Management with AI

When so much developments are made in AI based chatbots and AI based image processing, why not start training AI bots to accompany humans in their work in various kinds of profiles. These are not limited to being scrum masters in various processes, but being a manager in general, be it be a store orContinue reading “Management with AI”

Does Rishi Sunak just say no to Immigration-Yes or No?

Rishi Sunak new year message revolved around his five goal plans. One of which was his immigration policy. Currently, UK receives lot of immigration calls from various parts of the world near it. Immigration can be legal and illegal. The main source of illegal immigration to UK is from boats. People arrive in boats toContinue reading “Does Rishi Sunak just say no to Immigration-Yes or No?”

Google was left behind in AI by once Elon Musks OpenAI, was Google not vigilant of this competition?

OpenAI was once Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and other co-founders company. Google left behind in AI by a recent years startup company OpenAI. This is a small company in front of the name Google. So how can OpenAI take over Google premium AI works? Not one product it beat, Google has been left back inContinue reading “Google was left behind in AI by once Elon Musks OpenAI, was Google not vigilant of this competition?”

Can computers make high level decisions?

It’s said that computers can’t be held accountable so can’t make decisions. Well first of all it is well said, by the author of this quote. I read it on LinkedIn. The aim stated that computers produce decisions while humans make decisions. The decision of computers can vary from small washing machine timer and alarmsContinue reading “Can computers make high level decisions?”

Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Education is opening its avenues and wings of AI are flying high over the entire education sector from primary to high schools, graduate and more levels. Right now, even ICT based education is not fully used to grassroot levels, yet its significance can’t be ruled out. However, Internet and communication technologies are notContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence in Education”

(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why

Let us understand the situation of politics in UK. The elected candidate Liz Truss failed to deliver when given the charge. Given the political situation wherein the present and previous leaders had to leave for one cause or another. All these lead to a state of confusion among general public in the country and evenContinue reading “(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why”

Working on Moon & Mars while sitting at home on Earth

Note: The article lays basic idea of technology and mode of employments. This in no way relates to investment options. We here are not providing investment advertising. These are purely mere ideas, these don’t represent any policy of implementing it by any government. Please don’t associate investment with these ideas here. We don’t represent anyContinue reading “Working on Moon & Mars while sitting at home on Earth”

UK and Elections, Intuitive and Logical Points, why it’s important?

UK, here are some of my views, given I consider UK, as ultimate place to get citizenship for anyone. Here are my views on all possibilities in UK, these are intuitive possibilities and logic based laws, these are not based on any concrete law book, but are logical and intuitive. Now, what happens in UKContinue reading “UK and Elections, Intuitive and Logical Points, why it’s important?”

Gentle Thought of The Day

We are stronger than our fears. To this saying, listen, or hear in a way, everyday, may be someway to remind it. “Listen Loud, Speak Inside and Breathe in Energy” Energy is all over in Universe, believe and Universe may give more than what was needed. In summary, we are stronger than our fears. NoContinue reading “Gentle Thought of The Day”