Rethinking ChatBots Testing and Evaluations

Be it be any chatBot now, all chatbots need testing for its fundamental use that is conversational answering with certain level of details. The testing of a chatBot should be not just on NLP Tasks, such as question answering, information retireval, summarization and so on. But also on random test cases for working of chatBotsContinue reading “Rethinking ChatBots Testing and Evaluations”

A colleague is calling for her Robot- 4

#fiction #scific #sciencefic Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. Teddy woke up earlier today. He was excited to meet Robot Miso so much. He called in loud voice, to be heard in outer room. Teddy: Miso, Good Morning.Continue reading “A colleague is calling for her Robot- 4”

Management with AI

When so much developments are made in AI based chatbots and AI based image processing, why not start training AI bots to accompany humans in their work in various kinds of profiles. These are not limited to being scrum masters in various processes, but being a manager in general, be it be a store orContinue reading “Management with AI”

Doctor with a Robot by his side! The Future.

Note: At present the software and algorithms cannot help doctors much unless confirmed by doctors themself, such as in some surgeries where doctors nod that they can help. Otherwise will just confuse the doctors and patients. This is a future mission and the way mankind should work on. Please do not rely on AI asContinue reading “Doctor with a Robot by his side! The Future.”

UFO communication: Truth or Fiction. UFO Part II

#scific #fiction #truth-or-fasle UFO were discussed in previous article.  UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. This article just lays some scientific and general questions about UFO.  Now, UFO has been seen and detected in images. Let us focus on its communication technology. If Aliens are driving UFO, then UFO needs some form of communications, otherwiseContinue reading “UFO communication: Truth or Fiction. UFO Part II”

China’s Cloned Cows

China claims to have successfully cloned a new cow. This cow produced almost double the milk. Oh! But is all this erasing the naturally occurring species of cows? Would Nature make cows be lost in time ? Already China had cloned Three cows with these high milk producing capabilities. But, wait, were we not wantingContinue reading “China’s Cloned Cows”

Queen Elizabeth The I- Questionnaire in Absentia

#real_story #facts #questionnaire_in_absentia Note: The facts are the union of several articles, documentaries, and movies written and scripted on her life. There may be human-generated errors, which are purely unintentional, and these are not to be considered historical facts. Though we have tried to keep these errors to a minimum. Most of these events areContinue reading “Queen Elizabeth The I- Questionnaire in Absentia”

Does Rishi Sunak just say no to Immigration-Yes or No?

Rishi Sunak new year message revolved around his five goal plans. One of which was his immigration policy. Currently, UK receives lot of immigration calls from various parts of the world near it. Immigration can be legal and illegal. The main source of illegal immigration to UK is from boats. People arrive in boats toContinue reading “Does Rishi Sunak just say no to Immigration-Yes or No?”

This is a storm not Mother Nature blasting our place

Firstly belated wishes of Merry Christmas, to everyone. This article follows from recent affairs. This is a storm not Mother Nature blasting our place, as Hochul said. Stay protected, stay warm, we shall pray for you. Hochul it’s not a time to fight Mother Nature, please help the needy not play mind games at thisContinue reading “This is a storm not Mother Nature blasting our place”

Can computers make high level decisions?

It’s said that computers can’t be held accountable so can’t make decisions. Well first of all it is well said, by the author of this quote. I read it on LinkedIn. The aim stated that computers produce decisions while humans make decisions. The decision of computers can vary from small washing machine timer and alarmsContinue reading “Can computers make high level decisions?”