Conference on Climate, COP27 2022

Most of it starts with climate.

There is nothing without climate.

Hence one must take climate and environment into any decision making.

What we are experiencing and what we are, as people of Earth, today is at some significant percentage related to climate change handling, and environmental factors. If we remind ourselves there have been immensely destructive storms, head touching rain water, droughts, earthquakes, cloud bursts, heavy snowfalls, glacier melting, to mention some. It all starts with the environment and climate change. Where shall one take other planning too when climate atrocities are not taken into account at.

Better profits, happy and healthy citizens, then one must thank Earth, for a chance to have a nice climate in the regions. If climate was good there would had been some profits, if it was bad there were losses. Praying for the families effected by climate change, we wish Earth better times. Climate hits everywhere, it’s how one come out. One must learn from each other resilience.

Economics, business, work and life they all are dependent on climatic and environmental balance. It all should start with climate, as it was in era of pre-industrial revolutions, where prayers were made before cultivating lands and aim was to worship and ask for better yield in fields to fill well their stomachs as well as to sell the crops for money to buy clothes and other necessities, directly or through Barter System. Better yield was the a purpose of worship. I am not asking to worship, but to work, in the benefit of people, common goals not just for better yields in farms but for better lives.

The foremost frontier of major organisations and governments should now is climate change initiatives. It’s no more a blame game, that you have made climate worse or they have made climate worse. It’s about accepting the truth and acting on its behalf to solve global climate aims. Climate change is here, full stop. Now decide what measures to be done. There is no point in crying over spilled milk. Let’s determine the actions now. Everyone use modern 21st century car, use plastic water bottles, plastic cases, plastic decor, wooden couch, these all coated climate. This is a sample, the list is big.

It’s no more nationwide that we need to deal with it, it is contributing determined aims, in how so ever small efforts. Even if all nations, organisations and communities, may be involved with climate change and environmental initiatives, one must sync with the global aims taken in bigger interest on Earth. Global aims means predetermine constants and its meanings, for instance the amount of methane used, and its predetermined value, to be used globally and providing these statistics on a open book to those who can’t volunteer or are shy to participate.

What is level of success and how much further we need to go. This all depends on how serious we are about having climatically balanced Earth. Climatic balance can be defined as a phrase, where in we are able to have more balanced natural phenomena and lesser of extremes.

We must thank the international successes to good climatic conditions in better days and for worse, let us work as individual nations contributing in goodwill to add to national checkpoints that need to be taken. Best wishes for a successful COP27, 2022, in Egypt.

The Rainbows in Universe, Coloured Worlds and Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows

The angels in the lands of colored shaded rainbows

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it. The concepts of this article are from my novel Coloured Princess. Here is the link to read it:

The Colored Princess: And their Birth on Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798536835883: Books

In this part of Universe rainbows shine often. The people on this planet, Planet Rainybow, are used to seeing beautiful rainbows of different colors. The science in this galaxy, here plays role, given the air here is different, sun is different and hence the reflection and diffraction of light rays entering their vapors in their lands is different. Even the water is not water of Earth.

This is how one of the best rainbow in universe space looks like

Yes in space even in darkness these rainbows shine, given the Science of matter there is not same as science on Planet Earth. When using a telescope, it looks like matter, while it is this thing. This is extended science, and extension in fictional worlds.

This is another world not the same world where rainbows are visible in days. The new science it is.

The angels of fictional lands there often come here, when rainbows are high to meet the people in planet Rainybow. The are seen as colored shine with rainbow near them. Birds often fly past to meet people of planet Rainybow in Galaxy colored shaded rainbows. And on these times they are visible to eyes of people there.

At times the rainbows were faded, in far off places.

And many times the rainbows were too huge to cover entire galaxy of shaded rainbows, far off.

Some rainbows came in early morning and some in late sunsets.

At times the peach rainbow shined in some other planets skies in same Galaxy, the galaxy of colored shaded rainbows

The story will continue in coming scripts………..

Note 2: These concepts and paintings are taken from my book- The Coloured Princess

Here is the link to buy it:

The Colored Princess: And their Birth on Galaxy of Colored Shaded Rainbows: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798536835883: Books

Note 3: Some of these images in this article were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product. Other are painted by me only.

The Floating Gardens in the Universe

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it. The concepts of this article are from my novel Grand Park of Living Stars.

There was this place where gardens floated in Universe, the most beautiful of all in the extension of Grand Park of Living Stars was named The New BereGarden.

