Onion-Asafoetida-Ginger Chicken Snacks

Roasted Chicken is lot popular than what I am writing here today. Its onion chicken snacks! Another way to have chicken as a starter–Tasty and handy to make and eat—As Snacks! First the recipe, then other things! Heat water and put the frozen chicken in water. (6 leg piece recipe here). Put 3 table spoonContinue reading “Onion-Asafoetida-Ginger Chicken Snacks”

Tomato Sole Fish Curry

Here is my recipe for delicious, mouth watering way to make Sole fish curry. Fish curry can be made in many ways, here the base I have chosen is primarily tomato! Clean Sole Fish with water several times Cut it in small pieces with knife to remove a smell associate with Sole fish for betterContinue reading “Tomato Sole Fish Curry”

A delicious way to eat Gourd with bread!

Recipe To Serve Two! STEP 1. Heat 4 tablespoon of mustard oil in a frying pan When heat vapours come in pan put cumin in it (1/4th tablespoon) Add chopped 2 onions in frying pan, fry it till it changes its color to light golden Then add 1 chopped tomato in frying pan Mix itContinue reading “A delicious way to eat Gourd with bread!”

~Cabbage-Carrot Fried Mix for a Low Calorie High Nutrition and Delicious Lunch for Diet Freaks~

Many times we want to eat nutritious vegetables but it becomes quite mundane to eat same things daily especially uncooked vegetables. So here is a way to eat delicious food – full of vegetables and just little oil + no other carbohydrates ! Just Vegetables, Spices and Taste! It can be taken as it isContinue reading “~Cabbage-Carrot Fried Mix for a Low Calorie High Nutrition and Delicious Lunch for Diet Freaks~”

Nutritious and delicious Cauliflower Fried Mix!

Recipe Simple steps to eat this delicious vegetable fried mix. Ingredients: Two onion, two tomatoes, one cauliflower, two capsicum, spices. Heat oil as per taste in fry pan Put a pinch of cumin in hot oil Chop two onions and put it in this fry pan without burning cumin to black Fry till onions goldenContinue reading “Nutritious and delicious Cauliflower Fried Mix!”