The 21st century Newton team — Rebirth, Human Mind, AI and UAPs!

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The 21st century Newton should explain the reasons for UFO, UAP and spaceships like objects seen in skies.

Yes, just like everyone used to see apples falling from trees, but it was Newton who gave us the precise laws and explained it in such nice way.

In the same way we all are watching UFO, UAPs. These and the spaceships seen in the skies above.

But where is the 21st century Newton’s team to explain what it is — a phenomenon or a reflection of real spaceships or something else? This something does not follow the Physics of Earth. So, what more Physics is there in the Universe?

Why are these spotted so often? And why so much in western countries?

Who are they? What is Physics defying objects like?

One prominent AI leaders too mentioned of “New Physics” hence here we ask of “New Newton”. Can AI answer it, well the future would surely let us know it.

Should new Newton team use AI? Perhaps using AI GPT?

Well, AI GPT can’t solve maths fully as of now. So then? Perhaps using other AI more sophisticated than generative AI? And what is that — something more powerful than the best generative AI on Earth — — It’s called THE HUMAN BRAINAnd The Human Mind. And what if the human mind is that of the 21st century Newton and if his team chooses to come to Earth again? What would be more if they take help from AI to define these out of Earth phenomenon’s?

21st century Newton team, may find out why these unidentified arial phenomenon are experienced with or without AI!

Do you believe in re-birth, well yes, I do as do many epics mention of such concepts as re-births.

All we want is to solve problems we are facing leaving the rebirth of Newton at side for now.

Why we want to know all this, as you all can see, we need space solutions. Given even the Sun is emitting lot of solar flares in solar system and on Earth, since few years now. Its a lot of heat and radiation on Earth from Sun, on a scale never before. Finding a new place, and adapting it for future generations is the duty of today’s leaders, with all their experience we shall find new places to inhabit and grow life on.


[1] Life on Earth could have a suffocating end. Oxygen levels will drop by… (

Flying cars or flying vehicles with AI accessories— Needs and Ethics

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What all AI accessories does your car have?

Flying cars are here, are they AI-based flying cars? Well, it can be good if they are AI-based flying cars, but are AI-based road cars are no good fully, as of yet, are they? Wonder! So what would flying cars be like? Let’s use AI as accessories in flying cars then! Are they needed? If so at what cost to users and environments? Given they are electric cars!

The flying cars are ready to be with you in 2025! Since its inception around 2015 a lot moved forward.

What’s good in it- well yes, goodbye to the bumpy rides of roads. Road construction/maintenance expenses would fall down, and reachability would be more efficient in terms of time and expense. These can help in climatic conditions of the destruction of roads brought to us about in climate change-based events occurring frequently all around the globe.

But what about birds? Yes, the virtual pathways in the skies and lower atmosphere must be set. An AI-based bird detector or flock detector must be introduced in the flying cars as an AI-based accessory. This can warn the car drivers of any such flying agent coming to it as a predicted path from a distance. This can make the driver of a flying car to change path in case of a flock and can ask a driver to honk to alert a bird or a group of birds to sway them out of paths meant for flying cars, soon they might get to know their old/new paths. What if they don’t? Would virtual mid-air roadways be all over? No, right?

How to maintain speed in comparison to other flying cars? Well, do we need a flying car traffic controls as well? When roads have traffic men who guide cars and airplanes have air traffic control. These flying cars which lie between the two said in the line before too need some kind of traffic controls.

What shall be the functions of a traffic controller for flying cars? Well, this can be a change in paths when migrating birds fly, this can be done by a change in heights of flights to change in speed and direction or a complete change in routed maps to reach destination. Other needs can be relative speeds of other vehicles, concerns of minimum/maximum speeds to overtaking issues in mid-air. All this can be passed as a driving regulation of mid-air vehicles or as suggested by the AI accessories of the car.

It’s okay not to have a full plan for the launch of the first cars, these issues need to be put on subsequently. Just like airplanes are registered with the air traffic controller of a region, should the flying vehicles must reign within the definitions of rules of a region?


— What needs to be the height of flying these mid-air vehicles?

