From Deforestation to Forest Fires

Note: The article is also present in duplicate on authors account. …. Here is the Saga! … Deforestation to barren lands Barren lands to drylands Drylands to Forest Fires Forest Fires to destruction …. Cultivation to Greenery Greenery to forestation Forestation to fertile lands Fertile lands to prosperity Prosperity to food for everyone FoodContinue reading “From Deforestation to Forest Fires”

Hollywood Workers Strike and AI

Note: The article is on the author’s other social media accounts as well. Workers and actors in Hollywood are on strike for better working conditions, and guarantee of the right work and pay, among other reasons. AI has the potential to change the world, it is used everywhere now, last time it made this bigContinue reading “Hollywood Workers Strike and AI”

Compulsory Maths till 12th! Good for all Students ? #UK

In recent news, I heard that Rishi Sunak in UK is making math as a compulsory subject till High School. Well, doing good in subjects is more important than inundating children with a plethora of knowledge. It seems UK High School syllabus have space for an extra course, so let the extra space be filledContinue reading “Compulsory Maths till 12th! Good for all Students ? #UK”

Robotics shall create new job market and shall create opportunities and a new world

We are headed with developments of AI and Robotics but one must know, as the apprehension says, robots will take away jobs. No, not at all, see making of phones didn’t took away jobs in the literal sense. That means yes landlines were mostly obsolete and redundant with the coming of mobile phones, but theContinue reading “Robotics shall create new job market and shall create opportunities and a new world”

Story #9 Robo Miso in Office Meeting Room

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. Thomas called Robo Miso Thomas: I am calling you on the virtual phone, I can see your path from front and back, and hence I will guide youContinue reading “Story #9 Robo Miso in Office Meeting Room”

Queen Elizabeth The I- Questionnaire in Absentia

#real_story #facts #questionnaire_in_absentia Note: The facts are the union of several articles, documentaries, and movies written and scripted on her life. There may be human-generated errors, which are purely unintentional, and these are not to be considered historical facts. Though we have tried to keep these errors to a minimum. Most of these events areContinue reading “Queen Elizabeth The I- Questionnaire in Absentia”

The Sprit of Mother Nature

#sprituality #climate_change This is a short article of how materialistic worlds and spiritual worlds walk together at times of calamities people call Spirit of Mother Nature as well as for science of climate change. Given the climate extremes and weather impacts on lives. Deny it or not so many people speaking of Mother Nature isContinue reading “The Sprit of Mother Nature”

AI as a threat- This is misinformation

It was a strange video (given in reference) I watched yesterday, where in Elon Musk was shown to be saying-something like “AI is a threat to humanity”. Well firstly if it was Elon himself, then Tesla uses so much of AI in its devises, vehicles and even now Elon plans to have a chip inContinue reading “AI as a threat- This is misinformation”

AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.

AI based animal and pets care can be done in No this does not mean animals will speak or write or use laptop. Just they would be able to tell their happiness, problems to the bots who may guide them well. Maybe humans shall help them in this learning journey. And when the person comesContinue reading “AI based Pets and Animal Care in Your Absence. “Duck Duck Go” Pets.”