Let us light in the hidden candles as another new year comes

Let us light in the hidden candles of our hearts as another new year stands on the door of our lives. Let us thank God for all we have got and let us pray for all we want to get in the coming year. Let us know we stand here at the pinnacle of the completion of another year. This is yet one more accomplishment of your life another year just past may be with either loud accolades or silent accomplishments. Let the new year be much more better, let the new year celebrate you in your life more openly and let the coming new year be remembered for successes like never before.

Let this year be year of more hope.

Let Gods mercy fall on us in this year.

Let this year shine like diamond in our lives.

Let the love we cherished be everlasting from this new year.

Let the love you seek shall seek-th you from this day.

This day is day of hope for another new year.

Let those whom we want to attract in our lives come by in our lives, this year.

Let the materialistic things that thy wish may be there in your lives.

Let our heath be good, we be brave and healthy form this day of wishing towards in the new year.

Let this year be a year of successes of all kinds, personal, professional and others.

Let this year ripen fruits of our past works.

Let this year God hear us more closely.

Let this year more colors shine in our lives

The colors of abundant love shall be with thyself

Wishing You a Happy New Year

AI and Infants

Informed AI is an AI agent pre-loaded with knowledge, information, and decision-making algorithms.

Its not a question to be answered for comparison. But it was discussed on social media, so here are some views for, not so techy guys. My answer is a No.

Infants are too young to understand what is going on. They are more curious on what to do, what to ask for, when to ask for milk and how to gain attention of hands loving the toddlers.

Informed AI indeed, is not curious as infant, but yes, it responds well to answers just like an adult, is more knowledgeable, as it is being fed by with knowledge, information and decisions making toolkits.

Informed AI can help guide infants and learn from infants as a matter of communication.

Infants change their demands once learning of an element is over.

Informed AI remains same in the way question answering is performed.

Infants grow faster and their question-answering methodologies change once their target to be learned is reached.

Informed AI, gives a machine made response and can learn emotions from infants while at the same time helping infants learn faster.

Informed AI can learn from infants via Reinforcement learning.

Infants can learn with both supervised and unsupervised learning, and at times even reinforcement learning.

However, Informed AI, is embedded with so much of knowledge, learning and decision making software that Informed AI are much ahead average humans in terms of knowledge and in decision making it do rely on humans, yes for sure we can’t compare it with infants here. It knows better and for sure we can’t leave our infants with AI all time as its decision-making is still not 100% correct. It knows better as it carries knowledge books in a chip within it. Imagine you with google on your phone and you have to compare who is better you or Informed AI!

This is a storm not Mother Nature blasting our place

Firstly belated wishes of Merry Christmas, to everyone. This article follows from recent affairs.

This is a storm not Mother Nature blasting our place, as Hochul said. Stay protected, stay warm, we shall pray for you. Hochul it’s not a time to fight Mother Nature, please help the needy not play mind games at this crucial time.

The main point this blog writes is don’t make people’s brain think a positive spirit like Mother Nature is at war with good innocent humans. Please don’t make brains polished by wrong words. Hochul could have said it’s a war against evil beings who are disturbing mankind.

This is what Hochul, New York Governor, says about storm, that Mother Nature is at war with people of Earth. This is a war with Mother Nature? She is throwing all she can, well it can be something evil who is disturbing you and us. Why Mother Nature? See references (1).

Well firstly, my prayers goes to the people who suffered in heath, or losses in any way. Those who are in pains I wish your pains come to relief. It’s cold here but for sure nothing in comparison to what millions in north are going through.

There are two things:

  1. You believe in spirituality. You believe in Mother Nature.
  2. You believe in Science. You believe in logics.

If you believe in spirituality then you must know Mother Nature can’t attack innocent people. It must be that Nature herself is hurt and Mother Nature has been in pains and has been hurted again. The fact the Governor tells people, that too with smile, Mother Nature is at war with us, is highly painful to hear.