— How long can we repair the same roads in climate-hit regions? What would be more eco-friendly as well as more friendly to budgets?

— Can these vehicles land on the terrace of your home, for heavy rain was forecast in the region?

— The weather got worse, and flying cars were allowed to fly high as well to get out of the place.

— The AI apps in flying vehicles let you know — how much distance is needed to fly with the same battery and how much distance by road.

— What about the washroom, medics and food stalls in for long-distance mid-air vehicles? Land on road and use the original utilities which are already there.

— And finally driving schools for mid-air flying vehicles. New driving licenses or the same old driving licenses would work?

Does the height of flying intercept some garden areas?

Or planning to fly the flying-car over a forest area?

These are ethical issues, as not all areas are free from flying beings!

And AI-based alerts can be provided to avoid areas with a high number of birds and bird nests! These AI accessories can be made in with forest departments.

Why not make fixed routes for flying over such areas?

Some pumps around the area, to charge or refuel the flying cars! Or would it be charged in the air only? Well if the pipes can rise up to this height! Through a built-up station to this height? Or just land, recharge and fly again?

Other things such as weather warnings for flying vehicles from start to destination be sent to the drivers and occupants of these cars. With the help of AI and weather predictions. And to re-route/change the destination based on AI-based recommendations? We can have such AI accessories in flying vehicles? To avoid rain while flying a vehicle like this?

Is it powered by solar panels? Or is it fully electric? Want to know about cloud alerts, get in an AI accessory here for this as well!

If you want to land on a road, garden, or a place, an AI accessory for the same can be used to guarantee safe parking from the atmosphere to land.

Other places where AI accessories can be used, as speed choices based on the comfort of the driver and suitability of traffic in air routes.

The AI-based latitude and longitude positioning for joining traffic in the atmosphere. And the same for safe landing and joining traffic on roads. Yes sidelines and virtual flyovers in mid-air.

What about traffic jams in the atmosphere? Would cars run in one above another to take off? Is it a safe way? How to detect if a car does this? AI apps can listen to the mid-air and land traffic controllers and inform the drivers of the safety of their cars and other cars on the way. Again this does not mean the car is self-driven, the end decision is with the driver and the driver is responsible for it. However, this is a long distance away, so let’s first let the first air vehicles run in the skies.

Just like Google Maps for road journeys, there is a need for atmospheric flying vehicles journeys, to avoid jams, to reach faster, to go to never been before places, and so on! Again this is an AI accessory for the car and may be one of the mandatory AI app for the flying cars, as there are no sign boards in skies, unless the government makes laser vehicle signals for driving cars. But again, how many laser signals, so why not make some out of concrete?

A lot to do, in a short time!

Yes, these may not be AI cars, which means they may not be driven by AI, but they can have AI accessories, which means they are driven by humans and have any AI algorithms/apps to guide the driver on route for things such as weather, clouds, rain, fuel, birds paths, high flying birds such as eagle/vulture alerts, landing and take off safety protocols, paths, halts, overtaking and over speeding. And with all these comes AI-based ethical issues.

To Meet Some Extraterrestrial Beings

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Note: This is a purely imaginary story and does not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. It does not related to any being living or passed away being, any such resemblance is mere a coincidence.

They say not to give up on extraterrestrial life. If so, what do extraterrestrial life look like? Are they typical green-bodied beings or something from fiction movies of Chronicles of Narnia or something more?

Beams, signals, rays, and more were sent in pulsating galaxy in the distant neighborhood of our galaxy.

Astrophysicist Prof Miviky recognized some signals coming out from the horse shaped galaxy.

Prof Miviky said, “Trak these signals”

Prof Miviky’s team recorded the signals.

“How to interpret these Sir?”, asked one of the scientists in his team.

Prof Miviky told his team, “Its year 2061 team. Use AI to match these signals with all kinds of signals on Earth. I mean do an AI search. Take a day or so, and let us discuss this tomorrow.”

The next day, a scientist in the team came to Prof Miviky and said,

“Sir the signals match to both human and horse signals.”

“It’s astounding!”, exclaimed Prof Miviky.

“Ask our team on Moon to record the signals, would it represent the signals of human/horse sound? Please do the needful team.”

