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My own Sketches paintings, photography, blogs by me are here

My paints are only in my published books, on this web page of my official website and some on my author page. These paints are copyrighted works by me, and shall be parts of my published 7 books only. The rights of these paints are with the publishing house of my 7 books on These books are given in on this website of mine.

These paints are mine, they are not for sale at any place now, they were on as NFT for a while, but not to earn bitcoins but only to make sure the uniqueness is copyrighted. I have now deleted all my paints from NFT.

Link, proofs of deletion of my paints from NFT, OpenSea.

  1. The Tree Woman, Arts and Paints
  2. Christmas Theme
  3. When sparks in us love
  4. Here is – King Panitego from Colored Worlds
  5. My Collection – The Colored Worlds-Part 1
  6. Colored Universe-2, Second Painting Collections
  7. Paintings of Life
  8. Some Color Time and Paints
  9. Sketch I: Face Two Women One Body
  10. Sketch II: Theme, Novel– Colored Princess -Fairy Tales
  11. Sketch III: Theme-Two Women One Body
  12. Fictional Sketch – Beauty And Beast
  13. Fairy Tales, colored clouds, colored rain, colored water, colored plant
  14. She had colored eyes
  15. The shaded blue princess
  16. She had colored lips
  17. Colored leaf, colorful flowers, colored trees, fairy tales can be better?
  18. The colored princess short FAIRY TALE book is on Kindle Now.
  19. Crow King from Fairy Tales Book: The Colored Princess in Galaxy of Colored Rainbow
  20. Love Story, here is Myra and Sahhtam in love. (painting)
  21. Painting : Myra from Novel Grand Park!
  22. This is HER
  23. Painting: Love of him and her
  24. The Colored Worlds-Paintings
  25. Greeny Yellowey Worlds – Sketches
  26. Flying Mermaid Queen and Flying Mermaid King #sketches
  27. Sketches from Novel- Grand Park
  28. Women’s Fashion should only grow not diminish- Short Story-Miss Waisty
  29. The Flower Street – Sketches-Fashion Designing
  30. Some Modern Art Over Weekend: Paints, Painting
  31. The Heart Flowers – Some Paints
  32. Some Sketches of Her By Painting Colors and Brushes
  33. Meditation is as old as History ? Is it ? Some Paint of She doing Meditations and Tap
  34. Colored_World_Paintings_On_OpenSea,io

Digital Paints with stories

The floating garden in Universe

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