In 5 minutes – Steaming Hot Mashed Spicy Fruit Mix

Raw fruits or mildly heated fruits as I explained here taste wonderful with a mixture of black pepper and salt. These are my tastes however and you can try- use black pepper and salt with cut fruits or grated fruits as I explained it here in this blog. And mild lemon adds to taste. AndContinue reading “In 5 minutes – Steaming Hot Mashed Spicy Fruit Mix”

Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot

Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot, Don’t you have 5 minutes only for this ? Here is my recipe for stemming hot Broccoli Toast all in 5 minutes – all in 5 minutes only. And Broccoli never tasted better ! And good news is you need no sauce with it-No Sauce needed withContinue reading “Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot”

Radish Steaming hot Toast Meal in 5 minutes

Here is a delicious quick meal – radish hot a toast all in just 5 minutes. Even those who don’t cook would love to cook after reading this! No! 5 minutes for deliciousness and nutrition ?  Here Here are the steps 1.       Take a fresh radish and peel it off, this isContinue reading “Radish Steaming hot Toast Meal in 5 minutes”

Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes

All you need–Salt, turmeric, oil and fish—-THAT IS IT! Step 1. Take ONE fish – Basa- Its very soft-Wash it and cut it in pieces of size and design you want on serving plate. I made rectangles- You can try any design–Be creative! Step 2. Put 2 spoon of turmeric and 3/4th spoon of salt.Continue reading “Turmeric Basa Fish Fry-In 10 minutes”

Refreshing Sweet-Sour Green Mango and Black-Eyed Bean Salad

Black-Eyed Bean cooks fast as compared to other beans! You can use yellow mango too— ! I made my green mango ripe for it to give both sweet and sour taste. Have a great feast! Step 1. Take one bowl of black-eyed beans, clean them and with 1.5 bowl water heat it in a pressureContinue reading “Refreshing Sweet-Sour Green Mango and Black-Eyed Bean Salad”

Healthy Delicious — Brown Lentil Snacks

recipe 1.Take 1.5 bowl of brown lentils and wash it in water. Keep it soaked in water for around 15 minutes. 2.Chop onion into small fragments. 3. Heat 2 spoon of oil in a frying pan/ 4. Put chopped onions in pan once oil is heated. 5. Let onions change it color and then putContinue reading “Healthy Delicious — Brown Lentil Snacks”