Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot

Broccoli Toast in 5 minutes – Steaming Hot, Don’t you have 5 minutes only for this ?

Here is my recipe for stemming hot Broccoli Toast all in 5 minutes – all in 5 minutes only. And Broccoli never tasted better ! And good news is you need no sauce with it-No Sauce needed with it! AND it is so steaming hot!

Ingredients: 1 Broccoli, Salt, Red Chilli, Pepper,  2 spoon of oil, 3 bread slices, and optionally few coriander leaves!

It requires grating, if you don’t have a grater with you, use a butter  knife, broccoli is soft and will break into small part with butter knife as well.

Here are the steps in detail, these are detailed, but it wont take that much time.

And I got the grap of Broccoli after long long wait when winters came, else would have shared you the recipe much earlier! Do make it ! Worth your 5 minutes!

Step 1. Take one broccoli and wash it. [Optionally, take half handful of coriander leaves and wash it as well]

Step 2.  Grate the broccoli, in the image below I have shown how the broccoli flower looks after it is grated and the side of the plate are some raw coriander leaves, these are optional, but for sure adds taste and very good for health.

Step 3. Add one-eighth tea spoon of salt, one-third spoon of black pepper and red chilli [ I added 1 raw red chilli cut with scissors, as this is raw red chilli, better than processed red chilli powder, but you can use any chilli available to you] On the side of plate are fresh coriander leaves.

Step 4. Mix all these spices well in broccoli, with hand [In case you adding fresh coriander leaves, do cut them with scissors before adding] taste it now, taste it raw, you like more salt or more chilli then add, as per personalised tastes every individual have. In case you want more taste of balck pepper add that. I provided you with the taste that I wanted today. Some of may like high on chilli things too, personalise as per your tastes.

Step 5. Take a slice of bread and cover it with the broccoli mixture as above.

Step 6. Cover this with another slice of bread on top of it.

Step 7. Fill in the remaining broccoli on top of second slice of bread now, you can use hands, for  sure for this, as spoon may not fill in corners well.

Step 8. Cover the second layer with the third slice of bread.

Step 9. Heat some vegetable oil on the flat frying pan.

Step 10. Keep the heat of pan on low flame and take the stuffed bread with two hands on the pan, and place it very gently.

Step 11.  Keep flame of heat very slow, in 10 seconds or so put a spatula below the lowest bread layer and take it up in air, with hands change the side, means flip and let the other side on the pan. Gently, else broccoli shall come out.

Step 12. This is how mine looks. You may heat little less or little more as per your likings.

Step 13. Press it with a steel flat bowl, or another pan, slightly and then increase pressure mildly. You may use any other pressure resisting bowl as well.

Complete this in 15 seconds time on low flame, flip to see how baked you want your toast to be, or how much of crispiness you want. The more brownish the toast the more crispy it is.

Step 14. Press around the corners as well with a steel bowl or any other pressure resisting bowl. I liked to have a crispy version today, so heated for a while more, 20 seconds more on low flame. 

Step 15. Take it off the pan. And here it is deliciousness ready on plate. 

Step 16. Cut the toast diagonally. And it is ready to be taken.

Step 17. In case while taking off and cutting the toast is cool, then heat it in microwave for 4  few seconds! Have it steaming hot! 

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