China Protests: Temporary or Permanent Marks

The recent protests in China, are quite a surprising thing, it’s been three years now, since the outbreak of Corona pandemic, some of the traces started in Wuhan, China. The stringent and strict conditions in which the people of parts of China were in year 2020, was tough. But there were no protests back then.

While there has been decline in severity of corona symptoms, and most importantly the decline in threat to life, most nations have kept gates open. All this as most people are fully vaccinated now? This is a question that a medical doctor can answer. But as new mutants have made news in these days; China still maintains strict conditions.

What variant of coronavirus is prevalent in China? That such high lockdown conditions are made in. People are supposed to know it, this is how science of communicable disease progress.

Can it led to global threat? The way China is maintaining the severity it seem to be highly contagious. China should provide transparency.

No one can forget virus in Wuhan, when China build major hospitals in days, closed Wuhan and controlled the virus to Wuhan and few places, while the virus spread around the world. After that not much was heard from China on this topic, to the best of my knowledge.

So China must report to world what virus variant it is, where it was found first, what is rate of spreading, and what is recovery process of this variant of virus. This is for good to all. Rest we know with some of the current variants, people are recovering fast. These questions are asked, as China has very strict rules, so there must be some reasons, that it is risking it all to stop the spread.

So should common people be more vigilant ?

If not, if people in other countries are not supposed to be worrying about the variant in China, why is China maintaining such strict conditions?

And if symptoms are low, why lockdowns in China, China must see it impacts its own economy as well.

I don’t think any leader of nation would like it’s economic conditions to worsen. So, if curfews were a choice by the Chinese government, they must rethink.

The blank papers with people on protests say a lot. Now, winters are coming, common cold, and cough, also exaggerate during this time, regarding corona, only medical doctors can tell. And some news do show RSV , flu can impact. But we hope for best, and mostly people are all recovering.

Our talk was on lockdowns in China, viable or not!

People of China are speaking for the first time, I think at least in three years with this virus on Earth.

Let’s hope for the best for best of all, because impact on China’s economy shall impact every country, as China manufactures many many products which are send worldwide. And the spread of virus which is contagious need to be studied by all medical professionals,as we need to prevent any further epidemic.

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