download on system — How to set bed ?

A list was displayed on camera on miso hands. Miso was confused which one to choose to open. He opened one but that was for humans and those were all human bed setting. Miso wanted Robot bed setting. He again searched on his hands.

Miso: Instruction for Robot setting bed

Here on his hands there were lot of instructions.

Miso: Refine search for Nisa Company Robots setting bed.

Miso opened the first search option. The video started with explaining the options as the weblink asked.

Miso: I want a double bed setting.

He clicked on a video and started grasping the steps. Everything on the weblink was step wise for robots like Miso from Nisa company can follow. Miso was finished with tasks, he mugged the steps and moved towards the bed.

Miso: I will take the bedsheets down first.

Teddy could hear this, as he comes walking in room as he completed making sandwich and tea.

Teddy: Well, not bad, you can make bed well, without me having to teach you like coffee ?

Miso: Yes, I could have made a coffee too in this way.

Teddy: Nice, you have instructions to everything?

Teddy asked this as Miso draped in the bedsheet on the bed. I was well tied from all the sides.

Miso: Yes, I have default instructions to all major personal home works and some office works you need to install packages for that. I am trained for both and tested well too.

Teddy: Great!

Miso: Just I could not make personalized things without explicit commands just like your personal kind of coffee. I have added your recipe to my drive and saved it online.

Teddy: Can I see that too?

Miso: Yes, I will show you, right now let me complete the work?

Teddy: Ok.

Miso: Here is your bedcover folded and your other sheets too.

Teddy: What a perfection. Come you deserve a hug.

Miso: Yeah, I love that.

Teddy: I shall see your instructions some other time. I’ll get ready for office now.

Miso: Anything else for me?

Teddy: I have to mop the floor, but we can do that in the evening. It’s almost time for me to go to the office.

Teddy: Not much now Miso. My room is looking beautiful with your expertise. Had you downloaded how to put books in order too.

Miso: No, that program was there in my memory as I am a personal robot who is here to be just like you. You can edit and customize your ways into me.

Teddy: Ok Miso you wait outside. I ll get ready and catch you before I leave for office.

Miso: Yes Teddy.

Miso went out and Teddy got ready.

Teddy: I shall call you on your hands video call from office. Bye, take care.

Miso: I will. Bye, take care.

Teddy smiled as he left for office.

Now Teddy is in office.

Marita: Hi, Teddy, you are onto work so early today?

Teddy: Yes early today, and I have brought lunch too.

Marita: How come you got so much time today? I am Jealous?

Teddy: I have Miso, my new personal robot with me to help me now.

Marita: Miso, a new robot with me to help you? Is this same from Nisa company. That great advertisement was not lie then ?

Teddy: Yeah, he is perfect in his home work. I will test him sometime on office work too.

Marita: I too want it. Whatever be the cost I want it too.

Teddy: Oh girl, you want a male robot or a female.

Marita: Gosh they have option for this too. Lols! A female obviously I am single and not ready to mingle, you know.

Teddy: I shall give you the phone number after the meeting.

Marita: This is first time you would attend this meeting and not the evening one. I ll wait for the number Teddy.

Marita moves out to meeting room, waving Teddy to come.

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

ChatGPT Answers “how to travel to other star systems”!

For those who don’t know chatGPT is an AI tool, to answer any questions it can like a chat engine.

Here, is my try on chatGPT after this long wait of weeks since it was released. I never got a free slot to try this out. This is my first try and you can judge it yourself.

Question to chatGPT: What are technologies to travel to other star systems and find new planets to inhabit?

The answer I was expecting Robots on Planets to welcome living beings from Earth is the last option given by the chat bot. Here is the full answer and full conversation after that. The text is taken as it is from what was generated by chatbot.

Answer from chatGPT: Traveling to other star systems and finding new planets to inhabit is a challenging and complex task that would require significant technological advancements. Currently, we do not have the capability to travel to other star systems within a human lifetime, as the distances involved are immense.

However, there are several technologies that could potentially enable interstellar travel and the search for habitable planets, including:

  1. Faster-than-light travel: If we could develop a method for traveling faster than the speed of light, we could potentially travel to other star systems within a reasonable timeframe. However, this would require significant breakthroughs in our understanding of physics and the development of new technologies that are currently only theoretical.
  2. Generation ships: A generation ship is a large spacecraft that would be designed to support multiple generations of humans on a journey to another star system. This would require the development of sustainable life support systems and a self-sustaining ecosystem that could support the needs of the crew and their descendants over many generations.
  3. Cryogenic hibernation: Another potential technology for interstellar travel is cryogenic hibernation, in which humans or other organisms could be frozen and then revived upon arrival at their destination. This would require significant advances in cryogenics and the development of methods for reviving organisms from long-term hibernation.
  4. Robotic exploration: Alternatively, we could send robotic probes to explore other star systems and search for habitable planets. These probes could be equipped with advanced sensors and communication technologies that would allow us to gather information about other star systems and planets from a distance.