As, as per my spiritual views Mother Nature created all this with love. She doesn’t have agony to take revenge. It must be that Mother Nature is herself in pain, rather than blaming Mother Nature, understand Mother Nature. If you cannot understand then refer to Science, it would be better than saying meaningless phrases such as this is war against Mother Nature. The creator can’t be harsh on its creations.

If it’s not Mother Nature, then it can be some evil thing, Hochul, this is what a better word should has been. However, I am believer of good things in spirituality. Let’s hope for best and know, up there to there are pains which are reflected here on Earth.

And if you believe in scientific knowledge and logics, then this was a storm. A big storm, rest all was provided as per metrological data. Why this big storm, these can be obtained with scientific data. How it was formed, many storms are found all long in waters, and our heart goes out to all those huge losses whether in NY or in any coastal region such as FL.

The main point this blog writes is don’t make people’s brain think a positive spirit like Mother Nature is at war with good innocent humans. Please don’t make brains polished by wrong words. She could have said it’s a war by evil beings, this is a war against Evil Beings.



Respecting Someone’s Choices

Everyone is different in this world. A person is all but a sum total of his/her choices. As is said “The choices you make makes you”. You should take your choices and your choices should be respected. Even a small toddler makes his choice as early as even a one year old child. The child even tell you from which bottle he/she will drink the milk, in case feeding form a bottle. So why a one year old boy is being asked of his choice, why an adult is being forced to make decisions ?

This is important to understand a person is more than just a profession he/she follows. A person is what he/she writes, and thinks. Sometimes A profession is just a means to earn money, sometimes a person sees profession as a means to live too. This may happen that a profession is a celebrated as a mean to live and cheerish as well. That is sometimes a profession gives someone a reason to live, for he/she lives and enjoys each moment in this profession. While at times someone it is just in a profession since some decision was forced on his/her and that was not actually what he/she wanted to do in life.

Hence, it is important to respect someone’s choices. When you take everything as per your choice, why you are forcing your decisions on someone’s life. Why you want someone to use pursue your accordance?

Let’s live in a world where if your choices are understood, then others’ choices too should be respected. If a person wants to live a certain way, why do you want to interfere in this. Even teenagers have their say in so many things, so why not adults have their say and be understood ? The choice a child makes is a successful attempt in making him/her into an adult.

The adult reflects in all ways is a made from choice in each word he/she takes. Each hour a person spends on Earth, is an experience too. The experience of living a life, life as one chooses. No, not just an experience of work, or career. An experience of life, is each hour spend on Earth, the choices one makes, in what to do in this hour, what to promote in terms of personal choices and what to say, if he/she decides to speak in this hour, to mention a few. To conclude the article says, respect adults choices, and not impose your wishes on someone.

Why to scold a child?

Why to scold a child? A child is a so young a person in growing years. Before adulthood the child already have to face teenage years, which are themselves hard on children, as child have to fight all those changes happening in body with plethora of information that he/she needs to process. Hence, the mother needs to prepare the child to enter teenage years. But its is seen some parents still in this era scold their children from bad scolding to badly scolding. Yes, I have seen this, from far and from very close as well.

Scolding a young child can make the child introvert and such children may find it difficult to open up as well to those associated with people who scold him/her. Scoldings leave permanent marking on a persons self image, which cant be undone. The child might rather find emotional blanket form other source than form the parent who scolded her/him.

Scolding one child and loving his/her younger sibling can be even more painful for the child who suffered, for example, the elder girl child has been scolded all time, while the younger boy child given all freedom to do anything and still being loved can impact the elder child emotions.

Scolding can cause trauma as well. If even before teenage, in the yester teen years, the child is being hit by harsh words, who was scolded as a toddler and then as a child in teenage with multitude of changes, regular scolding makes a hard impact on development of the sufferer. That this is what some people do, scold. These permanent scars on a person, can impact the functioning of normal way towards these people who frequently scolded the child.

When adulthood comes, these people continue the pattern of talks, which are rough, this may impact in a bad ways. Even if in adulthood the child is not subject to tortures, still distance grows. And even if his/her sister/brother claims no abuse was done, this cant heal the hurts.

