China’s Cloned Cows

China claims to have successfully cloned a new cow. This cow produced almost double the milk. Oh! But is all this erasing the naturally occurring species of cows?

Would Nature make cows be lost in time ?

Already China had cloned Three cows with these high milk producing capabilities.

But, wait, were we not wanting nice cows and nice milk, rather than only a race for just milk? Why a race for cow milk ? Why not race for nice cows with nice milk?

They are your cattles, and you love your cattles.

Isn’t goal of a dairy farmer is like to have happy cow, good milk ? Why not cow be allowed to have green food and see these Happy cows giving nice milk.

Yes, dairy workers need cows that give good milk to make a profit. Why not be natural — why not natural cows, if Nature had wanted such high produce, mutations might have been performed in the process of natural selection as a genetic function.

After all they are animal, living beings, not just only milk producing engines!

Rest depends on those who buy, keep and reproduce cow. Good milk yields are essential too, as is the demand, but we’ll keep more cows then!

Be kind to cow, they are living beings too. Why competing them for extra milk, more than what is natural? We don’t have kids based on extra skills on sports? Do we?

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