AI as a threat- This is misinformation

It was a strange video (given in reference) I watched yesterday, where in Elon Musk was shown to be saying-something like “AI is a threat to humanity”. Well firstly if it was Elon himself, then Tesla uses so much of AI in its devises, vehicles and even now Elon plans to have a chip in him, as per news source. So, on the first go, why so much AI was used in Tesla, if it was a threat? Secondly, AI is not a threat, only thing is to use it properly, just like a gas stove which is used for cooking with heat of flames. One must know how to close the lid when food is cooked. Indeed AI is much safer than gas stove, keeping robotic on side, as Robotics needs extra training’s, being relatively naive.

The video in reference showed that robots are fighting each other and so on. Well this is like drug industry, one had to take medications in right dosage. The video also mentioned AI should not be in small hands. Well compare it with medicine providers, only registered practitioners shall be resposnsibe to produce the medications. Not everyone, else obviously wrong things can be made in the communities. The same way AI need to be made by some right teams around worlds, and even freelancers can make AI, as long as the contents are checked for security issues, especially in robotics.

AI production dont need surveillance, but its work can be commended by applications and testings. Lets separate a branch of AI called Robotics, which is now a field in its own. The use and production of Robotics need to be monitored as deceitful intentions can make robots mismanaged. This is one of the key thing to keep in mind. Once the algorithm in robotics are sound and checked, there is no major threat from robotic, apart from mistakes, for which robots should be practised well before release to use. For this International Standard Marks need to be provided. Apart form that one need to explain the software packages installed in the robots. Recommendation system used in AI apps and many other thing can be used as per preference, if one does not like a social media platform, you can join another. If not, still, then get the recommender system be asked for clarifications.

So, this is a misinformation if you say plainly that AI is dangerous. Just like extra amlodipine can be dangerous. Provide solutions, people are already living in tough times. Spreading misinformation that too on the key development topic of world -AI, doesnt fit the menu. One should know, how much we are dependent on tech, development and AI. And where AI shall take us. Lets find solutions with positivity and face it.


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Bye November 2022, Hello December 2022

Hi everyone, It was a long eventful November. I hope your November was well. Here are my notes from November in case you missed out my articles on other blogs. I wish you all a nice December, stay warm in winters.

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Artificial Intelligence

Now is time of AI based Sound Embeddings

Now is time of AI based Sound Embeddings

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Simple Plain Cake in microwave


Paints this week: Christmas Mood

Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022

Two angels flying past sky

China Protests: Temporary or Permanent Marks

The recent protests in China, are quite a surprising thing, it’s been three years now, since the outbreak of Corona pandemic, some of the traces started in Wuhan, China. The stringent and strict conditions in which the people of parts of China were in year 2020, was tough. But there were no protests back then.

While there has been decline in severity of corona symptoms, and most importantly the decline in threat to life, most nations have kept gates open. All this as most people are fully vaccinated now? This is a question that a medical doctor can answer. But as new mutants have made news in these days; China still maintains strict conditions.

What variant of coronavirus is prevalent in China? That such high lockdown conditions are made in. People are supposed to know it, this is how science of communicable disease progress.

Can it led to global threat? The way China is maintaining the severity it seem to be highly contagious. China should provide transparency.

No one can forget virus in Wuhan, when China build major hospitals in days, closed Wuhan and controlled the virus to Wuhan and few places, while the virus spread around the world. After that not much was heard from China on this topic, to the best of my knowledge.

So China must report to world what virus variant it is, where it was found first, what is rate of spreading, and what is recovery process of this variant of virus. This is for good to all. Rest we know with some of the current variants, people are recovering fast. These questions are asked, as China has very strict rules, so there must be some reasons, that it is risking it all to stop the spread.

So should common people be more vigilant ?

If not, if people in other countries are not supposed to be worrying about the variant in China, why is China maintaining such strict conditions?

