Understanding Responsible Robotics-Why and How?

#futurist #future Responsible robotics assumes robotics that is helping humans in solving problems and assisting humans in needful work, and at the same time, Robotics should not do wrong things to harm mankind in any way. With this being the aim, responsible robotics can be built. Once the software is set and knows a machineContinue reading “Understanding Responsible Robotics-Why and How?”

The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier

Universal Artificial Intelligence Tasks                                                                                                                                         Abstract- In view of all the ever-increasing data clouds, keeping a count of training points is no more essential, what one needs is a way in which one Machine Learning (ML) model can talk to other ML models, to start with. Sequentially, one should aim to merge variousContinue reading “The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier”