UFO communication: Truth or Fiction. UFO Part II

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UFO were discussed in previous article.  UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. This article just lays some scientific and general questions about UFO. 

Now, UFO has been seen and detected in images. Let us focus on its communication technology. If Aliens are driving UFO, then UFO needs some form of communications, otherwise it is something which is remotely controlled like a ballon, just seen over world.

Yes, these are UFO and those what you saw in daylight were balloons. Balloons can be pricked but can UFO be pricked too? Yes, they vanish so fast, are they Ballons from some other worlds?

Why do UFO get vanished in time till we see them for long? Why are their presence short lived? 

Do UFO have features like balloons? Then it won’t need fuel. But they are of shape of a spaceship. Can we have balloons of that shape.

If they are ballon’s then, who prick the ballons and where are the debris after pricking?

If none of the above are true, then let us come back to communications. How do UFO communicate.

Who is the alien driver ?

Where do debris of UFO go after they are spotted. Given anything that has mass and matter will have debris too.

This is a scientific world, there can’t be magic here in skies. All is logic and science.

Are these man made scary things? Or are these really Alians living on Earth.

Why they live on Earth, as there was no recorded entrance in Earth space at that time stamp when UFO were reported. Otherwise NASA would had told Alian spaceship entered Earth. Nothing like that happened but they are seen in flying zones in countries.

So communication is important, in the way they need to communicate to base stations when UFO was seen by humans.

The time UFO was seen by humans, then its time for them to vanish behind scenes? Is this the case? This won’t had been possible without communication systems with UFO and Alian base.

If communication was made, was it radio frequency or are these Aliens using our satellites to communicate? If not what is source of communication between UFO and Alians.

These signals should be caught. As at the end of the day humans are not in UFO, they are Alians. Why? As humans have mass and matter and cant vanish like this when caught with airforce on all side.

We just hope these are not balloons form some sources.

Lets dive more in it in coming articles.

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