Hence, stop shouting on young children, stop forcing them to eat food they dont want to, stop scolding child for better homework. Buy the child a balloon if the child cries so much rather than scolding the child, don’t take child to a mall, if you cant buy her/him a thing rather you scold the child for asking to buy a glittery things.

Its time to say, stop shouting, stop scolding and stop pressurizing children.

Lets make Earth fertile

This short article is to present to you the implications of small efforts in a bigger picture of a fertile planet. Land fertility, why should it be a topic of concern? This is because there is famine and lack of food, and water in the world. Fertile lands can play a pivotal role in initializing the campaign called “Lets make soil fertile once again”

When soil becomes fertile, food can be grown on the soil and there is no more a case of hunger in that place then. Fertility is lost from the land by repetitive growth of same crop, non-nourishment, and lack of care of the soil. Though there is some percentage of crop successive growth, weather and rains, which may impact the yield. But one should note that certain crops are robust and some crops can be grown in better way so that rains dont harm them. Lets focus on fertility of soil to produce more of onions, potatoes, tomatoes, radish and many other crops.

This does not need much, just your daily cooking residues to be collected in a drum mixed in layers with some soil. This is called compost. That is all, once your drum is ready, donate it, to the needy place, where soil needs fertility. That is all it needs, maybe a drum of size of a big bin can do work. Your place may be fertile but there are places on earth where this compost as it is called is required. It does not require huge donations, just small efforts from everyone who cooks a meal. That is it. One kitchen residue in one month can make someones park green and rich and ready to grow grass for cattles and vegetables for consumptions.

Why not experimenting this compost to be ploughed with dry soil where there is just dryness. The compost is made up of vegetable remains, fruit remains, hence have a water content in it too. Hence, this is a nice experiment to plough the driest lands on Earth with compost to make top few feets of soil fertile rest of it can be treated later, right now we need top few feets of lands as fertile. Then there would be enough food and fruits for all on Earth. Just one need to be experimenting on dry and infertilie lands to be plouged with compost.

Lets each kitchen make compost every other month or so.

This weeks art…

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Can computers make high level decisions?

It’s said that computers can’t be held accountable so can’t make decisions. Well first of all it is well said, by the author of this quote. I read it on LinkedIn. The aim stated that computers produce decisions while humans make decisions. The decision of computers can vary from small washing machine timer and alarms to fridge to even online recommendation for new topics to be scrolled. While human decision also used to work in the above specifications. But now, it’s said that “can computer decisions be considered?” Its a “Fuzzy Yes”.

There are things humans can still do better which is decision making, which hence we can avoid computers, wherever possible. But note here computers is referred to as computing devise howsoever small or big. So, problems should be divided into three categories, (1) The problems that can be relied upon for decision-making by machines or computers, (2) The problems who’s decision-making is solely done by humans, and (3) The decision making is Fuzzy, in terms it partly relies on machines before humans declare the human decision.

Further, it was said that machines can’t be held accountable, hence should not make decisions. Now, again here there are three things, as described above, and it should always allow machines to work with human judgements as well. Machines can be held accountable, but one must look at the fact that the patterns of decision making by machines are written by humans only. Thus humans write the machine codes to make decision. Why humans writes codes in high level languages? Well this is for understandability, robustness and speed, to mention few reasons. The decision made by machine, were once written by engineers guided by the experts in fields.

Holding machine accountable is another things. In businesses man makes decision and is held accountable. Machines now a days mimic working of a brain. But we have never heard a brain being held accountable, rather a person being held accountable. Is it brain versus mind ? Machine is made of learnings, rules, algorithms and can be held accountable too, as its made by humans only. Thats is why some softwares are more popular than others, as humans rely on some software more than other, for the results it produce suits and verifies more to human judgements.