On the sky were stars and this garden floats in air to unknown place. This garden had a big tree from which Myra and her man took the Em’ths a form of existence, The Em’ths. Em’ths were the new material of existence they made here in these lands. A form of life named after em’ths were started in this vacant and barren place, which became new, lively, and fueled with life, beauty rejoiced all around it.

Soon new floating lands were found in this place but all were dry and rocky. As Em’ths Kingdom spread in this part of universe, all the small gardens started becoming greener and richer, each with a new kind of life with em’th into which the souls of the Grand Park of living stars enters. Each enters in the em’th so newly made bodies.

Indeed, there are so many gardens floating in this part of the Universe, as Myra and her man found various species. Each with a grand tree in the center. There was Their Science behind this for sure, space is less to explain.

These were called the lands or gardens while planets are round the gardens are flat and plain. Myra and her man, and their people tied these gardens in space with forces.

These things in this part of Universe, were now connected by forces, the force such as gravitational and magnetic fields. Many forces are always connected to lands, the flying gardens and the planets, stars and moons. Here forces are shown in this figure as light emitting strings.

There was a Grand Forest, as story book, Grand Park of living stars, where stars and planets come and visit the grand park. The park had greenery, green plants and soil all hang in skies, as the park revolves round its sun. But the problem was many weeds were there even in the Grand Forest too.

From the far of place, these flying gardens look like gardeners’ creations in skies. And in the end when all Em’ths lands were made, the beauty of this barren part in Universe knew no adjective to define, how beautiful it looked like. To know the ending read my book -”The Grand Park of Living Stars”

Note 2: There are images in this article, these were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product, DALL E2.

Is Rishi Sunak, among the topmost richest people in UK ? So why is he contesting Elections? Let’s Understand

Rishi Sunak is son-in-law of one of the topmost IT Tech Giant in India ( N. R. Narayana Murthy, the Indian billionaire businessman who founded Infosys with two children, one of whom is Sunak’s wife). The couple Rishi Sunak and his wife owns a net worth of around 770 million and is around 222nd in rank in global top 250 richest people in UK. How much is Rishi Sunak short of being a billionaire then ? In some currencies he is already a billionaire…..

He is contesting for being prime minister of UK, his parents hails from African region to UK. His father was born and raised in Kenya, his mother born in Tanganyika (Tanzania).[Wikipedia].

Another source listed below, it claims his wife is richer than some Royal family members as well. And there was million in taxes that were in some talks for news for long time now.

Unless someone have inherent desire to change things it’s difficult to change human nature. People set goals and work on them. Many people work without inhibitions for one’s goals. This is human behaviour, people are motivated by something, power or money or comfort or attachments or relationships. These are key work goals.

The opinions on life changes, the way a person looks at life, the way one sees problems and sorts solutions also change. While the government is for common people, a person who have spent life understanding people can score high in this, or if he/she was born and spend life doing social services. Further, some people do work for emotional bonds found in a relationship to spouse or another person/group. Some people work for attachments to real things or even non living entities. Some work for common goods, given they have attachments to public good, public well beings.

So, contesting an election for someone who has money, comfort, power means remaining two things attachments or relations. Attachments can be attachments to common goods. It depends how much of power the person actually have and which area the power is required in. See above, the human behaviour that motivates a person to work are:

1. Power

2. Money

3. Comfort

4. Attachments

5. Relationships

Next, it depends on how much of power is good enough for a person. How much of money is good enough, how much comfort is good enough. A lack of these can provide motivation to a person to drive further in their motives and goals. Some dedicate life to Earth, Clinate Issues, given they have attachments to these issues, which hurt and influence them and hence guide them.

This was a short analysis of what drives a person.

(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why

Let us understand the situation of politics in UK. The elected candidate Liz Truss failed to deliver when given the charge. Given the political situation wherein the present and previous leaders had to leave for one cause or another. All these lead to a state of confusion among general public in the country and even abroad, worldwide. The ripple effect of the turmoil cab be felt till far off.

So, let us see what was that, or what is cause-effect. The cause was the aim to help the expenses of general public but the policy put forward by Liz Truss made stock markets effected in a negative way. Liz Truss implemented massive tax cuts among other measures. While this hit Euro prize, Market to Businesses, and common people, every thing was impacted. The loss continued till she sacked her chancellor and appointed a new chancellor, Mr. Hunt, who swiped off all measures and helped things in a better way, yielding hope for the economies.

Now, Liz Truss under massive pressure to resign, now resign’s finally. The party has given one week time to select new Prime Minister. Now the real question is who are the people who are coming up to be party leader now. The last update I had was a woman standing up and saying she would run for ministerial post. Why other new faces didn’t stood up? Other names include Ex PM Borris Johnson and Ex. Chancellor Rishi. But there are so many ministries, why don’t they fight elections for the best job in UK, the topmost profile.

