Bean in Tomatoes Soup or Tomato Soup with Bean

Simple way to eat beans on top of Tomatoes Soup or as a curry

I was making tomatoes soup and thought to add beans in it as is added in bean curry—So you can use it as a curry or as a soup–Highly nutritious and very tasty.

Note: Bean Curry is common in place I live hence this motivated me to make a quicker version and to use it in soups!! Its called Rajma in Hindi– RAJ-MA == RAJ means ruler Ma means mother—- Just trying to break the words to see the origin of Rajma word–It can be anything though.

Why this–as its boring to eat beans in salads always–why not in soups ?

Quick basic 4 steps.

  1. Get the kidney beans boiled.
  2. Get the tomatoed soup mixture ready.
  3. Mix both tomatoes soup and boiled kidney beans and heat for 2-5 minutes.
  4. Delicious way to eat kidney beans is ready.

This can be used as a curry with rice–it is delicious with any kind of rice, bread or as a soup with beans as it is.

Detailed Steps.

I. Recipe for boiling the beans well

Step 1. Take 1 bowl of dry kidney beans, wash it well and soak it in 3 bowl of water 6-7 hours for easy boiling. Else follow usual long procedure to boil. Dispose off this water.

Step 2. After 6-7 hours of soaking in water take these soaked kidney beans and boil in pressure cooker for 4-5 whistles on high flame with a new set of 3 bowl of water. It should soften in this time. Don’t throw this boiled water, it has nutritional value–Use this water to mix the tomatoes soup mixture–from any process in which you make tomatoes soup.

II. NOW RECIPE TO MAKE TOMATOE SOUP–You can use any technique to make this tomatoes soup mixture base.

If you have any other way to make tomatoes soup-you can try that–I explain to you the technique I suggest and followed. Though you can boil your tomatoes soup mix in the boiled bean water just made above. And heat it well.

See the ingredients of your tomatoes mix used as a caution.

Step 3. In the mean time. Take 4 tomatoes and cut it in 4 pieces. Take an centimeter cube of ginger, 1 spoon fresh coriander leaves and 3 strands of garlic. Mince them in a mixture grinder.

Step 4. Heat 5 table spoon of vegetable oil of choice. Once heated close the gas heat. And put 1 spoon of black pepper in this. Add salt as per taste- I added 2 spoon—-tea spoon–1/2 spoon of red chili powder.

Optionally I added- 2  crushed black cardamom, 5-6 Bay Leaves, some cinnamon for flavors. These are optional——-as these are available in India but may not be readily available in all parts of world. Add these optional things on pan —-if you have–and mix well——
Caution: if you are new to these spices check if it suits you.

Step 5. Put the mixture in grinder from mixture grinder to frying pan.

Step 6. Keep moving the mixture till it is dry or oil separates out–in case excess oil is used.

Step 7. Ingredients of tomatoes soup is ready if you put water in it–we get tomatoes soup–—–Wait our beans are already dipped in water in cooker.


Here it is ready, hot and tasty way to eat kidney beans and can be used as a curry.

Remove these spices remains from this soup/curry———as their flavours are now well added in the delicacy—–

Enjoy it hot –as a soup with beans————- or as a bean curry !

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