AstroRobot Nanena, on moon was asked about the research experiment.

“The answer is yes”, exclaimed Astro Robot Nanena.

“That means there are intelligent horses in that galaxy, that have sophisticated gadgets and machines to talk to us, the humans, the best living creature in the universe,” said Prof Miviky.

“Let’s give some work to Moon, to send out more signals to this HorseWay galaxy. The moon shall be better for sending these messages. Say to them, hello in English, and tell them we are humans,.. rest all I shall email you and the team here and there on Moon.”

“Yes Sir, we will do that.”

Prof Miviky said, “We shall monitor both incoming and outgoing signals from Earth center.”

Well, then, the space station made by robots on the Moon sends out the requested signals towards this galaxy. And they replied back. Robots headed by AstroRobert Nanena performed the work herself. For guidance, she often called in human scientists on Earth.

They received signals.

Prof Miviky told them to map the signals coming from HorseGalaxy to a form humans can understand, for that, they did translation, transformation and some other interpretations.”

Prof Miviky decided to send the good news in media. He says,

“Introducing here the extraterrestrial beings of other kinds horse human, extraterrestrial far away in another galaxy called the HorseWay. They are searching us too ? Are they? Yes! The work is in initial progress and nothing can be fully guaranteed.”

The extraterrestrial in HorseWay galaxy looks like humans with a face of horse. How did AstroRobot Nanena confirmed this? She too received these unaltered signals and confirmed they understood the signals that we send.

The answer is it’s the year 2061, and technology has evolved by now, signals in the Universe can be caught and interpreted by now.

Prof Miviky declared, a trip on superfast asteroid to HorseWay planet of life. “The asteroid would be driven by robots, when needed to change direction they are propelled by fusion power and humans from Earth shall guide the robots using AR/VR.”

Note: The article is on the author’s medium account as well.

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. The story is not meant to be corelated to any real incidence as this is imaginary story.

Note: Images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

Tesla Car burns now, last time it hit a tree, who’s to blame? #Some_Points.

Well, who doesn’t remember the deadly crash of Tesla car in 2019. It was stated that the legal system declared it was driver’s fault and we mourn the loss of the person with all of our hearts.

Note: These are authors own original thoughts and these do notrefer to a specific AI electric car but to all kinds of cars which states they are AI cars and electric cars. The article in copy is on authors medium account as well.

Well, here are some points:

  1. Why fire on AI-powered cars?
  2. Were fire detectors not on AI car to make a shutdown of system and ring an alarm? And do more? How to stop a battery car from a massive fire? Did the car carry in sandbags to stop the fire? Why can’t batteries in such cars be insulated from rest of the car as batteries once caught fire can’t be easily stopped?
  3. Why AI car when it can’t stop fire and mishaps in car?
  4. Why to add name AI to a car when at the end of the day, you can’t blame AI for crash of car, as in 2019 AI car?
  5. If car uses AI applications such as google maps, call that as luxury addons and not call the car as an AI autopilot!
  6. If something wrong happens to the car or passengers in car, the lawyers on the other side declare it as a human error and not an inaction by the AI auto pilot?
  7. Well, we all can run on simple straight roads, we need autopilot when the driving gets tough.
  8. Why the name autonomous car driving?
  9. AI cars exchange data with and from servers to improve its AI working, doesn’t it? What are the AI autopilot car data stored with the servers, we want that. Do the carmakers use and collect data from individual cars?
  10. Can we see how much data AI car makers collect daily and what do they do with data collected with AI cars?
  11. When the autopilot cars cant protect in times of difficulties, why should one buy autopilot cars then? Is it just to send the driver’s data to the car maker servers? May be to build a future ready car?
  12. Why not drive fully on our own then?
  13. What AI is there in these cars — -can we get right specifications?
  14. Why should we call these cars AI cars?
  15. It can be called the latest electric car with AI-based accessories, such as Google Maps, music of choice, question answering on locations visited, soon and why to just put on AI while driving, when AI can’t protect?
  16. Why not raise a voice for rights?
  17. Sell cars as Electric cars with these accessories. And let the drivers know that it’s just AI accessories, if not what else AI is there in cars, please elaborate, why not car-made emergency breaks when it was skidding or overspending to hit a tree?
  18. Emergency breaks were part of AI autopilot selling point? Were they ? I don’t know, you own an AI car you may know this better.
  19. These robots are not yet fully ready. Are they? Who is a robot here — the electric AI powered car. They say its AI car and have locomotive ability making it a Robot.
  20. If some company just wants to collect data from its deployed AI cars then why not pay to car owners for data so collected?
  21. Why are unprepared Robots driving on roads?
  22. Why not start the AI in car with alarm systems ?
  23. And why not tell the driver in present and future AI electric cars that be cautious and be alert, we are collecting data to build a future AI car?
  24. Why Electric Cars are burning around the world, why not have a fire detector in these cars with alarm bells? This does not need much AI?
  25. Best, if you can pay so much, then why not pay for a driver who is alert? Till AI is ready?
  26. Who is more alert while driving a car a human driver or AI autopilot?
  27. Electric cars are new innovations, and there is a long way to go, learn to put fire sensors and have sand bags till alternative solutions are found!
  28. Yes one day AI cars would come but after learning, which needs huge data, and may be someone somewhere may be collecting datas, who knows, I dont know.
  29. These are roads not skies where AI is put on. So be alert whereever you are.

