10 minutes – Potatoes-Split Chickpeas MashUp Salad (oil free)

Ingredients: 4 potatoes, half bowl split chickpeas, red chilli, black pepper, salt. 


No oil needed. Pulses are good for health, split chick peas not only add taste to this mashup potato salad, but also are high on proteins and very good for health. 

So this is a tasty nutritious thing.

Step 1. Take 4 potatoes. Wash them.

Step 2. Peel the potatoes.

Step 3. Take split chickpeas, half bowl, was them well to remove all dirt.

Step 4. Cut the potatoes in very small, parts.

Step 5. Put the split chick peas and potatoes in pan with 2 bowl of water. Make sure all is dipped well in water. Extra water can be dried by heating in the end.

Step 6. Let it heat for 8 minutes or till the crispness and softness needed in the salad are reached.

Step 7. Put cut red chilli, salt and black pepper as per taste. Add and taste, to see right values, in case you are new to cooking.

Step 8. Dry extra water, by heating. Dry it well. It’s spicy, hot and super tasty to eat. Here it is served hot.

Colored Papers of your Love – Let Each Day be the Day of Colors Dipped in Our Love, my love!

Here is audio file on YouTube

Podcast Link: https://audiomack.com/nidhikahobby/song/the-colored-papers-of-our-love

The colored papers of our love

Let it spiral round 

Twist and curve

Just like we love

The colored papers of our love

One day will hold in ink 

Our stories of separation

Our joys of meetings

And one day the colored papers of our love

Shall be send as the wedding cards

To the flying angels 

To all those who are in love

To all the beings ever in the reach of the

The colored papers of our love

Emotional maturity and mental maturity

Emotional maturity and mental maturity when in one packet it adds shine to diamonds. Some are good at emotional intelligence but can’t solve problems which requires higher brain intelligence. However, good news is emotional intelligence can be learned. Yeah everyone have different levels of functioning of brains, but emotional intelligence can be taught. It can be learned to some extent.

Why human choices are laughed at ! How to deal with it from early education levels at schools. These things should be taught in as early as school level to kids, to respect others faults.

I read a post on LinkedIn by a leader of Social Value, saying she was laughed at once. Well there are many ways to look at it. I was myself laughed at so many times, many times. She mentioned that, that Manager of hers is giving speech at break the bias, 2022. Asking have they learned something?

Some never show hurts, some heal their wounds.

My view on this thing are as follows:

May be they were thinking of something else and laughed at other thing and you took it on you, this happens at times, esp. when one feels self conscious.

Organisational measures that should be taken here for making everyone feel relaxed in organisations are as follows:

  1. Emotional maturity and mental maturity can be combined, given emotional maturity can be learned.
  2. Self esteem needs to be encouraged in organisations and breaks to be given, even to perfectly healthy people, as every human needs some relaxation.
  3. Monthly per-mensural syndrome on which even fellow women laughed on me many times, imagine women can’t understand another women’s pain. These need to be openly taken care of at workplace.
  4. Everyone is different. Some have similing face, some sensitive, some get cry in brink, some laugh even in their pains, some smile while bleeding too and say “I am ok, get the other one out of the mine”. Neurodiversity should recognise this fact too.
  5. Almost every one, have some problem. Everyone is recovering, and everyone have seen personal pains.
  6. Not many talk of personal hurdles at work, given we go there for motives, to accomplish.
  7. Yes, open breaks should be given without much reasons, given we all are human beings, not robots. This is why farewells are given in organisations.
  8. Many used to laugh on my power glasses, said, you can’t see board, I had -4 power. I didn’t like to wear specs, as didn’t had good glasses back then, as all I had was weird pair of glasses.
  9. Some called me nerd, studious & laughed on me.
  10. Many laughed on me for not knowing about relationships, some called me a kid, as I didn’t had boyfriend and asked questions about relationship which female friends around me avoided to answer.
  11. Everyone is on learning process.
  12. Newer things can be learned, just like new smart phones use, are being learned.
  13. No one can be born with MBA degree.
  14. People to be educated for access to medication.
  15. Self helps, healings, hypnosis, can be taught as alternative cures.
  16. Ask them did you laugh on me, or something else, to clear the air.
  17. These things should be taught in as early as school level to kids, to respect others faults.
  18. Emotional intelligence can be taught as much as a subject to girls and boys equally, with help of ICT.

Why to laugh on not able to use fork on left and knife on right, Some still can’t learn it, despite so many teachings on it. Unless it is part of the work, profession they do, then they must know it, else resign, choose more suitable job.

