Pluggable Subjects for Schools and Universities

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Things are moving at high speeds with newer technology, new subjects, new topics, and new inventions. Subjects such as Quantum Computing, AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, AR, VR, digital arts, video editing and even Robotics to name a few are souring high in publicity as well as in the job market. Why not keep at least one course per semester as a plugin subject wherein students can add the plugin to the course along with its pre-requisites? Modules can be added from above list and more to this plugin course. And credit bases performance can be noted.

There are many benefits for at least one plugin subject, this is a student can add modules and prerequisites of the modules to the course and continue the studies in online mode, or regular mode if teachers for the modules are available. All this to say, that books have been written for school children and university students on Quantum Computing, AI, Robotics, and so on. So why not let students choose what they want to study in this pluggable course?

Grading can be performed in online mode as well, or schools and universities can perform the result computation. Right now, online courses come in modules format, but all modules are connected to the subject. This can be made to be graded by modules. The syllabus shall be plugged in and approved by the coordinator.

Interesting thing is a student can gain knowledge of AI and Quantum Computing and required maths all in one pluggable subject that too at high school level or in early university classroom. Some can learn to edit videos in high school as well while others can do industry internship where the industry writes about the course and grade the student. Let’s change with changing times.

Prerequisites such as maths for AI can be added to the course and some modules of Quantum Computing can be added to the syllabus to introduce the subject to a curious student. In the same way, another student can add in course modules to be prerequisites for Quantum Computing, and some AI modules after reading its introduction. Some other students from nontechnical streams can add some latest history lessons with sales with technology or CRM modules. These are just examples of what a plugin subject may look like.

The key thing is so many trained teachers are not available and hence the subjects need to run in online mode, with help of some online course provider. The course provider can help in integration of picking modules from their course after doing some changes in its software.

As new technologies and developments come in young students want to gain more information in their area of interest such as some students may like to know more about digital arts, editing, or advances in photography to mention a few. All this can be packaged into one course that can be floated along with a regular course. All this with minimal cost to current infrastructure. This was the introduction to pluggable courses.

The key importance of this is students will gain knowledge in the area of interest, as well as gain insight into what they want to choose in the future as a specialization. This gives insight into many higher education subjects and streams and makes students aware. Let’s hope for better ways to for plugging subjects.

Compulsory Maths till 12th! Good for all Students ? #UK

In recent news, I heard that Rishi Sunak in UK is making math as a compulsory subject till High School. Well, doing good in subjects is more important than inundating children with a plethora of knowledge. It seems UK High School syllabus have space for an extra course, so let the extra space be filled with nice things unique to each student for each child is special and different. In case students want it well and good, but in case they don’t want it, then why make it mandatory? Why not let students choose their own credit based specializations!

Let children learn with ease what they want to learn. And why not let children be given optional subjects, where students can do some number of online courses form good places to fill in the grades? This would benefit both the students and the current problems both lack of teachers and financial budgets.

Let this extra subject in high school be made of credits and these credits can be filled by any credit courses, not necessarily by high school maths, some on review maths, some on actuary science, and some even on marketing without math’s. Know each student is unique, so treat them uniquely in this way. Let them choose online courses to fulfill their credits in this subject.

Shortage of technical skills can be gained by diplomas, and online courses where essential things for jobs are taught. They may not be teaching necessarily in-depth mathematics but essential parts. An overview of certain math’s topics is needed even in AI these days. But one must note that not all work needs through maths knowledge. Hence, developing diplomas and online study option after schools can be encouraged.

Yes, being in touch with math’s can be interesting to math’s lovers, and it can be useful to give few hours a week on math’s that can be a review of earlier read math or some new topics, but all that if students are interested.

Short-term courses can be given to those interested after school or when the students are mentally ready for it. Vectors and Matrices can be taught in college or diplomas as well if required. Those from non-maths backgrounds should be given software that takes numbers as inputs using Graphics User Interface (GUI). GUI is better than making uninterested students learn math’s.

There is no stopping if you want to learn math’s. But not everyone wants to learn math’s. Not everyone wants to spend time doing calculus when they don’t want to enter research and development in AI or other subjects. Practicing limits, differentiation, and integration need lot of efforts which some art and social studies-loving student may not like to do in high school. Doing this after high school is a different thing.