Good Luck

Note: I don’t own an AI car, so I dont know in case there are some issues which need clarifications.


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Do Nikki Haley resembles Kate in The Diplomat on Netflix?? Both not fit for position personalities.

Have you seen “The Diplomat” on Netflix (Link in reference [1] below) ? Well, if you are going to vote and you are an American, then you must watch this series. Kate Wyler was the most unfit person for the position in the series. And somehow Nikki Haley resembles her, in the way she talks I found them the same, apart from looks for sure. Is this story inspired by her ?

And if you do not like politics much — then you can ask someone how was the character Kate Wyler on the Netflix series.

If you watch this series you would know that politics is more than one liners in 4–5 debates or few interviews. It’s about getting work done in long processes of tensed environments to maintaining calm in tough times.

Well, you must see the experience, one-day debate anyone can come and prepare with and speak with confidence. So, see the past works. Ask them of past work related to politics such as tough situations you handled before coming on debates, for an example.

Everyone knows what are the questions that would come up in debate, the same is true for the candidates themselves. Everyone prepares, but the one who is able to speak more gets more votes. This does not fit well. Are you voting for debate competency or political work competencies? There are people who work with dedication all around the year and they are hit out by someone who can win conversations. Is it right? Politics can’t be run in a three-four day debate! Let people who have worked be given the chance to work again as your choice! See the work not the 3–4 days debates! Life and politics is more than 3–4 days of debates.

Saying you would smoke terrorists is not enough, real life is different than one-liners. Politics runs more than ten days of interviews. Choose the one who you have seen to work well, even private companies check background work done by candidates and grill them for around 5-7 rounds of full-day interviews.


[1] The Diplomat (American TV series) — Wikipedia(

AI can never replace humans, can you understand that? Robots can be of help at work but can’t replace humans.

Yes, AI is frightening many humans and even some leaders in ongoing AI summit in London are scared when they hear about AI. As all they think is what would they do if AI takes over. Well, you need to study AI, and experiment on AI to know what AI means. Leader who compare AI to nuclear weapons must know how AI works what AI can do and what AI cant do. Have a vision for the future. And know nuclear power brings energy as well as can destroy places, all depends on how you use it.

So a meek robot is just a complicated program who works for you. Reprogram it if you dont like. Are you scared of your AI apps in your phone as well?

Dangerous robots as a leader said when interviewing a businessman, who is so doubtful of AI. Robots do what they are fed to do. Managing right use of AI and Robotics is one thing and to know how AI can be used to help humans just as calculators are used is another thing.

AI can learn from humans, but they cant co-related things. AI can perform tasks given to it with a set of instruction set, but AI cant do it all. ChaptGPT and more recent versions of it can generate language, yes, but they cant understand language. You got it ? Generating from text and images is not same as intelligence. Its can be called fast look up and retrieval!

