Migrants- Native Country or New Country ? Where do they belong? Why they running ? #refugee

The concern of migrant is world wide now. Its not a East versus West issue anymore. All places all over world are have borders inundated by migrants who wish to seek refuge in the new countries. The problem is deep and is not shallow. Where do the migrants who want refugee status want to belongContinue reading “Migrants- Native Country or New Country ? Where do they belong? Why they running ? #refugee”

Veggie-Kidney Beans Cutlets for Burgers

And Its Tasty Step 1. Take a bowl of kidney beans, wash and dip in water in a vessel for 6-7 hours. Step 2. After 6-7 hours throw the water, clean it again. And then put these soaked kidney beans in pressure cooker, with equal amount of water. lesser can burn and spoil the beans.Continue reading “Veggie-Kidney Beans Cutlets for Burgers”

Fresh Onion-Coriander-Garlic Bread Delicious and Fragrant-Homemade

Take it with any curry, pickle, butter or sauce. Step 1. Take 2 cup Refined Flour, 1 spoon yeast, 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoon of black pepper and knead the dough well. Keep it aside covered in a cloth. Step 2. Till this time, cut finely one onion, a handful of fresh coriander leaves,Continue reading “Fresh Onion-Coriander-Garlic Bread Delicious and Fragrant-Homemade”

Creamy Green Spicy Vegetable Mix (Super Nutritious)

The creamy green vegetable mix can be taken with any kind of bread, burgers or any staple food, be it rice. All you need is some green stuff. Recipe for one. Increase in proportions. Some beans, 8-10 ladyfingers, 1 capsicum. Some fresh ginger and fresh garlic, 2 spoon oil, fresh milk cream, black pepper, salt,Continue reading “Creamy Green Spicy Vegetable Mix (Super Nutritious)”

Simple and Quick, Basa Tomato Fish Curry- 10 minutes in 4 Simple Steps.

Step 1. Wash fish well and marinate for 10 minutes in lemon and salt, minor salt Basa fish absorbs salt very fast. The process involves in the cut fish pieces squeze 2 lemons and add salt. Mix well, let it be like this for 10 minutes. Step 2. Put some extra essential oil in fryingContinue reading “Simple and Quick, Basa Tomato Fish Curry- 10 minutes in 4 Simple Steps.”

Way to Eat Cauliflower as Quick Fried Snacks

. . . . Step 1. Put gram flour in a bowl — 3 serving spoons, put water in it to make it flexible enough to mix and wrap cauliflower in it. Step 2. Cut cauliflower in this viscous gram flour. Put half spoon salt and red chili. Step 3. Heat oil in pan. StepContinue reading “Way to Eat Cauliflower as Quick Fried Snacks”

Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes

All you need–Salt, turmeric, oil and fish—-THAT IS IT! Step 1. Take ONE fish – Basa- Its very soft-Wash it and cut it in pieces of size and design you want on serving plate. I made rectangles- You can try any design–Be creative! Step 2. Put 2 spoon of turmeric and 3/4th spoon of salt.Continue reading “Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes”

Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry

Here is a sumptuous chicken curry to be taken with any bread at dinner. All you need is: (1) chicken (2) Fresh Milk Cream (3) Black Pepper (4) Salt and (5) 2 onions That is it! Step 1. Wash chicken and heat it in a pan. Step 2. In this time chop onions- I tookContinue reading “Milk Cream -Pepper Chicken Curry”

Refreshing Sweet-Sour Green Mango and Black-Eyed Bean Salad

Black-Eyed Bean cooks fast as compared to other beans! You can use yellow mango too— ! I made my green mango ripe for it to give both sweet and sour taste. Have a great feast! Step 1. Take one bowl of black-eyed beans, clean them and with 1.5 bowl water heat it in a pressureContinue reading “Refreshing Sweet-Sour Green Mango and Black-Eyed Bean Salad”

Spicy Vegetable Rice in 10 minutes

Step 1. Wash rice, and vegetables you want to use. I used green peas, carrot, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Chop the vegetables. Step 2. Put equal amount of rice -I used 1 bowl of large size, and exactly the same amount of water, kept aside to be used later. Step 3. Put 1 spoonContinue reading “Spicy Vegetable Rice in 10 minutes”