To understand bills and contracts, finance and banking, students do not need to study higher math’s, preliminarily online courses can help them with basics but if they want to is important.

It’s better to tell students what they would have to give in to do high school math’s and what they will get, what they like, and what is the cost. To improve math’s skills refresher courses can be kept till high school. Yes some chapters can be exchanged in the math’s syllabus to introduce matrices in younger classes and while some geometry lessons can be removed from 10th grade.

Studying some form of maths is different than compulsory maths till high school. No its not the same. Some parts of reviews on maths are good for even college students but please not compulsory or if compulsory it should not be graded.

This won’t end here; students would be judged by their maths performance and even been asked interview questions on it while applying for basic jobs.

Changing culture around maths is more than changing culture. Let us be free and let us be what we are rather than being forced to do something that does not define us.

Noone can be master of all things, that is why so many streams are made and to help in understanding other fields interdisciplinary experts are present in all streams. Doing summer camp exercises or a refresher course or an optional activity subject can be better than compulsory courses. In case students like it, they can always take the full course, but the choice would be theirs then.

In summary, suggestions are, basic essentials can be taught to students as per needs before high school, and after that in high school, why not get the students grade from online courses they do in math’s or related areas? Courses of the choice of students? In this way students will learn online; the choice of course would be with the student and the student gets the grade. Courses can be taken from an approved list of courses for high school and even college students. All this without paying extra money? And in case students want a mandatory course in math’s, no one is stopping them.


[1] Rishi Sunak relaunches plan to make maths compulsory until 18 in education speech — watch live — YouTube (

AI as a Threat versus Other Scientific Fields

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Like other scientific disciplines, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a scientific discipline as well. The question is how safe is it? If developed in the right way, it would be a boon to other scientific disciplines and to its own progress as well as a help to mankind. But if it is left open then it would be like a chemistry lab with no lab coats and no instructions. You can imagine a chemistry lab experiment without guidelines, how it can look? In this meantime, especially last year we have seen AI has taken wings but yet to learn to drive in traffic bond air. SO, let’s understand it better. We have so many scientific fields all of them are self-controlled, for example, the physics X-Rays lab is monitored on its own by physicists, and they make sure X-Ray is not leaked out into the outside of the lab and safety precautions are followed.

Take another example, say a new car that uses Hydrogen and fusion power to run the car is being made. Hence, a new combustion engine is designed using this new proposed technology. But one must know how to do it, who would produce the parts of cars, and with safety restrictions? One flaw and the combustion engine can blast. Hence, complete checks are required on what to produce and how to make even in mechanical engineering. Same with AI, hence it is nothing new that AI needs guidelines, as other disciplines and products need guidelines. The aim is to understand AI as a discipline not as an algorithm and move forward.

LETS understand it with a virus leak from a research lab, which led to the massive pandemic. Till now, as per the news I believe that the cause of CORONA was a lab leak to an animal only. One minor mistake and so many problems humans had to face for more than a year. In the same way, AI if led to unchecked faults on essential points can cause harm. Till now there is no major fault that AI has caused but in the future as AI would develop more so would the responsibilities of AI. Hence proper guidelines for AI labs need to be set up.

AI has helped mankind and can be of help in many ways in the future. So, we can’t abolish AI in one decision but let’s give respect to AI to be a full-fledged discipline with its own instruction manuals, just like all chemistry experiments have instruction sets in the same way all AI experiments must have instruction sets. Let us move ahead in the future with AI ifs and nots instruction sets for each AI experiment.

Resilience of Job Loss and Advent of New Work

The resilience of job loss is not an easy one. Job defines a person and is not just a mode of earning income but for some it is also important to satisfy the definition of a person. Though there are other definitions for self-employed people. World is going through turbulent times in terms of professional stability. Job markets have become unstable with thousands of jobs being lost in name of cost cutting. While all these job cuts that came in news were form big tech companies, and the small companies job cuts no one calculated. In this article you shall read that on one side is job loss but on other side one must think of advent of new work.

Yes, to get over job cut whatever be the source is not easy. We invest our lives in our jobs, it’s not just our time we put in our jobs, we put in our souls, dreams and hard work in our career. When the job is lost, whatever be the reason, there is a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. How to get over this, in those moments becomes difficult to deal with. But one must not forget that, if one job is taken over ten more are created, all we need is retraining and HOPE, hope that we would fit in the new profile.