Still we think that machines cant make decisions, is right as some facts always changes. So, let us consider this as machine guiding humans, just because they are smart, fast and analyzes data well, to assist humans. So, lets take the machine’s feedback and then let humans decide. Even though humans can do decision making without machine feedback as well. But for sure boardroom decisions and higher decision should be made by humans, where in charts can be provided by machines to assist.

TikTok Replacement. What does its replacement look like?

It’s replacement is not ready but it’s equivalent can be given a welcome. With everyone eying some or other fault with TikTok, why can’t we have a replacement of TikTok, not the same, but some app that can take care of the issues behind the TikTok inappropriate effects on youth, children and adults equally. It’s not just effect on youth but also private and public data breaches that are claimed by some media. With some or many of these claims several places have banned the use of TikTok.

The primary issue of conflict were, addiction, data breaches, privacy issues, and other harms. All these are key points to be considered to be used or to be dropped out of cart. However, a replacement is a welcome step, which can fill in gaps of use of TikTok and at same time is an app in making. The making can for better. Another app in like in instagram which again is subject to question for many points TikTok is being asked. However, with TikTok being a Chinese company, more is asked about it rather than from instagram.

Instagram cant be replacement of TikTok for many issues covered in the concerns for TikTok are also concern for the other app. An app that serves to appease youth and adults alike and at same time does not cause harm of comparisons, self-image are key in concern for a replacements. Insta I dont think so, covers these points. And still insta is not banned form use in same places where TikTok is banned, because in addition to all those things comes state wies data breach, that is of even more concern.

So, no, app makers, you dont have to make an app from scratch, the app can be any video and photo editing app, to start with. And making it a sharing app, just focus is harm that were covered in FB and TikTok news are not part of your app making. I wish you all a happy app making. Its time to change the apps. Let only good prosper on social media too, lets end the hateful editings and harms. No this is not monitoring of app, this is about rethinking, what we are getting from the app, by investing in it. The investment can be in term of money or time, time is equally valuable a thing. Its replacement looks like to be without these issues, reduced issues and a happy sharing app, serving all for best. Its replacement looks like to be without these issues, reduced issues and a happy sharing app, serving all for best.

Imagine the app you sit with you child with to edit your pics comes up to become more of a popular app. And your pictures are debut pictures in the nascent stages of the new app. No tension of data breaches, neither of harmful effects of some old apps. Come on this is an era of technical people, why cant we make such replacements? I hope many eggs of these new apps would be bursting now to produce the replacements of TikTok we are talking about.

Which social media should people use now?

Twitter Post Deal or Twitter Sale, what should it be called?

Musk must be richest man on Earth, but that doesn’t make him the owner of Earth. Yes he owns Twitter for sure now. From building a bed room in office for employees, to extended work hours, to carrying  a washbasin on the day deal was set, all these seem like news making stunts. Or he is always in news by default.

So many layoffs by Twitter were shocking, and many more IT leads followed the same suit for layoffs. But asking to work extended hours was too much. There are labour hours on how much a person should work for an organisation, yes until these are voluntary works. 

Paid for services by Twitter proposed by Elon makes sure that only verified Twitter accounts are shown with a verified mark. What about those people who don’t want to pay for verification? Is verification so costly by a company owned by richest man on Earth. May be it would be costly as the employees are sacked, and the few line code for software to verify needs some level of coding. What else, verification would ask phone number, id and email address. This could have some page of code, if all if and buts are added. Anyways, this is no more same Twitter, this is Musk’s company.

It’s Time for new social media company, that can give end user some free space to use social media as social media. What are other options in Facebook data is not very safe at times as per prior news, Twitter seem to have any more new rule anytime, insta is not our kinds, it’s for too young or too happening people. WhatsApp is messaging tool, LinkedIn is fine but is only for professionals, what social media should common people use now? Any hints?

Hence now the focus should change from new rules from Twitter to new upcoming social media companies and be broad minded to try them as well, yes there would be loss of followers but you could advertise for sure on Twitter your new social media account and in this way many and most followers would come on new social media app as well. Happy searching new social media apps and share with me as well. 

Thank you. Have a nice festive time.