Why to laugh at things that hurt other, be it any, be it the color of shirt or pants one wear. Can’t a girl wear blue pants and a boy wear baby polka dots pink shirt? It hurts.

Why to laugh on an imperfectly worn scarf, She never had time to learn perfect scarf wearing tips. Why to laugh on her for it. It hurts. Unless it’s a formal professional meeting and she was well trained for the D-Day.

Why to laugh on someone in crush or love with a person who never reciprocated.

Why to laugh on imperfect tie or an imperfect cap. Unless one is trained to make it perfect as a part of their profession or life.

Some still can’t learn, if bowl is to be kept on left or right of plate, on dinning table. Do they need to be scolded? No, if it is not their profession. Yes, if it is their profession.

Why to make someone look down, if she have not found time, to repaint her nails, with new nail paint.

Why to laugh on baldness, rising on some people. It can make them feel bad too.

Why to laugh on someone’s torn shoes and worn out school bags. May be this is what they had.

Professionalism – A short note

Professionalism in work, means in work objectives, the way it is executed, implemented and presented to stakeholder (internal or external).

Categories of professions:

1. government sector,

2. private sector or

3. self owned.

You can be a programmer in govt or private sector. But expectations changes in both.

If you are in govt services/defence, then, it’s a way of living. Think before joining there. Each day in these services molds one in a form, by training’s and education or services they do. Profession is embedded in their souls in these services & are not easy. Personal rules are said or unsaid, but needed here.

Private Sector: Work professionally to attain professional goals of producing the best class product you can make. These are your aims, you choose where to join, to achieve professional aims. But here, once work time over, you are free to do what and how you like.

If work ethics not maintained the quality is effectived. If no quality what for one works?

Self Owned Profession: Milder on personal self. Here no one would stop you the way you greet another person, how you walk, talk, this can’t govern you what and how you have your lunch, these are personal choices. what you make, how small or how large, is your choice.

So go through and decide where you want to fit in. The same profession can be almost carried out in all the three broad categories.

Meditations and benefits – My personal catalogue

Note: I added that YouTube on Moses Code, in my last article to emphasise what Moses code is, and not really checked the sounds in it then. I didn’t referred the sounds, I meant the power of words “I am, That. I am.” My personal healing sounds and meditation I referred are from Dr Steve as given below, one such link.

Note choosing a right tone to hear effects the spiritual side of us, viz the spirit.

I started it in 2015, with books, then instrumental sounds, so on…

Here are my personal meditation catalogues. However, I don’t need any more meditations as my soul is healed well now. Connection to spiritual side needs healing of humanly existence, hence healing of body. Brain and mind are two different things, note one is part of body other I consider as part of my spiritual existence, your views may be different. Ask, a subject matter expert in spiritual studies to understand more. These are my own understanding, as a part of healing, and self awakening process.

The power of word “I am…That…I am”. That is it. These words are enough to bring in energy. I relied on the healings sounds, meditations,…by Dr. Steve G Jones. I highly recommend his preachings. However, follow his instructions.

Once affected, we as in human form need healing, so as to connect our human body and souls to our spirits to guide our minds well.

I took Dr Jones healing sounds that have the word I am that I am, in it. Word “that” here to be replaced by blessed, ….. These words refer to prayer to god. Think of water, dew, clouds with it. Believe you shall get what you want! I used many kind of healing sounds, birds, water, air


I am his, I am

I am worthy, I am

I am bright, I am

I am blessed, I am

I am loved by thou, I am

I added that YouTube on Moses Code, in my last article to emphasise what Moses code is, and not really checked the sounds in it then. However, that earlier soundtracks, was like not that pleasant to me as much as tracks by Dr Steve. I liked some instruments pure sounds sung to right tunes.

Even the German word Ich is known in studies as well…. More on it sooner…including the books I read very soon.

Have a blessed day, everyone.

Understand from the experienced, wait for your time to give fruits, let the plant mature to tree

The post explains why it is important to understand from the experienced. The following was a post very active on LinkedIn, I take it as an example to tell, that ask, those who have seen more in this area. Area excepts or subject matter experts as they are called.

The people who took her lover should know, there was some reason you took him, and she may be his partner in crime. Thinking out of box helps to understanding things at times. The first impression on mind of the person who said this – was a part of his experience in life, his sensitive emotions and his background, hence ask experienced seniors when in doubt. What the person wrote was his impression of his mind, his mind may be unaware of many more things, but he thought of it as she did for lover, you don’t know this, what her lover did the crime for… Seek the truth from experienced in such cases. Why experienced person, as they have seen more, solved more such cases, been in constant handling of such cases, hence can tell more that too with explanations. Simply as they know more than a young person just out of college, who have not seen, fought in life as much as experienced person has. Nothing to feel bad youngsters, you shall be learned too, with time, have patience, fruit of tree can’t be grown just in one day of seed sowing.