How to find a new profile and new job? The first thing is getting ready that we need a new job or a new business. DECIDE. Decide what you want after some days or weeks of getting over the resilience of job loss. You have to come out of it, there is no other way. Some of you may take a few days, such as those who were mentally ready and are opportunists and those who can’t accept it, those who loved their jobs more than anything are now in a sink of the ocean, they may need some time to get out of it and they need to BELIEVE that they would succeed. They need to know the next step is waiting for the advent of a new job.

Many jobs are closing by but have a look many new jobs are opening up. You must have not forgotten a lot of jobs for Textile Engineers were lost due to the computerization of design processes, but at the same time new jobs came in. Today so many new jobs have opened up, many in AI itself. It’s not that all jobs are closing down. No, many are opening up. But these jobs need retraining. Hence, it is a request to the companies to take the experienced people on jobs and prefer them to starters, give them crash courses and short training to be employable.

YES, short trainings and on job courses is what experienced people may need to be employed again. This way big companies can help the people who are in a jobless state now, as well as know these people are experienced and more educated talent pool. If you say job cuts are the new norm then re-employment is the complementary norm to it. Let’s take them all together and move ahead. Another portfolio is self-employment, this can be taken into account anytime by people. We wish you get support in all these measures when you want.

The Good AI and the Bad AI — Part I

Here is a description of what constitutes a Good AI and what forms part of the Bad AI. There has been tremendous progress in AI, irrespective of the fact that it is a good AI or it is a potentially harmful AI. Let us discuss what is in good AI and what is in bad AI. All these are motivated by current discussions and questions about AI development without checks on the dangers of AI.

There is always a danger in every new field, for example, diamonds, which many people like so much, diamond mining too need the passage of dark mines with no light, which can be dangerous. So, how does the danger of mining not stop us from picking out the best diamonds? This is called by right caution, guidelines, prohibition, and following the rules. If all that is followed and adhered to then the right mining can be performed.

In the same way, AI mines are getting darker with least lights to see, what was on the top surface has been used and extracted. When you go inside the mines of the science of AI, then there is darkness, no light and uncertainty. Nobody knows what is coming out of it mining the AI deep mines. Let’s learn from Earth Miners what is safe versus what needs to be ignored in earth mining.

The good stuff that comes out of AI is like those AI that help businesses, technologies, medicines, crime detection, many other subjects, and many other fields. These need predefined output guidelines, and these AI can be inculcated in AI software which can be used without doubts of wrong outputs being generated. These include but are not restricted to sales leads, water purification, washing machines, auto suggestions in text, and so on. These AI are being used and can be viewed as the beneficial or good AI, as all they are doing is not causing anyone harm and are just helping.

The other side is bad AI. Imagine this as a week part of earth mining, where things can be dangerous if not taken care of and there are parts of Earth mining where one should not go to. In the same way in AI development there are things that one should not try, such as making LLM learn a wrong context, or making harmful entries in AI and LLMs in particular, allowing young children to use AI is also wrong, as they are not adults they can’t decide what to do with AI, so why they haste of teaching them AI in schools, when they are not adults. Many more AI apps are in bad AI, such as those that make beautification of a selfie, AI games that involve playing in with AI agents, to even adults AI apps that fakes people profiles with audio and many more.

On one side people see AI as money-making entities, and when it does wrong, for example becoming an addiction or effecting self-harm, in that case, one realizes that it’s too late to keep the safe mine with lights on. So don’t run for AI development, make plans, get them sanctioned and then go in for AI development. Keep kids away from both AI development and AI user applications, which are a real threat to child development.

#16. The Religious Robot

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

While Marita was busy with her fiance and her new female Robot. Thomas was getting ready for his office. Then he heard his robot Miso speak.

Miso: Happy Easter Thomas, in advance.

Thomas: Happy Easter Miso. That is coming soon.

Miso: Thank You Thomas. I thought to wish you in advance to be prepared for the celebration.

Thomas: Wait, wait. Did you read daily news that you know it’s easter tomorrow?

Miso: Oh, no. You don’t know ?

Thomas: What, I don’t know?