AI Robots cant understand fully ! Yes, it can generate text and still not understand! It can generate more and still not understand. Eg. explain it how to multiply two numbers as computations of calculator.

Just like calculator can multiply but not understand details of why you want to multiply.

AI and Robots dont have a soul

AI and Robots dont have a spirit

They are machines run by human, for human and to humans

Yes there would be automation of repetitive works. But this does not mean humans wont be needed to do all work. Yes humans would always be guiding AI and Robotics. No robot can work fully without human commands. That is how AI works, check this yourself on GPT models being tested on huge data, almost all of the data of Earth was used to train some of these models, still they could not do so so many things, they could just generate, images, languages and so on.

Yes, when Robots would need humans to write programs of what it can do, why the world leaders are so panicking about. Yes we need rules, on which robot runs, but,

The rules on which robot works are written by humans themselves.

The aim of AI summit in London, should had been not on crying and panicking but on how to see and harness the use of AI and Robots.

Why we need AI and Robots — answer is those tasks that humans cant do. For example:

  1. Space Exploration, how long Earth would sustain on its own, we need to send some representatives of Earth out to understand what is happening in the Universe. This can’t all be done by humans of today as humans need water and oxygen to exist. Hence we propose robots here.
  2. Even today this is happening because bots are send to Moon, Mars, is there something to be fearful out of it ?
  3. To do menial work that humans cant do, for example, converting sewage to useful form to be used in barren unfertile lands to improve it or to dig into lands for natural degradation?
  4. To seperate in garbage metals form plastics.
  5. To remove plastic form seas and oceans.
  6. To do things which human should not do, example picking up of heavy rags of wheat, and likes.
  7. These are just some applications of AI and Robotics.

Yes AI have taken away so many jobs, but there are new jobs in making, and this is the role of government to provide right to people who do on their own the arts, painting, cooking, dance, craft, sweeing, music to mention a few, as AI took over many of these professions.

Rights of artisans and likes should be promoted and emphasis should be paid on how to preserve old cultural ways of producing things.

Rest once again AI can’t understand talks of humans, they need a format to do so, they ask as per just like IVR does. IVR took away so many jobs, shoud we panic for that ? New jobs were created, so we didn’t paid attention then, yes so many lost jobs and were in bad phase, we all can feel the heat of that even now.

Robots and AI need formatted languages and it answers the question asked using- “Question Answering and Retrieval Scheme” of language generation models — ask a twist in question and AI and bots are lost.

This is not what was expected out of an AI meeting at this scale in London.

If leaders do coding themselves they would know what AI can do and what AI cant do ! So a message to leader “code an AI algorithm, you would know more of what AI can do and what panic they are creating in world just because they sit as leader of an advanced place.

AI can create jobs. What is the long-term vision for the AI future that you bet on?

Yes, some say AI can cause harm to humanity, well, driving a car in the wrong lane can make the people in the car as well as people in the opposite direction wounded. If you know where you are heading to, you would barely make mistakes. For youngsters knowing they would work in AI is easy but for middle-aged folks to shift to a new domain is tough, but not impossible. When shall someone enter for a job in a new domain? When the person is sure that the new chosen path would lead somewhere fruitfully and shall not leave him behind again. Some security in case this path branches out to a new domain, would be a help in setting new aims.

Yes, everyone is scared of what AI has taken form you, the speed at which automation are done, the pressure on you to compete with machines, the daily work which AI learns from you? What for you think? When can I make my old things, when can I be in an old routine? Would I be left behind again, if I start a new domain? Would I get enough training to start all over again? Will I be paid correctly?

So, know your path, measure the distance to your destination, manage your speed, and decide your new journeys? Why should I change? I have put in so much effort, is the most important question!

Ask form your leaders what is the vision to future in this domain? Would my traning be worth it? Would this field end in a deadlock? How is health being insured? How is the pension scheme working in this domain?

So, AI can create more jobs, but what visions are they setting for their own companies, leaving aside for common people like you and us?

What visions do you have to share — tech leaders ?

If the tech leaders are not sure of what to aim for, how can common workers retrain in AI? How?

