World Issues-My Point Of Views

Here are some of my views on World Politics

Germany Election and The Climate Change Rally—It it just a co-incidence or vested co-occurrence ?

Journalism should be un-biased- We need facts not the personal conclusion from News Reporters. Did Afghan Crisis saw media clap with one hand ?

The Rise Of Taliban: Its a Part of World History Now. If media not analyzing, Historians Should

The whole world knew New York would get Severe Flash Flooding, Why no Guidelines ?

How media can change the way people think of leaders ? – Part 1

Taliban and China relationships while NATO were ignored

Why not invest some money earned for development of native tribes? Who shall fill in this gap ?

Migrants- Native Country or New Country ? Where do they belong? Why they running ? #refugee

Individual Responsibility In Healing of Climate Crisis

Tata-Airbus set to sign 22,000-crores deal to make military plane

A fictional scenario and a worst nightmare~~ Can a AI robotic news anchor be directed by a rival country which wants to can change the way a group of people think ?

The Most Recent History Mentions: Myanmar versus Afghanistan

Taliban Should have waited till all foreign troops, citizens and allies were out. Taliban should be responsible for the Chaos

Afghanistan Crisis – My Views, Why To Rule Another Person Country– Rule Your Own

Women taking arms against Taliban, why men in Afghanistan not helping women and normal people in their fights ? Esp. those men who were trained by The Americas ?

A complete crash of a political system build over 20 years: Afghanistan

Russia and Belarus – Movements of Revolts—Still in The same People in Power since so many years?

Check Your Recommender Systems- Algorithms–What needs check is Hacking– #FacebookNews

Need for Rise of Ethical Contents. The Reasons. Today’s Facebook News is just an example. Role of AI ?

The Fuzzy partial LIKE Button – Is Needed ? Or We Should Only Like -Fully ? On Social Media ~ Why not partial likes ?

How to tackle — AI is Learning Wrong Languages, Wrong Contents and Impacting Children and Adults

Analyzing plants for benefits, medical values, industrial use and even for harmful effects

We need White Box AI no more Black Box AI

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