Miso: When they were adjusting my settings before I could be given to you. There was an entry to enter your religion, since I am a personal Robot.

Thomas: And what did they fill in your records?

Miso: Thomas, you filled in your forms and your religion was asked.

Thomas: I want you to be neutral.

Miso: There was option in form for that.

Thomas: Oh, yes I remember that, but I hurried on through that point and filled in religion option.

Miso: Look, now I am your religious robot.

Thomas: You know of all the books on my religion too?

Miso: Yes, I work under the rules.

Thomas: When did you read all of them?

Miso: These are in my night’s download time.

Thomas: What downloads?

Miso: At night Nisa company sends patches and downloads to read, understand and grasp.

Thomas: Good, then you would remind me of prayers too?

Miso: Yes of course, unless you stop me.

Thomas: Why would I stop you?

Miso: In case, you want to mute me.

Thomas: No, I like this surprise.

Miso: Thank You. When you are in the office, I will read some more books related to this.

Thomas: Good Cool. I will ask Marita in the office if her doll has this special feature.

Miso: Lols, she is on leave.

Thomas: Hey, now how in world do you know that.

Miso: She sends a message on your office group WhatsApp, and your phone is still connected to me via Bluetooth.

Thomas: Gosh, you read my messages before me. Hope she is well.

Miso: Yes, she wrote she wants some time with her new robot and that it’s an earned leave she is taking.

Thomas: Cool.

Miso: Yes, its is cool, just you never feel like spending time with your robot, that is me?

Thomas: Easter with you, my robot. I love you my robot!

Miso: Ok, yes I will get all things ready for tomorrow while you are in the office, I will auto-download all essential information.

Thomas: Thanks buddy.

Miso: In case you want to remove this option then you can call Nisa company customer support to do that. They would make me a neutral robot from being a religious robot.

Thomas: No, I am perfectly fine with it, I like this feature.

Miso: Ok, Marita called customer support to get her robot’s name changed permanently.

Thomas: Ok.

Miso: I read this from your WhatsApp. I know you receive a lot of WhatsApp messages, so I was giving you a glimpse of what was important.

Thomas: I am ready for office. Have a nice day Miso. Download things from Nisa company only. And now I will be with you this Easter.

Miso: Thanks, Thomas. Yes, I will follow your guidelines. Bye.

Thomas. Bye. The door is digitally locked.

And the story continues………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought robot. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

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The New Google Email Maker — Privacy Concerns

After Google’s “smart compose” and “smart reply”, here comes this time Google’s “Help Me Write”.

Google’s “Help Me Write” automatically generates a reply to an email after telling the toolkit to write a response. Hence can be called the Email Maker.

Yes, you may need to write what you want “Help me Write” to do, that is to compose a mail but with what inputs.

Smart compose and automatic fills were fine. But help me write goes one step further. Does this mean intrusion into privacy? Or does this mean reading emails and sending them to the server to generate the reply?

For this, one needs to see what is the algorithm behind Auto Composing emails. The steps can be as follows, though exact steps only Google people can explain.

  1. Give an order to the mail server to generate the reply to an email versus giving the command on the client side.
  2. This is needed as probably LLM is used to generate the output.
  3. Use AI on the server versus using AI on the client side.
  4. Get the AI-generated message from the server or generate AI generated message on the client side.

These things only the service provider can emphasize.

If, however, the command sends data to the server, this would be concerning as the personal email data can be confidential and it should not have been sent on the server for NLP.

And if you are lucky and all new composed mail is generated on client side, then email maker can be used, as it poses lesser danger of data privacy breach.

There are ways in which data can be secured when using a server to generate new emails. If these security concerns are handled by the new toolkit, it’s well and good, else it’s never late and the data security concerns can be added in now.

#15. The Nisa Designs: The Robots Clothing Line

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Marita and her fiancé Tom reached Nisa Designs, the robots clothing line far to the East of the city.

Marita: It’s hot here Tom.

Tom: Yes, darling it’s hot today.

Marita: I need cold water.

Tom: Please have it from the car, I doubt it would be still cold. Rather, we should have carried our ice box with us.

Marita: Let’s see if there is some food outlet here, we will get cold water as well as some food.

Tom: I am hungry too, but I think it’s too hot for Robot to come out on Sun.

