Cauliflower Sandwich – In 5 minute – Super Delicious and Nutritious

Here is a recipe of Cauliflower Sandwich. This is much easier to make than any other sandwich you may have taken. All in 5 minutes only ! Ingredients: 1 cauliflower, salt, red chili, half spoon of butter, 3 bread slice and optionally — one green chili and some coriander leaves. MUST TRY ! Step 1.Continue reading “Cauliflower Sandwich – In 5 minute – Super Delicious and Nutritious”

Broccoli and Green Peas Fry – Greene Nutritious Delicious

(With or without Bread) Finally I got a broccoli – the first in this year. This is the time when broccoli is mildly better in prize, to cook! Ingredients: One small Broccoli, 1 cup of green peas, salt, chili, 3 spoons. Step 1. Wash one small broccoli. Step 2. Cut the flower of broccoli StepContinue reading “Broccoli and Green Peas Fry – Greene Nutritious Delicious”

Eggy Ladyfingers Snacks – 12 minutes Only

Ingredients: 100 grams ladyfinger, salt, green chili, 3 eggs, oil. That is it. Note you may change recipe a bit by frying the ladyfingers before mixing eggs. But this taste you wont get in that derivation of the dish. Step 1. Take 100 grams of ladyfinger, wash it and the cut them vertically after removingContinue reading “Eggy Ladyfingers Snacks – 12 minutes Only”

Cauliflower Omelette/Scrambles- 5 minutes Only- And It Is Delicious. Cauliflower never tasted this good.

Nutritious. Delicious. Cauliflower never tasted this good. Step 1. Take 1 small cauliflower and 2 eggs. Peel of mildly the top layer of cauliflower after wash. Step 2. Grate to very fine the small cauliflower on a plate. Step 3. Collect the grated cauliflower in a small bowl. Step 4. Break two eggs in theContinue reading “Cauliflower Omelette/Scrambles- 5 minutes Only- And It Is Delicious. Cauliflower never tasted this good.”


SOUP SALAD–IS A SALAD LIKE RUSSIAN SALAD MADE IN BASE OF ANY OF THE FLAVORS OF SOUP MIXED TO MAKE IT TASTIER AND LESSER WATER ADDED TO MAKE IT THICKER Soup Salad have lot of flavors and is tastier than Russian Salads. Using Ready Made Soup with Boiled Fresh Salad. Green Peas I used forContinue reading “SOUP SALADS–8 MINUTES ONLY”

Chocolate-Banana Mint flavored Smoothie

Banana shakes I typically don’t like. But this smoothie is delicious. It has minty chocolaty flavor drinking which gives no taste of blant bananas, which as however highly beneficial. Exact recipe for 1 glass of delicious smoothie. Step 1. Take the following: fresh mint leaves–1 handfull 1 banana cut in small pieces 1 spoon ofContinue reading “Chocolate-Banana Mint flavored Smoothie”

Fat free delicious chicken for Saturday

Here I shall tell what I made for Saturday, a tasty, simple, spicy dish from chicken and all you need is, chicken, salt, black pepper to minimum. And if you have more spices such as cinnamon, cardamom (black and green), bay leaves, then even better taste. I used all these! Here is how it looks,Continue reading “Fat free delicious chicken for Saturday”

Onion-Asafoetida-Ginger Chicken Snacks

Roasted Chicken is lot popular than what I am writing here today. Its onion chicken snacks! Another way to have chicken as a starter–Tasty and handy to make and eat—As Snacks! First the recipe, then other things! Heat water and put the frozen chicken in water. (6 leg piece recipe here). Put 3 table spoonContinue reading “Onion-Asafoetida-Ginger Chicken Snacks”

Tomato Sole Fish Curry

Here is my recipe for delicious, mouth watering way to make Sole fish curry. Fish curry can be made in many ways, here the base I have chosen is primarily tomato! Clean Sole Fish with water several times Cut it in small pieces with knife to remove a smell associate with Sole fish for betterContinue reading “Tomato Sole Fish Curry”