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Accomplishing a goal – Personified Recipe

Success & Life Satisfaction, Personified Recipe

Rivers, Lakes & Ponds – The Water Bodies on verge of existence & pollution. The Reverse Gear.

Limits and laws on flying objects and flying vehicles

Abortion Rights, an International Issues now, Read here

Emotional maturity and mental maturity

  1. Think and Grow Wise versus Thinking of being Rich
  2. Law of Averages For Children Childhood Activities, Why Race In Childhood!


Teddy Cats, Teddy Dogs or Teddy Bears

Real Pets as emotional pets only if allowed by domestication of pets rules, with regular guidelines as per demographic rules

Sound a weapon granted by Angels to fight with the fittest

Let’s Hope Ukraine War Ends fast, And recovers its losses

Meditations – my personal catalogue

Do We Need A Child’s Resume In Job Market?

Learn from experienced

Healing sounds and benefits

Who Determines the Work and Life Speed at Which People on Planet Earth Are Running Day and Night? Can I Have A Break? Can I Own My Speed?

Story Telling based Learning for Kids, Up to which age groups ? Think !

Individual Responsibility In Healing of Climate Crisis

Pink Resume: Shaamena is a Women who wants her resume to be pink and different from a man’s resume

Where are humans heading to ?

Children have right to ask and demand elders. But they need to understand how real world works and what ending Climate Change really means!

Why Some Research With Minimal Research Contents Accepted And Those with Sufficient Novelty Declined. Is there contacts, friendships needed to publish research articles?

Why a phone hacker would do these things to me? It made delete WhatsApp from phone now…

Guide Your Children If They Are Misguided By Peer Groups #parenting

Life is beautiful in West ? Is that the reason why everyone is rushing to west ? Is West the heaven of Earth ?

Invest in cultural developments ? Dear Successful People – Should we invest to Keep Traditions Alive ? Are these a inheritance we have from our forefathers ?

Why not invest some money earned for development of native tribes? Who shall fill in this gap ?

5000 Year Old Flying Machine Found in Afghanistan- Why No More Analysis ! AI Digital Twin Simulation and Robotics can Help!

AI based Robots Teaching in School, Colleges and Universities

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