SOUP SALAD–IS A SALAD LIKE RUSSIAN SALAD MADE IN BASE OF ANY OF THE FLAVORS OF SOUP MIXED TO MAKE IT TASTIER AND LESSER WATER ADDED TO MAKE IT THICKER Soup Salad have lot of flavors and is tastier than Russian Salads. Using Ready Made Soup with Boiled Fresh Salad. Green Peas I used forContinue reading “SOUP SALADS–8 MINUTES ONLY”

Bean in Tomatoes Soup or Tomato Soup with Bean

Simple way to eat beans on top of Tomatoes Soup or as a curry I was making tomatoes soup and thought to add beans in it as is added in bean curry—So you can use it as a curry or as a soup–Highly nutritious and very tasty. Note: Bean Curry is common in place IContinue reading “Bean in Tomatoes Soup or Tomato Soup with Bean”