One tech leader, said yesterday, that, “AI is dangerous to humanity”, while he sells his cars which he says have AI, then if you doubt AI, how can your cars lead the right way through? That is not leadership, either you take back all your cars or make people see how AI is used in your cars. And to separate the bad AI from the good AI.

There is a lot AI can do, but if you know what all AI can accomplish won’t harm you then you would know it shall give back what it has taken.

Yes there are wrong things in AI as well, which need to be curbed such as editing, some wrong AR-VR, some things chat-GPT should not produce for children, self-image and AI are harming children, wrong and intended recommendation systems, intentional and harmful advertisements, job loss, danger through digital arts, to mention a few. These are the things that can hurt humanity.

While on the other hand, AI is creating jobs as its goals widen its arms. But for that we need leaders with right mindsets, and better opinions. It’s not a grocery store where the same things are sold all time, no, it’s a new corridor each year; where you don’t and won’t know what and how so early. But setting a small term goal if not 20 year goal would be good to start up.

To the tech leaders, set up a long-term vision, and see goals Planet Earth has, not just individual countries. See what is needed, how people shall work, how livelihoods would be handled, and where humanity would lead both in Space missions to on Earth missions from inter country to intra-nation goals. The tech leaders who fail to understand these goals need to understand them in the coming times, it’s not the mistake of leaders of various tech companies, as AI has surged and shown itself to be a power with OpenAIs debut ChatGPT, as in as never before.

Good Luck! Ask for your goals!

Travel to Solar System on Speedy Asteroids

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot #ai #robotics

In this year 2061, all asteroids are managed by Central Robot Processing Servers which work from various centers in the Solar System and beyond.

Robots are used to help Earth Center about when and where which asteroid is positioned. Many bots are drilled into asteroids that run to far off places in the solar system and some may be thrusted to go out of solar system to explore more. Thrust can be provided by solar energy, fuel energy or nuclear energy.

By this year, construction of houses has started on asteroids, for these asteroids need no fuel for high-speed travel around the solar system. And humans with the right oxygen bags can travel space sitting on asteroids. The only thing is by then many robots should have been tested to make sure travel on asteroids is safe for humans. Once an asteroid is declared safe for human travel, construction can be done on asteroids with 3D and 4D printers.

Humans get into asteroids with flights to the most approachable location to the asteroids, which means flights from this place to Earth’s atmosphere.

In this year in skies are some green asteroids, some made of stone, and some have soil where humans can grow plants and trees. Some asteroids can be used to explore technological advances.

They shall make Solar System a travel place for humans. Some humans take with them pilots and explore the world outside the path of asteroids. The pilots used to give direction to asteroids using the four corner wings on asteroids. Further, thrust is provided with nuclear energy when solar energy alone is not sufficient. That is all for small asteroids, difficulty is still there for large asteroids.

Robot Marita already planned a travel with her owner to Planet Jupiter’s much-loved Moon. A stay of few days there, seeing humans there, to have a nice travel, and then back to Earth.

Excited to travel on an asteroid in the Universe, just that you need oxygen and food stocks and if plants can grow on these rocky asteroids, then food would be taken care of.

Enjoy the fictitious journeys of the future.

Note: The article in duplicate is on the author medium account as well.

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. The story is not meant to be corelated to any real incidence as this is imaginary story.

Note: Images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

Robots flying the Asteroids Responds

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot #ai #robotics

While all robots went to be seated well in the meeting room. Only robots from the International Joint Program were left here.

Soon they saw in the skies, some of the asteroids were accumulated.

Tisoko said to all in meeting area, “These asteroids in the skies were run by robots. These robots are drilled in asteroids.”

“And the robots run these asteroids around the solar systems. Some of the robots were seen to have wings to give a direction of flight to asteroids. These are thick iron wings.”

“The wings on asteroids and on robots were used to give direction for asteroids to fly.”

Tisoko pointed out to the asteroid and the robot on it and said, “These are solar-powered robots, to maintain the solar system and its asteroids. Some asteroids were sent out of the solar system with these robots on them. There is huge research work going on in this area. They had invested a lot in them. And alien studies lag behind. Let me go out to address them.”