These applicants who wants to be Prime Minister are those elected from among the party. These are within the party contest to find who is the leader. Out of party elections are required when the party fails to deliver. This is what the opposition in UK is asking for.

The fittest two candidate are selected for online voting. Now the possible contenders are Ex PM Borris himself, Rishi, among others.

Now Borris has lost some trust, so he may not at be winning edge when online voting is performed. Rishi Sunak, was Borris minister. Borris made him chancellor. With Borris out of seat, Rishi Sunak, his close associate should be out too, given he resigned by giving papers to his Ex boss Rishi Sunak. Further Sunak, have run for elections with competing with Truss, where voting selected Truss and not Sunak. In a way he have lost in elections to Liz Truss, which means he can’t be better than Liz Truss. And Liz Truss, failed the voters.

Who shall win, look in other faces, who are focused on work. Not all leaders need to speak loud. See the new faces select good ones, those who excel at work. There are lot of potential candidates when you see closely. I think even the new chancellor Mr Hunt seem to have tremendous potential given he handled it all well, and holds second powerful position after PM. See profile of your ministers and know your ministers.

The big takeover is that UK allows free and fair way to select the leader of the party. And believes in performance & quality based post assignments.

(Fiction) Story: Peacocks and Under the water Underworlds far off in Universe

#fiction #imaginary #scific #AI-Image

Note: This is purely fictional & imaginary story, all characters are fictional, the images are fictional and all characters are imaginary. This story is part of fictional Earth far off in Universe and does not relate to anyone real or imaginary

In the Birds Kingdom

In my book, “The Towers of Love: Where Dreams are Free” there is a Kingdom of Birds.

In Kingdom of birds there is a planet for Peacocks, who head the low flying birds. And there is a Park of Peacocks.

In this fictional planet other friendly animals used to come as well. Fish were best with peacocks. Through this planet the peacocks used to rule. Peacock king loved the silver fish.

Peacocks used to talk to the fishes on this planet, hence kinds of fishes and fishes like animals could come in beautiful planet of Peacock.

By talking with fishes, peacocks could talk to under the water worlds as well. Variety of under the water world beings existed and Peacocks often talked with under the water speaking fishes.

But the place where they lived was Park of Peacocks, were where only peacocks lived. On the planet of peacocks they co-existed with other beings in minority.

Moral of the Story: To connect to under the water worlds, the Peacocks had talked to fishes, and know the under the water underworlds. In this way peacocks ruled birds for long. All this was told to them by the King Panitigo to keep harmony of lands with under words of lands and underworlds of waters.


Note- These images are generated by AI and specifically by DALL E2.

Note- I have not seen peacocks swim in water.

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes art (Reference DAAL-E)

Some art made with Artificial Intelligence ( DAAL-E2). Why I draw as I love art myself.

Note: These images are produced by DAAL-E2

Here it is – I asked DAAL-E to draw a horse in city, office and restaurant.

These are the art images AI made with DAAL-E

Working on Moon & Mars while sitting at home on Earth

Note: The article lays basic idea of technology and mode of employments. This in no way relates to investment options. We here are not providing investment advertising. These are purely mere ideas, these don’t represent any policy of implementing it by any government. Please don’t associate investment with these ideas here. We don’t represent any private or public entity.

AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (VR-AR) on Moon & Mars

Everyone is talking on of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. But how to earn a living in virtual worlds? The latest one I heard was virtual office meeting with virtual worlds avatars on meeting room in office. But all those can be taken care by Internet based calls. Still these can be a part of pseudo development for a real world and can be used.

Though people can gain money by even playing games, imagine earning while working on Mars & Moon by sitting at home on Earth! Soon this may be the future.

So tell your robot to hold on your toolbox lying in your room on Mars or Moon, and start to collect all rocks. In AR/VR it’s called avatar, while it would be a real robot you would guide. Let you hold on the robots, that would be your avatar on Mars & Moon using these virtual reality techniques. And get inside a shelter you made for your avatar, a robot.

Aim is to develop Mars/Moon till newer technologies are made for humans to go and live there. Till then ways needed to built infrastructure to keep the positive side up. To keep up with motive that life will exist on Mars/Moon. Given it takes time to develop and sustain life.

