Steaming Hot Spicy Salad with boiled potatoes (Ginger Garlic Flavoured)

Here is my recipe for: Steaming Hot Spicy garlic-ginger flavoured Salad with 1-2 spoon of oil  – Why not at times hot salad in cold winter days ? Time Taken: 30 minutes ( given I made ginger garlic paste which took time, however you may be having your ginger garlic paste ready to reduce timeContinue reading “Steaming Hot Spicy Salad with boiled potatoes (Ginger Garlic Flavoured)”

Tomato Capsicum Potato Salad

Spicy Tomato Capsicum Potato Salad Note even Russian salad have mayo in it – Making of Mayo require oil and milk. Hence in Russian salads we cant add salt and spices. Here we can as there no Mayo in it, hence no milk. Ingredients: 4 tomatoes, oil-1/3 small bowl, 1 capsicum, 1 potato, Spices asContinue reading “Tomato Capsicum Potato Salad”


SOUP SALAD–IS A SALAD LIKE RUSSIAN SALAD MADE IN BASE OF ANY OF THE FLAVORS OF SOUP MIXED TO MAKE IT TASTIER AND LESSER WATER ADDED TO MAKE IT THICKER Soup Salad have lot of flavors and is tastier than Russian Salads. Using Ready Made Soup with Boiled Fresh Salad. Green Peas I used forContinue reading “SOUP SALADS–8 MINUTES ONLY”