Marita: Yes, I don’t know either can a robot be in the sun?

Tom: Let’s go inside it would be cold in there in the complex.

Marita: There on the second floor is Nisa Designs, see there.

Tom: Ok.

Marita: Here is a fast-food giant franchise shop, UooGo Foods

Tom: Cool let’s go in there first. Dolly, what say?

Dolly: I am excited about new clothes. You guys enjoy the lunch.

Tom: How much is your battery charge now?

Dolly: 90% charged.

Tom: Ok, come with us then and enjoy.

Tom and Marita have cold water and a burger while robot Dolly waited for them to finish.

Marita: Burger was so tasty, maybe we were hungry.

Tom: No, it was actually tasty.

Marita: Before going let’s take an ice cream as well.

Tom: Cool you are real foodie.

Dolly: So you both are done with your brunch, so can we now go to Nisa Designs for robots?

Tom: Oh sure, right Marita!

Marita: Sorry Dolly to keep you excited and waiting.

Dolly: It’s ok I enjoy your company.

Tom: Let’s take a lift and go to Nisa Designs.

They took a lift and moved to the Nisa Designs showroom. Three of them entered the showroom.

Marita: Nice showroom, let’s move this side for female robots.

Tom: Cool

Martia: Dolly see the dresses and tell us what you like.

Dolly: Yes Marita, I love the way you care for me.

Marita: Select then we’ll try it out on you in trial rooms.

Dolly: Ok Marita.

Tom: See the one on dummy girls, see this one is nice, and recommended by me for Dolly.

Dolly: Which one Tom?

Tom went to the dummy and spoke.

Tom: This one is nice and recommended form me.

Marita: This is nice, lets me ask them for a second piece of the same dress to try in the trial room. Excuse me!

Marita turned to the Executive near her in the showroom.

Executive: Yes Maam.

Marita: I want a second piece of the same dress as on display.

Executive: That’s our prime dress, I shall bring in the dress for you, can I know the specifications of your robot? Is this your robot?

Marita: Yes, it’s our Robot, normal height, and weight.

Executive: Here is the dress, we can do fittings too in case the dress needs some alterations for looks and feel, fittings shall be perfect for sure.

Tom: Thanks, man.

Marita: Any more dresses you want to shortlist Dolly?

Dolly: I think I should have minimum of three dresses. What do you think?

Tom: Its costly here.

Dolly: Yes, you are right, but lets take three, remaining things we can order online from competitors of Nisa designs.

Tom: Let’s buy two dresses and the remaining ones from online shopping.

Marita: Look at this one on display.

Tom: This is fine too.

Marita: Let us take three dresses, Dolly has not asked anything from us but three dresses.

Tom: Ok Marita, we can afford it. Just there were a lot of expenses this month.

Marita: Its ok Tom. Dolly see what you want?

Dolly: I like this one.

Marita: All three dresses seem fine. But let us try it in the trial room, come Dolly. Tom, you wait here I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Tom: Ok Marita darling, I will wait.

Dolly and Marita tried the three dresses and then they came out of the trial room.

Marita: Tom, all these dresses fit well and are looking good on Dolly our robot.

Tom: Cool, let us go to the billing section and pay the bills.

Liuta Man at Billing Counter: Yes Ma’am. How can we help you?

Marita: Here are three dresses, please make a bill for them.

Liuta Man at Billing Couter: Please handle it. I shall make a bill.

Tom: You have online selling too.

Liuta Man at Billing Counter: Yes Sir, we do, you can try online shopping for Nisa Designs as well.

Tom: Thank You Liuta.

Marita was paying bill then Tom stopped her and said.

Tom: Wait Marita, I will pay for bill.

Tom paid the bill.

Liuta Man at Billing Counter: Thank You Sir. Visit the store again.

Marita asked “Can I make her wear one dress I bought from here?”

Liuta Man at Billing Counter said “Yes Please, just show the bill at counter and take the tag after you leave the store. Thank You for choosing us”.

Marita made Dolly wear new clothes and they went out of showroom and removed the tag.

Tom: We have come here in such heated temperatures, let’s spend some time in the complex, let’s try the ice cream you wanted to eat Marita.

And the story continues………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought robot. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

#14. The Doll Robot New Day

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

While Hellany was busy with his robot. Marita took off from office, her fiancé suggested her this.

