Floods and Droughts – Can we dig solutions ?

Climate change is all around us. So many places are in floods around here, water overflowing in rivers, ponds are lost, roads no where to be seen. Some of these are places where there was no or meager water and some are heated zones. Why this is happening is we all know “climate change” is here. Till climate change is being tackled. Temporary measures need to be put in to get relief from flooding’s. How can it be done?

It may take several years or decades for Earth to get to back to its regular climatic conditions, but till then, to live with these often extremes in weather, one should be ready. Clouds are bursting with heaviness and in some places sun is scorching high.

To deal with floods and at same time to heal droughts, one thing is needed. Digging solutions! Canals need to be digged to take away any excess waters from key and crucial areas back to be drained in ocean channels.

These canals can be used in times of droughts to supply water, treated from sea, with salts removed or even untreated waters for reasons. And the same canals can help in maintaining the balance in environmental conditions, through “water-heat-evaporation-air” balance.

So, the question is – who shall install a canal ! That is what it can be called – installation ! The answer is towns and private bodies can pump in these collaborative measures ! And when one measures serves many benefits why not think over it. Mull, discuss and plan well !

Next question- Who shall pump water from seas ? Well if designed well- one does not need much energy! Gravity, physics and some solar energies….and energy at end users ! But is the cost to environment more that cost of the supply ! To be well debated!

Next, when a drought arrives these canals can be supplied with direct sea water. The sea water may be untreated as it can be send to canal, just for purpose of supplied. Local bodies may collect the water from supplies, by installing a salt separator at their ends. SO no one is paying for water treatments there. Its filters at end users, if a canal system is in action. But if one use pipes, then solution is different!

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