And if symptoms are low, why lockdowns in China, China must see it impacts its own economy as well.

I don’t think any leader of nation would like it’s economic conditions to worsen. So, if curfews were a choice by the Chinese government, they must rethink.

The blank papers with people on protests say a lot. Now, winters are coming, common cold, and cough, also exaggerate during this time, regarding corona, only medical doctors can tell. And some news do show RSV , flu can impact. But we hope for best, and mostly people are all recovering.

Our talk was on lockdowns in China, viable or not!

People of China are speaking for the first time, I think at least in three years with this virus on Earth.

Let’s hope for the best for best of all, because impact on China’s economy shall impact every country, as China manufactures many many products which are send worldwide. And the spread of virus which is contagious need to be studied by all medical professionals,as we need to prevent any further epidemic.

Scotland’s referendum; Don’t be brainwashed

Scotland’s referendum was rejected today. The speech seemed like a brainwashing talk to brainwash the audience, and it was really brainwashing. Don’t blame them for your failures, tell them what solution you have for citizens. A famous saying says, “Don’t blame others for your inactions”.

My question is simple, had the leaders of Scotland provided solutions to ongoing problems, as it blames all these problems on caretaking heads, this is not done! Or this referendum a means to hide your weekpoints.

  1. Did Scotland’s government deal with Energy Crisis? Don’t blame on them.
  2. Did Scotland’s government handle Climate Change in the country well? Don’t blame on them.
  3. Did Scotland’s government reduce pollution in the country? Don’t blame on them.
  4. How many new jobs were offered?
  5. How many scholarships were given?
  6. What about the waste disposal system in country?
  7. What about women’s security?
  8. What about other matters such as tax reduction for need-based applications?
  9. and many more, questions that the people of Scotland can ask..

Brexit is not the reason for energy charge hikes. Nor Britain is responsible for Scotland’s pollutions or air quality…

The referendum calls for another division, and then how can it blame Breexit when it itself wants to exit the current system of coalition? Dont be brainwashed, think of on your own. UK already came out of EU recently, another exit out wont be that good. If you want exit know the rulings under which it needs to separate out not on brainwashing arguments but on your own needs. See your needs and figure out what is best for Scotland and if needed choose a right leader as the people of Scotland decides.

AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.

AI based animal and pets care can be done in

  1. The place where animals are, is a center where animals are kept to train for some hours a day.
  2. The place where you live, via a personalized bot or robot care.

No this does not mean animals will speak or write or use laptop. Just they would be able to tell their happiness, problems to the bots who may guide them well. Maybe humans shall help them in this learning journey. And when the person comes home, then the bots can be switched off as the fluffy cat loves hugs more than chatting with bots about where to drink milk form.

These things are not much in system right now, mostly those AI based bots that help animals are in their sheds for cows and horses.

But what about the common every other house pet?

  1. Are there enough day cares for pets of all kinds?
  2. Are there enough bots trained to guide the pets at home?
  3. Are pets being allowed to be trained by bots in classrooms to teach them these things?

No — we are not fully there, yet the path has been started.

The animals were taught by humans, to the best by understanding the sounds at least, emotions, and voices. Now it’s time for semi-supervised learning with both humans and bots to train pets in their absence.

Imagine a world filled with Robotic AI and where animals are living with sophisticated AI gadgets too, to guide them and to talk to them? A robot to take care of herds and animals when the owners are away at work. And the smart watch of the pet can tell them to listen to you to guide the wrong path. WRONG PATH, yeah lot of cats and pets forget their path back home, smart animal watch can for sure guide them the way back, after extensive training, or just a little love.

People would enjoy most with animals and their pets trained in these schools, learning without knowing to learn, how about that? A fun classroom for pets of nice kinds studying together.

Animal learning with “Duck Duck Go” Animals is not easy, but this can be a future given humans too have started depending on gadgets a lot.

Note 2: Some of these images in this article, these were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product.