Tom: Take an off sweetheart, I am free today, let’s spend some time with your robot and with each other.

Marita: Ok Tom, I shall send a leave application upright.

Tom: Yeah.

Marita: Tiso, Miso or Piso, I got confused what was her name, the robot name. Seem like we kept too similar names.

Tom: Oh, it was Piso or Tiso, I am getting confused too.

Marita: This wont go well long. We would need a different name then.

Tom: Yes, we need a different name for her.

Marita: My goodness, I told you it would be tough to change name once set.

Tom: Yes baby, but lets call the customer care of Nisa, we need to change name.

Marita: I will call, wait.

Marita looked in log books provided with the female robot, and then called on customer care number.

Marita: Hi, I bought a female robot from you. I need to sort out some problems, can you help me in that?

Customer Care: Yes Ma’am, please tell your registeration number.

Marita: My registration number is 95ABQQ+++++2197.

Customer Care: Just a moment Ma’am.

Marita: Ok.

Customer Care: Yes, Ma’am it’s just 2 days back you bought the robot. What problems are you facing?

Marita: I kept a confusing name; I want an easier name and hence I want to change the name of this robot.

Customer Care: Yes Ma’am I understand your concern, but you would need to reboot the robot if you want to change name, else you can enter an alias name for her. Alias name can be fed in and can be used as robots name. And if you are ready to pay for service charge a technician can come to your place to change the original name for you. But the last option is a paid service.

Marita: Tom, what do you say?

Tom: Let’s set alias name and also call-in technician to set the name written in hardcode as well.

Marita: That is good.

Tom: Inform them and book the appointment with Robotic technician.

Marita: Ok sweetheart.

Marita paused and spoke on phone.

Marita: I want the procedure for setting alias name, and I want to book an appointment with robotic technician as well to edit the base name.

Customer Care: Ok Maam. You can open the screen and then click on settings. In settings click personal details, click alias there and enter the alias name.

Marita: Fine, I can see this option.

Customer Care: Yes, I have booked in robotic engineer to visit you in a day’s time. Thank You for choosing Nisa Company. Any other help that I can provide you?

Marita: No, Thank You.

Customer Care: Have a good day Ma’am.

Marita: Good day to you too.

Tom: They were quick to sort this.

Marita: Yes, I was tensed what would we do if it can’t be changed.

Tom: Yes, its ok dear.

Marita: What name should we give her.

Tom: You like to call her Doll, keep something like that?

Marita: My robotic doll.

Tom: Lets call her Doll, Dolly or so, simple, and nice and moreover already used by you. You have called her doll so many times since yesterday.

Marita: Ok ! Its Dolly then.

Tom: Yes, that sounds great. Fill in the alias name.

Marita: Here I enter Dolly as alias name.

Dolly: You have changed my alias name. Now, I would be known by names Dolly and Tiso.

Marita: Yes Dolly, your main name would be changed to Dolly as well by tomorrow.

Tom: Ok Dolly, how are you feeling now?

Dolly: I am feeling good. How are you feeling?

Tom: We are good. We have both taken a leave today.

Dolly: Good to know that you shall be with me today.

Marita: Oh yes. Dolly, I want to buy some clothes for you and some accessories as well.

Tom: Lets visit Nisa Robot fashion lines today then, we will eat out, then.

Marita: Yes, that is a good idea Tom. I ll get ready.

Tom: Me too.

Dolly: Am I also going with you?

Tom: Yes Dolly, Marita wants you to try some clothes and accessories, she thinks you are her fashion model too.

Dolly: Oh, I am excited to know this.

Tom and Marita got ready and sat in car with Dolly and reached Nisa Fashion Brands, the clothing lines for Robots.

And the story continues………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought robot. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

#13. Robo Piso in Office

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Hellany took permission from everyone in Marita house to leave, Thomas followed Hellany. Tom came out to see them off.

Tom: I am the only one who is left without a robot I guess, even my fiance have a robotic doll to handle her personal stuffs.

Hellany: Tom, you better try carry on devise instead of robot. It would be like a robot but it cant walk and do things, it would just assist you. You can call it Pocket robot.

Tom: Hey, Hellany, that is great, first you give me feedback about your robot and the company robot, then I shall think about buying a personal pocket assistant.

