Joys of a Father and Mother – Part 4

Till you become adult All they thought Was you All they did was diverted by your choice Your directions Even the destinations Not just Weekends Not just work-offs You, The adult ……………. They, The father and mother Still they smile Back and forth They wish the best They is restlessly work And pray day andContinue reading “Joys of a Father and Mother – Part 4”

Why education is important apart from profession

The aim of this article is never to underestimate three years spend in college life versus the money that could have been earned in these young years in business or work. We all wish to spend our weekends doing all non things we love. So if someone has collected enough money just by business withoutContinue reading “Why education is important apart from profession”

Artificial Backwaters As A Source of Constant Water Supplies and Other Beneficial Uses

Water supplies in locations near water bodies is a comparatively easier thing than supplying at remote locations. I want to emphasis here the use of BACKWATERS for supply of waters in nearby towns and even distant cities. So what are backwaters—- In layman language this is water collected at back of a sea or anyContinue reading “Artificial Backwaters As A Source of Constant Water Supplies and Other Beneficial Uses”