What is shown here, is not acceptable in any place. This is not the way to win anything. This is not a way, this seem like open terrorism, in name of youth. Young girls should be spared from mess then.

Right there in that star, oh my love

There you see that star

My heart is with you

Give back ❤️

It shines white

But when in love with her

He sparkles colours of vividity

There is his house

Right onto there

Right there in that star

When she goes to meet him

In his star, right there in his star

We are one but not two

There it rolls up and down

There that shines purple and red

There it shimmers

And here it shines

Up and down

As it rotates

It revolves

And here it spins

And, he is not letting her go back

Ever again

Never again

And they shine, hop and they flock

Love and shine

Brighter and a shade lower, a shade higher

Then back to fights, that she want to go back

What but the demon in her loves to fight

For he have stolen a red gem ❤️ from her

Which is her heart

And he refuses to give it back

What a thief you are, she says to him

What a women you are, he says to her

Stay, little longer,

Now, don’t talk to me

Give back my heart ❤️

Stay one more day, every day

Stay one more week, every week

Stay one more year, every year

Oh my love,

Your heart is mine,

And can’t be given back

Says he, my man

In that star

Right there in that star

Oh my

Healing Sounds and It’s Benifits

We as in humans need healing, so as to connect to our souls and spirits to guide our minds well. Birds heal all animals around in forests daily with beautiful voices. Plants by the variety of mistful airs. And humans is a species, much more complex than most other living being on Planet Earth. The spirts in us can heal the mind, body and even our souls. All that naturally, but for that connection to spiritual side of our existence needs to be made. The spiritual side of us is the connection to our spirits. Here comes the role of nice healing sounds, that can soothe the brain. Soothing the brain means healing the body, hence being able to think of higher powers and connection to our spiritual self, which is our spirits. I found this as the reason, to be healed.

Note: These are my views and my ways of healing my humanly existence. Your beliefs, ways and understanding p, may vary. These are my solid beliefs. To heal the spirit, mind, body and soul. With these, even my extreme back aces vanished, when I used to slop day and night working and coding.

I recommend Moses code with your mantras. It’s about the words, I am that I am, the powerful prayer to God. I am that I am, I am his, I am his blessed, I shall be healed…so on…These are natural healing methods, although you can ask top healers for their suggestions to follow. I also followed other free healing sessions. I took no medications for healings back then, when everything in life was breaking, everything. I started it in 2015. My spirits had will, with

I am. That I am! I used full stop and mild pause after I am, extend the word am, stretch the speaking of a and m, in head, That is:

I aaaaaammmmm. …That I am.

Say, I aaaammm! That I am.

Example is…

I am blessed, I am

When my human self was giving up. And then, I healed myself, with these self help techniques.

I took healing YouTube motivation. Birds and natural sounds. Moses codes I am that I am are embedded in all healing meditations of Dr Steve G Jones. He says I am powerful I am, in his meditation, hear that and repeat it. These can be supplemented with prayers and faith.

These are Moses code. These are oldest healing word. The German word ICH is also the same. The word I am. That I am, refer to prayer to god. Use, I am that I am, as a healing prayer. Think of water, dew, clouds with it. I am that I am, and believe you shall get what you want! I used many kind of healing sounds, this was the best hence suggesting, which served me most benefits.

My personal healing videos include those by Dr Steve G Jones.

There are a series of his work I was an audience of.


Here is how I use these powerful words:

Here, is healing sounds, in my voice.

Here is a healing lyrics I wrote:

With thy love, oh my Lord

With thy love, oh my Lord

With belief that he is there

And this is a journey

Yet to be understood

Still misunderstood

But thy belief,

Lord makes us strong

Makes me stand

Yet again

Once again

Take away the pains

With thy love, oh my Lord

Forever thankful for thy grace


Internet is filled with healing powers of God. Choose one that adjust well to your wavelength to heal.

Here is good example:

Butterflies, we are your butterflies

All the butterflies whisper to ask me

Is the love filled moments

That we spend in each other’s arms

All I seek is you hoy love

Can I get what I seek

There in the garden I met an ant

He asked me your name

And told me

He is lucky man

And bound to fly higher in skiesof hopes and Joyce’s

As he has your love, dear butterflies