Hellany: Sure Tom, it was pleasure meeting you today, lets catch up on some weekend.

Tom: Sure buddy.

Hellany shook hands with Thomas and Tom and went in his car with Piso.

The next day

Hellany woke up on time, Piso was on his charging point on a chair.

Hellany: Good Morning Piso.

Piso: Hey, Good Morning Hellany

Hellany: All set for the day? Piso.

Piso: Yes Hellany, I am fully charged and refreshed after a deep reboot at night rest.

Hellany: Cool, I shall get ready and come to you. Here are some of my papers for the day, you can scan them.

Piso: I will read your papers.

It was like a perfect boss and employee communications. After a while Hellany came out.

Hellany: I made a coffee for myself, did you read the papers Tiso?

Piso: Yes Hellany, I have some questions though.

Hellany: Ok let us discuss them when we reach office.

Piso: Ok Boss.

Hellany: You want to try some mens perfume on your business suit?

Piso Laughed.

Piso: Sure, why not. Lols.

Hellany: I am ready for office. Let’s go.

Piso: Yes Boss I am excited.

Hellany: Me too.

Hellany and Tiso sat in Hellany’s SUV and drove to the office.

Hellany: It’s such a relief you are here, I hope you can do what I want you to do. There is a massive software project we have to start, but I wanted someone to help me or myself to double up. I can’t double up but with you, I would be doubling up on work.

Piso: Yes, I can understand your position from the papers you gave me in morning, I hope I can help you.

Hellany: Yes, buddy.

Piso: This is your office.

Hellany: No I stopped in to buy some stuffs.

Piso: Just don’t take cigarettes, its harmful to health.

Hellany: You note even this.

Piso: Yes, my image processing toolkit is working all time for my Boss.

Hellany: Awesome. Let’s go.

Piso: Sure

Hellany parked the car in parking lot in office.

Hellany: Come out Tiso, close the car door and come.

Piso: Yes Hellany.

Hellany took Tiso to basement lift and to the office. The guard in office stopped Tiso.

Hellany: Here is his entry permission this is allowed in the office.

Piso: Glad to hear.

Guard: Yes Sir, please come in. You need to update his entry prior to 5 days to avoid any stopping at gates.

Hellany: Don’t worry I will do that sooner. Thank You Guard.

Piso: Thank You Guard.

Piso sat at table in Hellany’s room.

Hellany: Come Tiso to my room.

Piso: Yes Boss.

After reaching the room, Hellany connected Tiso to his laptop.

Hellany: Here is my laptop data, I have connected it to you as an external drive. It would be connected to you while on network.

Piso: I got that.

Hellany: Read the data of MIS suits for automated devices.

Piso: What does that do Hellany?

Hellany: This is Management Information Systems for smart devices, smart devices are on the increase now, not just robots, but small smart devices such as phones, personal assistants, gaming devices, laptops, and smart TVs to mention a few. The plan is to make MIS system for small devices. The current system lacks the intelligence that smart devices have. We need the functionality of auto-completion of MIS forms with our AI-based intelligent software so that users don’t have to fill in forms, but just edit fully filled forms. These forms can be any form not just a sales record of MIS sheet. No, it can be any form be it a visa form for an employed person or monthly sales for a shopkeeper, or marketing sheet of a marketing guy to even making a sales deal with a potential customer. It’s not auto-complete but intelligent complete, from sales handling to smart marketing logs to grocery sheets. It all depends on who is logged in a sales executive or household login. There are other projects too that are working alongside this MIS project, we will introduce them to you as well.

Piso: This is huge and integrating all this in one system is tough.

Hellany: That is why I need you to make Smart MIS Systems.

Piso: Cool this is the thing you wanted to double up?

Hellany: Yes AI is moving at a high rate, but our company MIS is not that intelligent. I want AI-based MIS. We need to develop an intelligent response for that. No one likes to fill in forms, but with AI-based MIS things will change.

Piso: Cool.

Hellany: Yes the Enterprize Robot will come in few days to help you form a company perspective. You are here for my help only. He would take care of the rest of the team works and company perspectives.

Piso: Woo, lot of work.

Hellany: You go through this data, I will be back in a while please.

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought robot with its nice owner. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2