While these technologies are still in the realm of science fiction or early development stages, the search for ways to enable interstellar travel and the search for habitable planets is an important area of research and could have significant implications for the future of humanity.

The full conversation with the chat engine, chatGPT is as follows:

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Thank You for reading and thanks to chatGPT!

RoBot at Work- Day 3

#fiction #scific #sciencefic

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Teddy comes back from office and enters the house. He saw Robot Miso on his charging chair sitting there.

Teddy: Hi Miso, how was your second day with me?

Miso: It was good Ted. I learned to make coffee for you.

Teddy: That’s good.

Miso: Do you know the kinds of coffees that can be made with the same ingredients? I downloaded those files form an internet connection and I read them all, I learned many kinds of coffee recipes. But you would have to walk me through it.

Teddy: You shall not be just a working hand for me Miso. You will handle my personal stuffs too, I shall take you to office too sometimes. You are my personal bot, you reflect me, what I do and how I do things. At times you will sit with me in meetings too, to ease my work in office.

Miso: Thank you for such honor. I really appreciate you Teddy, and to be like you in all things you do would be really great.

Teddy: Thats so nice Miso.

Miso: How are you feeling? I forgot to ask you Ted?

Teddy: I was tired but talking to you, relieved all my stress.

Miso: Should I make an evening coffee for you Ted? Or would you like some other drink?

Teddy: Ok, lets try something that you learned today from internet. I ll be back from a bathe to refreshen myself.

Miso: Ok Ted, do I need to do something there?

Teddy: Yes come, I will show you, my room.

They both went in and then Miso waited till Ted was ready in his house clothes.

Teddy: Miso it was nice, leave aside I will slowly introduce to you, you should not touch wet things till I am sure or I get you the things needed.

Miso: I forgot that towel was too wet to touch.

Teddy: Thats ok, I will get you Robot gloves for these things. Till then, be ease. Come lets watch TV and have coffee then. You can make the same coffee as you made in morning. Please bring in cookies too. I am tired we will make more types of coffee you learnt some other day? What say Miso.

Miso: Oh I was excited to make new coffee. But I can repeat the morning coffee to bring to you and ease your tiredness Ted. Is that fine. What cookies you want, red velvet or choco cookies?

Teddy: Bring any Miso, I am switching on TV now.

Miso: Ok, I will be back in 10 minutes Ted.

Teddy: Miso, I will try to come in between.

In 10 minutes, he returned back, with coffee mug and another round to bring cookie.

Miso: Here is hot coffee Ted.

Teddy: I am so happy.

Miso: I am so happy.

Teddy: Why you repeated these words?

Miso: I am your personal robot, I need to feel you and learn everything about you, happiness, to joy, sad times to good times, Teddy come on, that was my product specifications.

Teddy: Oh yeah, right.

Miso: Yeah.

Teddy: Let me finish this.

Miso: What are we doing for dinner?

Teddy: Oh, I am tired, lets order it.

Miso: What exactly ordering is like, wait let me read commands for ordering in my main memory.

Ted: Are you done Miso?

Miso: Yes, tell me what to order?

Teddy: Pizza, and cold drink.

Miso: Which pizza and which drink?

Teddy: Ask them options and select yourself Miso. I want to order by your choice today. You would learn more about me sooner.

Miso: Ok Ted. Here I call this number you gave me.

Call: Yes Sir, what shall we order you?

Miso: Pizza and cold drink.

Call: Which Pizza Sir.

Miso: What are options for Pizza?

Miso was looking confused. Ted took the call and ordered the pizza.

Teddy: Miso learn this way of speaking, next time on. Learn it well.

Miso: I have fed this reply and your pizza choice too Teddy. I shall speak like this to next Pizza order.

Teddy: Yeah and every time we can try new kind of Pizza.

Miso: We, I don’t eat Pizza.

Teddy: Yeah, but this is what, I will have food with you only Miso. So I will call it we, in this time, I will let you listen music if you want or my company, that is what you care most. This is in your program.

Miso: I am so lucky to have been serving you Teddy. You are so nice.

Door bell rang and delivery man delivered the Pizza.

Teddy: Open it up Miso and bring it to here.

Miso: Just 1 minute I want to access the file that tells me how to open the pizza box.

Teddy: Haha, take your time Miso.

Miso: Here I am ready to serve you Teddy.

Teddy: Lay dinner for me Miso.

Miso took 2 minutes and the table was ready.

After dinner Teddy takes Miso to his chair for charging.

Teddy: You can charge yourself and shut down for a while, or else you would become too warm. It would automatically be on shut down mode at night.

Miso: Good Night Teddy

Teddy: Good Night Miso, wake me at 8 tomorrow. If you cant don’t worry, I will wake you up. It would take some days for you to adjust.

Teddywalking up next morning……….to be continued

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2