In 5 minutes – Steaming Hot Mashed Spicy Fruit Mix

Raw fruits or mildly heated fruits as I explained here taste wonderful with a mixture of black pepper and salt. These are my tastes however and you can try- use black pepper and salt with cut fruits or grated fruits as I explained it here in this blog. And mild lemon adds to taste. And heating it as I have explained it here adds to taste even more. Steaming hot spicy fruit salad. In case you want to eat it cold, then don’t heat it rest steps are same as below.

Ingredients: Raw Fruits, Black Pepper, Salt, Lemon

What were my Ingredients: 1 Big Guava, 1 Normal Apple, 1 Kinoo Orange, 1 Lemon, 1 spoon of Black Pepper, and half spoon of salt.

Step 1. Take the fruits you have. I had 1 Guava, 1 Apple and one Kinoo Orange. You can choose your pick.

Step 2. Use a grater, and grate the bigger fruits which can be taken raw. I grated 1 Guava and 1 Apple.

Step 3. Cut the oranges with a scissor after removing seeds from it.

Step 4. Now heat the pan and put these mashed up fruits on pan. See if there are some fruits in your ingredients which can’t be heated, I know of none as jam is made of almost many fruits.

Step 5. Heat in the pan on slow flame and keep mixing it. It would become mildly ripe and saucy.

Step 6. Add Black Pepper and salt in this. Raw fruits or mildly heated fruits as I explained here taste wonderful with a mixture of black pepper and salt. These are my tastes however.

Step 7. Now within 1-1.5 minute of total heat this is ready close the gas.

Step 7. Add half lemon in this now. And mix well.

Step 8. Dish is ready and steaming hot to be served.

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