Paints of the week- 3rd week November 2022

Here are my this week’s paintings. You can buy these they are available on NFT to buy, at link on

He, She and Love – Collection | OpenSea

This is a frosty time of the day, the following painting of the day depicts the same.

Next is a serene sunlight day, by the side of a river, what a contrast

Links to buy are:

He, She and Love – Collection | OpenSea

The Making and Daily Baking Charges, The Climate Sensitivity Index is Guide to Future

The aim of this article is to elaborate that climate change is not just in hands of some, but in careful analysis of many. One must be aware of the climate sensitivity index of each one of us. How much climate weight do we carry today, weekly and how much is our climate sensitivity index monthly? Hence The Climate Sensitivity Index should be made for all people, all end users, to be aware of their role in these climatic problems. The making charge is a one-time production charge and baking charges are repetitive use costs to the environment, in terms of pollution. Analysis of the climate sensitivity index and data analytics applied on it can lead to many good insights to guide us in the future.

Understand units of a product you use, say, an accessory, bike/car, and calculate how much energy goes into the bike/car rides. Not just a one-time battery or fuel recharge, per week indeed. How much amount of pollution it made to create these units of sophisticated gears, add it all. Then compute these for all products, this will tell you how much it cost Earth. This is the Making and Baking charges for products you use, from these we compute the sensitivity index of the person using these products.

Even developing nations buy sophisticated products, which adds to pollution and greenhouse gasses. This is just an illustration to tell, we are all responsible for the current climate conditions, not just the top companies who at times outsource their production units. In the end, people created the demand that made them make these things. WHY have people made this demand for gadgets, vehicles, or devices which consume energy and are pollution-making? Getting angry is easy, can you give up these things now, which in production cost so much? The demands were created by various spectra of population spectrum.

Did you just check how much of climate-sensitive things you are wearing. See in mirror for few minutes, see your accessories, footwear, hairs and then dress in this order. In accessories, you carry phone in hands, and what apart from phone, see the earrings to even belt. Are these made from a source which overlaps with Earth’s needs, or creates byproducts in making. The products used by people, should not just have lower energy but lower byproducts as well and how these are obtained and send to end user is another aspect. Note pollution too creates methane and has greenhouse effects apart from mixing in soil and ecosystem.

Same for other accessories to even the footwear. An example is using fresh flowers rather than branded earing in fashion accessories or earing. It’s not just the responsibility of developed countries it is every person’s effort to reduce climate impact form their lives and hence from Earth. If one is speaking for climate change, one should absorb in self, not to use plastic and other climate sensitive things. More things should be recycled, and many things should be exchanged, those that involve semiconductor and usable. The manufacturer selling products should provide provision to buy back the instruments, synthetic clothes and other non renewals, back as their responsibility.

It’s not just producer, who often outsource to other places to produce goods, it’s not just them but everyone who uses this should be convinced. Hence, even the place where the work is outsourced, it produced jobs for people of place, and livelihoods for so many people. They also benefitted by making the products for the brand name. These costs need to be added in the climate sensitivity index, this makes youth self-aware and young adults vigilant in their choices. Analysis of the climate sensitivity index and data analytics on it can lead to many good insights to guide us in the future. This can guide in future directions when AI is used on top of it.

My lovely love My amazing love (Short Poem)

Here is a greeting warm and gentle

I can read your moves

I am expressing my love

For you

Oh my adorable lover

You are my lovely love


And how much I love

Want to be with you near my man

My lovely man

Who is so handsome in looks


Who is so beautiful in thoughts

Oh my sweet sweetheart

You are my amazing love

But an amazing lovely love


One day with you shall be a gift from God

And one night with you shall be a blessing from the skies..

My love

Oh my lovely love

From lovely love story this song belongs to


You are kind in heart

You are flawless in deeds

My man, he is

My beautiful lovely love

My love


My love is one

And he stands there to hold my hands

My man, he is

My lovely love

My amazing love