The Flower Street – Sketches-Fashion Designing

This is purely fictional tale to explain a new series of fashion trends starting with flowers, even flower based clothes and bikinis. No person or place here bears resemblance to anyone living or passed away.

In Kutch of Flower lands was “The Flower Street”, yes not the “Fashion Street” but the flower street. Fresh flower dresses were sold. Women, girls, boys and men often came there to get some fresh flower treats.

The street was full of latest fashion with daily new flowers on top as a beautifying agent.  On the cotton lining cloth were decorated the flowers, some with the threads some with sewing’s.  

The exotic department of the flower streets had flower on laces, satins and silks.

Cinderika used to go there to select her fresh bikini when she used to go out with her boyfriend for evening time. Here is one such click of her- in bikini made from threads, flowers and cotton lining.

Often Cinderika used to get fresh flowers and make her own dresses. She was a fashion designer of the flower market.

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