Chocolate-Banana Mint flavored Smoothie

Banana shakes I typically don’t like. But this smoothie is delicious. It has minty chocolaty flavor drinking which gives no taste of blant bananas, which as however highly beneficial.

Exact recipe for 1 glass of delicious smoothie.

Step 1. Take the following:

  1. fresh mint leaves–1 handfull
  2. 1 banana cut in small pieces
  3. 1 spoon of cocoa powder
  4. 2 tea spoon of sugar

Put all these in mixture grinder, with some ice cubes and put some cold water, half bowl in it, else cocoa powder shall stick to the mixture grinder.

Step 2. Grind it in mixture grinder for 1.5 minutes to get a good smooth mixture.

Step 3. Pour it in glass and enjoy the cold minty chocolaty drink. Banana is lost in all these flavors.

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