Hundreds of human avatars in form of robots can work on Moon, each operated by the human owner. And money can be paid to humans who would guide robots via AR/VR, as robots may not be aware of all actions that need to be performed. Robotics is still not fully Intelligent, still there are gaps, humans can work virtually on moon till then it can be done via robots. Hence, real time, assistance would be required by the robots, till they can subsequently learn all naive & complex tasks needed on Mars/Moon.

We don’t know if life can exist on Mars/Moon, country wise allotments can help these operations. Furthermore, the salary and robot charges can be given nation wise only. These are just suggestions. As we think one need to spend money on the developments in these fields.

Yes, though it can be interesting that trained engineers would guide robots on these Moon/Mars worlds with AR and VR, sitting in office or home.

One more reason, is lack of many essential metals and elements. Some people can join work from Earth, to help in mining at right places on out of Earth planet as well. Provided they have these things, else these can be a centre for intermediate halt to go beyond Mars to other planets.

All these things are huge budget goals. One can study these virtually before actually implementing it. There can be AR and VR based video games that can help in simulation of what this employment would look like.

(Fiction) The New Science- I, The Infinite Rainbows

Note: This is completely fictional story, the concepts are fictional as well. All characters in story are fictional and bears no resemblance to anyone in real or imaginary lives. There is no assistance of anyone who is living or passed away. All story concepts are imaginary

#sciencefiction #scific #fiction #imagionary

Cast: The fictional cast is in far off place in universe in far of vivid galaxy.

It was monsoon rains all over in all directions. From short sprinkles in mountains to high showers in sand on seas coasts. These flying clouds bring Rainbows everywhere as this lucky passage called Rainbow Beauty, is surrounded by sun’s from all direction right now. This happens as on path of revolution of the our fictional planet RainY Planet is also known as Rainbow Planet, it passes through tunnels which are surrounded by multiple sun’s and what we see is infinite rainbows. It is not attracted to any sun by gravitational pull, it’s at stable position, reason of the material of tunnel was not empty.

These multiple sun rays falls from many stars and falls from many directions on this planet in far off galaxy. The colors of sun’s in these paths are many. It’s impact is multi colored and multiple Rainbows in the planets paths. But only RainY planet receives so much rains in monsoon days, hence the evidence that the planet is in tunnel of Rainbow Beauty. Rainbow beauty is the passage of colored suns in which spiral galaxy moves in another dimension.

Aarasa and Neerasey were on this planet, yes they are the twins from the Novel, The Colored Princess. They were exercising their daily practice of tools, swords and bow arrow. This is because their mother Sinirica told them, the better the practice the better the preparedness if needed. What was the practice needed for? Little girls still young but doing a fortitude of work of adult warriors, yes both of them. 

One fine day, both girls woke up to sky filled with Rainbows from all direction. They never saw this ever before. As usually they called in their mother to know what’s going on. Neerasa asked Sinirica, “Mother what is this, so many rainbows” , she said, “Yes, was it raining in night daughters”, Aarasa added, “Yes mother”, then she replied in a calm tone, “Formation of 🌈 rainbows” your planet is passing through the tunnel of colored stars”. They both joyously replied to Sinirica, “It’s a miracle and magic. But why you sent us here, mother”.

“So that you understand science in these regions, it is needed as we have to change the science as more galaxies shall passing these tunnels. So do all the homework dear”.

“Ok mother”.

They girls called in their father as well. King Panitego was always obliged to receive their calls despite the workloads. They said to King Panitego, “Daddy send us some troops, we need to study the New Science”.

He laughed and replied, “Do you want to do more exploration of others planet’s?”

“No daddy”, Neerasey replied “we were sent in name of picnic to study the New Science by our clever mother. The new science of impacts on life’s of form by so many suns in tunnel. How we enter the tunnel, what happens to the galaxy and related concepts”.

King Panitego replied, “Good job, you shall be there for some time, take the help of Physics people we sending you, do it, it’s for New Science we are studying. Keep wearing sun glasses, the light after rain on that planet shall be high”

The girls escorted the physics people and these properties were studied as rainbows showed in day & nights,

In the end New Science Book 1 was written, published and their hard work was recognized.

Moral of Story: Hardwork don’t go waste, if propelled by good faith in oneself.

Note: This is completely fictional story, the concepts are fictional as well.

End of September 2022

This was a month of water & winds showing it’s powers in all directions. Water & winds everywhere as if they are angry. Even till the last days of September 2022.

Oh water

Be calm

We are your own

Let’s join hands & let’s not fight

For all is yours

For you are far more than us

Let us pray! That’s all that can be done in front of massive power of yours!

Here, are my updates, for September 2022, in case you missed out something interesting on my other webpage


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