World Issues-My Point Of Views

Some Key Topics This Side

Terrorism detection using Artificial Intelligence #hamas_violence #israel.

Israel-Gaza War. An eye for any eye…

Pluggable subjects for school and colleges

Compulsory Maths till 12th grade. Viable?

Solutions to owning arts

Understanding responsible robotics

Scotland’s Referendum; Don’t be brainwashed

How much is enough: Compete in Tech and Science as well, North Korea

Climate change ore historical times to modern times

Is Rishi Sunak, among the topmost richest people in UK ? So why is he contesting Elections? Let’s Understand

UK yet another PM. Who and How!

Tax Cuts: The Ecosystem of Economics of Tax cuts. Case study of UK

UFO, truth or fiction, Part-I

Controversy of Finland Prime Minister Resignation

Something Fishy! Fresh water fish survival.

Rivers, ponds and lakes, the water bodies, on verge of existence and pollution

Limits and Laws for flying objects and flying vehicles

Abortion Rights, an International Issues now, Read here

Women’s Rights & In The New Taliban Region, Ruled by Taliban Now

Ukraine is an integral part of Russia

Right People In Courts, De Darren Hayes, asked, Some Implementations Suggestions, Some Reasons…

End weapons of Mass Destruction Accumulation

War to end war between humans

Let’s Hope Ukraine War Ends fast, And recovers its losses

Learn from experienced people youngsters. You shall be learned too one day. Fruit never grows right after seed germinates.

Military Miscalculation? Or Planned Trick To Dodge ? Recent Drone Attack At Kabul International Airport

Why North Korea Testing Missiles Every other time ?


Whistleblower: Fake Accounts can change a Recommender System Outputs


Whistleblower. Why not parenting be improved and teenagers be taught by mothers how to deal with the things ?


Sun retains its state, to current, Why Not? With right food in form of hydrogen gas it needs to provided by Man extracted with AI Robots from parts of Universe to it


Presidential Candidates of France- Why others are not as much highlighted in media as Anne Hidalgo? Or is it just that I miss it everyday when others are shown on TV? May be

Inflation Economics is comparable to Age – Increases with time. The solution is Dearness Allowance proportional to time zone we live in

Omicron, Delta, Symptoms same — Time to know more of Biology till Statistics of Omicron are available



Shirt buttons and holding praise emotions in professional work.

Cuomo wants to make a political party, and No One Is Prosecuting him in NY. Not even the new govt there, which was appointed by Cuomo only ??

Accomplishing a goal – Personified Recipe

Personal gain or professional commitments – Trump versus Nancy Pelosi!

Here are some of my views on World Issues and World

Do Nikki Haley resemble Kate in The Diplomat in Netflix Series?

AI can create jobs

Terrorism detection using AI

AI can never replace humans

Do other celestial bodies ever had life? Or can it ever have life?

Nobody knew climate change would hit that fast. But what now? Support Systems?

Let’s try it doesn’t happen again. Forest Fires.

From deforestation to Forest Fires

Fireproof houses amidst climate change threats

China puts on restrictions on children internet timings

Names based on Sound Energies

UFO Communications. Truth or Fiction.

ChapGPT tells about Universe

Doctor with Robot by his side. The future!

Management with AI

Did Rishi Sunak say no to immigration

Was Google left behind in AI ?

This is storm not Mother Nature blasting a place

Let’s make Earth Fertile

Can computers make high level decisions?

Paintings by AI: Unethical or Ethical?

TikTok replacement. What a replacement looks like?

Which social media should people use now?

Biodiversity- What next?

Working four hours a week, more comprehensive report required

AI as a threat, this is misinformation

China Protests: Temporary and Permanent Marks

Whales Doctors Stuff

Conference on Climate COP27, 2022

Right to live on own choice versus Right to wear: Iran Protests

Is Rishi Sunak, among the topmost richest people in UK ? So why is he contesting Elections? Let’s Understand

Germany Election and The Climate Change Rally—It it just a co-incidence or vested co-occurrence ?

Hollywood Worker Strike and AI

Journalism should be un-biased- We need facts not the personal conclusion from News Reporters. Did Afghan Crisis saw media clap with one hand ?

The Rise Of Taliban: Its a Part of World History Now. If media not analyzing, Historians Should

The whole world knew New York would get Severe Flash Flooding, Why no Guidelines ?

How media can change the way people think of leaders ? – Part 1

Taliban and China relationships while NATO were ignored

Why not invest some money earned for development of native tribes? Who shall fill in this gap ?

