Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes

All you need–Salt, turmeric, oil and fish—-THAT IS IT! Step 1. Take ONE fish – Basa- Its very soft-Wash it and cut it in pieces of size and design you want on serving plate. I made rectangles- You can try any design–Be creative! Step 2. Put 2 spoon of turmeric and 3/4th spoon of salt.Continue reading “Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes”

Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies

We have the best architects, the best design and the magnificent outputs of the tremendously tedious work architects do. The beautiful, building, the best interior and exterior designs. Here in this article I lay emphasis on “Aqua Architecture” or “Water Architecture”. Several large scale aquariums have been build in various parts of world that displaysContinue reading “Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies”

Tomato Sole Fish Curry

Here is my recipe for delicious, mouth watering way to make Sole fish curry. Fish curry can be made in many ways, here the base I have chosen is primarily tomato! Clean Sole Fish with water several times Cut it in small pieces with knife to remove a smell associate with Sole fish for betterContinue reading “Tomato Sole Fish Curry”