Taro Root Cutlets for Burgers, Buns, Or as it is—-Enjoy It hot -Why always potato cutlet?

Recipe for 1 Taro Root cutlet.

Step 1. Take 150 grams of fresh taro roots. Boil it in water, covering all taro roots. Give one whistle in pressure cooker. Let the steam go out of cooker.

Step 2. Once steam is out, take taro roots out of hot water in cooker and let it cool.

Step 3. After an hour the taro roots are cooled. Then peel off the cover of Taro roots, it wont be a hassle as potato–simple and quick it is. Grate it with a grater.

Step 4. Put 1 small spoon of salt, red chili 1/3 spoon, black pepper -1/3 spoon,

Optionally to add more flavor add—1/2 spoon of carom seeds in this mixture.

Step 5. Add 1 tablespoon of gram flour — to make the mixture cling well.

Other things you can try is corn flour or bread crumps if you don’t have gram flour–I had not tried these though–just suggesting, in case you try –do share your recipe and pics.

Step 6. Mix the mixture. It would be sticky and will cling to form a cutlet in just 30 seconds. Not much of a tussel. Here are the pics of uncooked cutlets.

Step 7. Heat oil in pan for deep frying. Once oil is heated well–esp. if using mustard oil. Heat it well. Else smell of oil remains in food.

Step 8. Use a frying spatula. Put the cutlet slowly with the frying spatula in heated oil for deep frying. Deep fry on very slow flame, constantly flip sides.

Step 9. Cutlet is ready, is yummy, and why always potato cutlet.? Enjoy with burger~~or as it is with sauce, as a starter..

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