Migrants- Native Country or New Country ? Where do they belong? Why they running ? #refugee

Individual Responsibility In Healing of Climate Crisis

Tata-Airbus set to sign 22,000-crores deal to make military plane

A fictional scenario and a worst nightmare~~ Can a AI robotic news anchor be directed by a rival country which wants to can change the way a group of people think ?

The Most Recent History Mentions: Myanmar versus Afghanistan

Taliban Should have waited till all foreign troops, citizens and allies were out. Taliban should be responsible for the Chaos

Afghanistan Crisis – My Views, Why To Rule Another Person Country– Rule Your Own

Women taking arms against Taliban, why men in Afghanistan not helping women and normal people in their fights ? Esp. those men who were trained by The Americas ?

A complete crash of a political system build over 20 years: Afghanistan

Russia and Belarus – Movements of Revolts—Still in The same People in Power since so many years?

Check Your Recommender Systems- Algorithms–What needs check is Hacking– #FacebookNews

Need for Rise of Ethical Contents. The Reasons. Today’s Facebook News is just an example. Role of AI ?

The Fuzzy partial LIKE Button – Is Needed ? Or We Should Only Like -Fully ? On Social Media ~ Why not partial likes ?

How to tackle — AI is Learning Wrong Languages, Wrong Contents and Impacting Children and Adults

Analyzing plants for benefits, medical values, industrial use and even for harmful effects

We need White Box AI no more Black Box AI

Startup Products Economics

UK Chancellor Rishi needs following improvements for His Covid Budget- PM Johnson needs a better minister

Climate Children Activist call Climate Summit Failure– Wait teenager –It has not yet been over—AND far from being Implemented-DONOT INSTILL FEAR IN THOSE WHO ARE INNOCENT

Obama says- Young People be Angry? What you did  8 years as President ? You like them marching on Roads??

Green Clean Biological Energy or Monsters in Making !

Is it ethical for robot to look like human and mix in crowds ? Question!

Brain Drain – Impacts, Reasons and Possible Solutions

Artificial Intelligence – Genetic Structure of Virus, Location, Other Parameters and Predict the Spike Graph of Spread of Virus and Its Severity

Christmas Wishes in England Made an Issue – Why they hate an intelligent person, PM Borris Johnson, who is fighting with boldness in one of the worst hit place on Earth!

A New Virus Variant ! Omicron – Prevention, Cure, and Treatments

The Water Planes! The Water Traffic Control ! Needed / Required ?

Real Data Server Hacking-Solutions — How to secure data servers from being hacked — One perspective!

A recent news- AI will hack human brains ! Well Humans are much more than brains, humans have mind and spirits as well. While AI is computational model which mimics brain. What will hack human brains is the devises to measure MRI signals of brain not AI.

2021 – UFO’s – Some Views and Suggestions.

Are basic Electric Car- NOT Enough or Enough? #Climate change

Virus Severity Detection with AI right after virus structure is known

Solar Batteries or Solar Liquid Energy — Solar Cars, Solar Electricity- The Future ?

Extracting Salt free water from Sea easier or using Green Rubber Pipes to Take Water from Sea to Mainland’s

Climate Change and Temporary Measures for Preservations

Wildfires, cloud bursts: What else can be done to protect environment? #Save Green Environment

Natural Cheap Sources of Energy & Sewage Disposal are related!

Artificial Backwaters As A Source of Constant Water Supplies and Other Beneficial Uses

Climate Change and Flooding

Floods and Droughts – Can we dig solutions ?

Can every house in outskirt of city have its own Bio-Gas unit installed for house electricity requirements?

Life is beautiful in West ? Is that the reason why everyone is rushing to west ? Is West the heaven of Earth ?

To The Youth —- Don’t be swayed. Climate Change and Heavy Rainfalls Comparisons For You To Find Answers On Your Own

Don’t Hate Carbon– We have carbon in us – Carbon is everywhere- Recycle it back to Rubber, Sugar, Carbohydrates, Butter, Cotton.. Solution is plants !

Analyzing plants for benefits, medical values, industrial use and even for harmful effects

How to deal with climate change with small intelligent budget ? Answer: Change the demand for Climate Sensitive Products. And invest in R&D.

Solar Batteries or Solar Liquid Energy — Solar Cars, Solar Electricity- The Future ?

Should Private Sector Salaries be openly discussed On Job Advertisements ?

Solar Energy made from Units with Plant cells! Can Plant Cells Learn ?

Glaciers Melting, Why and What to do!