Mood versus Environment Change, Non-Medical article

Note: This is a non technical article, not from a medical professional, this article is based on decades of my own self, observation of humans, projected through reading people in these journeys of life’s. Mood Change versus Environment Change What is mood change and what is environment change and its effect on a person, animalContinue reading “Mood versus Environment Change, Non-Medical article”

Veggie-Kidney Beans Cutlets for Burgers

And Its Tasty Step 1. Take a bowl of kidney beans, wash and dip in water in a vessel for 6-7 hours. Step 2. After 6-7 hours throw the water, clean it again. And then put these soaked kidney beans in pressure cooker, with equal amount of water. lesser can burn and spoil the beans.Continue reading “Veggie-Kidney Beans Cutlets for Burgers”

Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry

Here is a sumptuous chicken curry to be taken with any bread at dinner. All you need is: (1) chicken (2) Fresh Milk Cream (3) Black Pepper (4) Salt and (5) 2 onions That is it! Step 1. Wash chicken and heat it in a pan. Step 2. In this time chop onions- I tookContinue reading “Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry”

Online Health of Mankind-Online Health Trial – To a machine-read by a machine-not to a human!

In this article I want to present to you my ideas on a new software I am planning to develop viz. Online health of Mankind–based on volunteers who would like to volunteer for this task to predict future problems, even the extents of next spikes in a harmless disease to life threating problems. We, onContinue reading “Online Health of Mankind-Online Health Trial – To a machine-read by a machine-not to a human!”

Artificial Human Simulation of Medical Products

Lot of vaccines have come up in market and medical stores. Many claims efficacy of in seventy percent to some in ninety percent. Some have side effects reported and some have doubts of blood clotting’s. Question is a a random sampling enough for a rapidly injected in society cure for virus ? It is goodContinue reading “Artificial Human Simulation of Medical Products”