Controversy about Finland Prime Minister Resignation

The controversy around Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin partying and controversy of Prime Minister Borris Johnson, cutting a cake, can be compared to understand. Both these are different, but the belief and seriousness one needs in a political environment were displayed by PM Borris or by Sanna better ? We all are in problems, problemsContinue reading “Controversy about Finland Prime Minister Resignation”

UK and Elections, Intuitive and Logical Points, why it’s important?

UK, here are some of my views, given I consider UK, as ultimate place to get citizenship for anyone. Here are my views on all possibilities in UK, these are intuitive possibilities and logic based laws, these are not based on any concrete law book, but are logical and intuitive. Now, what happens in UKContinue reading “UK and Elections, Intuitive and Logical Points, why it’s important?”