Tisoko waved at him and said, “Hey buddies how are you doing?”

“Hi, I am Kavalpi, We are fine, I received your message. I was nearby so I changed the path of my travel to see how I can help you. Others followed me, they are at a distance from here, so talk to me for now.”

Tisoko was excited and he said “There was an Alian nearby, did you saw any spacecraft or aliens on your path ?”

Kavalpi said, “Not yet, I would be mindful of watching alien and its spacecraft.”

Tisoko said “Call back on my system, if you saw some. I will take permission from Earth Control Center and from Nanena Space Station around Earth’s Moon.”

Kavalpi was excited, “I will be in touch with you, I shall pass these messages to all asteroids near Jupiter as well. Together we can find the alien. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks, do send me a draft from Earth Center to fund this Alian mission.”

While Kavalpi was speaking other robots on other asteroids were looking excited to hear these conversations.

Tisoko was happy to hear his comments on the progress of Alian technologies.

Tisoko went to the meeting room in which were seated International joint committee robots. He exclaimed, “I just had talks with Robots with wings on Asteroids with artificial iron wings. They would help us find Alian as well. I think we all can just charge ourselves and then continue with the meeting. On the right are charging wires.”

Note: The article is also on the author’s medium as well.

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is completely fictional, and imaginary and is for mere reading. The story is not meant to be corelated to any real incidence as this is imaginary story.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

Terrorism detection using Artificial Intelligence #hamas_violence #israel.

Note: The article is also on authors medium account.

Here are some questions that came out from current war between Hamas and Israel!

How to detect terror attacks?

How to find terrorists and their hiding places?

How to take militants out so that the loss of common people’s life is minimal?

How to make such AI?

How would such AI work?

How long shall it take to make such AI?

The recent attack on Israel by militants and terrorist group Hamas, makes it more clear to be able to detect terrorism much before time, and hence such attacks may be reduced.

Terror crimes done by Hamas were too bad and completely unpredictable. How can all this happen when there are many kinds of intelligence on terror activities? This is truly a work which has gone unchecked. Hence, from this, we learn that such terrorists may need to be identified using advanced Artificial Intelligence. It should be understood that some work may already be in use by intelligence units across the globe, if it does not use AI this is the time to use terror detection using AI, and if not then time to make, check, and install such intelligence.

The question is how the attack went unchecked, and why intelligence could not detect it. Maybe because Hamas works from an underground caves and tunnels? How and when the tunnels got made, why its neighbor Israel did not know about the tunnels? Who supplied Hamas with the network capacities to launch this scale of attack?

Why can’t there be intelligence now to detect where the militants are? Can AI help in this? If yes then this may save innocent people’s lives, as terrorists attacked Israel not common people.

Well, there can be several ways to see this problem. One can be using AI to detect words that are threatening over suspected calls, other can be to detect keywords related to terrorism activities. Many steps can involve multi-level inference.

Why we don’t have open hackathons and challenges for terror activity detection? Yes, this may lead to some privacy issues. So how else terrorism such as recent Hamas attacks can be detected on time, and found within the timeframe and finally resolved?

Solution is detecting the network terrorist use, satellite data or messages that can be dangerous in calls. This does not require AI, but AI can complement independent decision making before, after or on the plan to detect such things.

The following AI based techniques can be used:

  1. Knowledge-based decision making
  2. Uncertainty based solutions
  3. Deep Learning based solutions
  4. Search using heuristics
  5. Game Playing based solutions
  6. Inference engines
  7. Classification based on algorithms such as Naive Bayes and so on…

These would be explained in coming times.

Would you allow some data from your side to be allowed to train for terrorism detection?

The only problem in using AI would be data use, this may lead to privacy issues. It is for the common men and women to answer —

Would you mind if some suspicious messages may be read by AI algorithm? Else how else AI could help us and civilizations?

Would you allow your routers to be scrutinized once in a while? To detect unintended use by terror-related agents?

All these with guarantee to not to misuse data and respect for privacy of data.

How long all this may take? As soon as some data is allowed, sand settles over privacy issues and general public wants it, that is all that is needed.

To be continued……..