Steaming Hot Spicy Salad with boiled potatoes (Ginger Garlic Flavoured)

Here is my recipe for:

Steaming Hot Spicy garlic-ginger flavoured Salad with 1-2 spoon of oil  – Why not at times hot salad in cold winter days ?

Time Taken: 30 minutes ( given I made ginger garlic paste which took time, however you may be having your ginger garlic paste ready to reduce time further) 

Why is this still a salad – as it is not fully cooked, you can call it a dish if you want to, I have cooked fully cooked vegetables, so I wont call it a dish for sure! 

Key feature is – add spices in salad, heat it in pan and add boiled potatoes and green peas while you cut vegetables.

Ingredients: 2 Potatoes, 2 tomatoes, 2 Green onions with stems, half bowl green peas, 1 onion, 3 tomatoes, One inch of Ginger, 1 full garlic, 2 red chilis, Black Pepper, Salt, handfull of spinach leaves, 2 spoon of cooking oil.

Note: You can add any more vegetables as you like, the above are the basic ingredients one needs for this flavour

Step 1. Wash the vegetables you want to have in the hot salad. I took exactly the following.

Step 2. First thing – Cut the potatoes into small half centimetre squares and put in heating in 2 cup of water – I took 2 potatoes peeled and cut in square parts and half bowl of green peas.

Why do we heat potatoes and green peas, as till we cut other vegetables the potatoes shall be softer and boiled to mixed in salad, it tastes too good to include these boiled potatoes and boiled green peas in the salad.

Step 3.  Take 1 garlic and one inch of ginger and red chilli as per taste, use chilli powder if you don’t know the taste of chilli, else add chilli in end, if you are new to cooking. See you chilli tastes.

Step 4. Mix ginger, garlic and red chilli in a mixture grinder and add few drops of water to make it a paste, grind again.

Step 5. Cut other vegetables now.

Step 5. Heat 2  spoon of oil in a pan.

Step 6. By now potatoes and green peas must be softer, test with a fork in between to keep a trap of if the potatoes are cooked, dry extra water or take it off in a separate mug, the water.

Step 7. Add onions in the hot oil in pan- Fry for 30 seconds, this shall give onion the taste needed- Nice to be taken.

Step 8. You may add other things now – I had green onion, green onion stems, I added them first, as onion of any kind tastes good even with a mild heating. Add the ginger-garli-red chilli paste too now.

Step 9. Mix well.

Step 10. Add other vegetables and add the salt and pepper now.

Step 11. Mix well and mix for 1 minute, the tomatoes shall leave some water, this shall be quite a ripe thing.

Step 12. Ready to serve now!

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