Broccoli and Green Peas Fry – Greene Nutritious Delicious

(With or without Bread)

Finally I got a broccoli – the first in this year. This is the time when broccoli is mildly better in prize, to cook!

Ingredients: One small Broccoli, 1 cup of green peas, salt, chili, 3 spoons.

Step 1. Wash one small broccoli.

Step 2. Cut the flower of broccoli

Step 3. Wash one cup of green peas, cut broccoli flowers into even smaller fragments without crushing it, it shall take patience, but it will look and taste and cook well this way. See how it looks now.

Step 4. Heat 2 spoons of cooking oil in a pan.

Step 5. Once oil is heated, close the stove and put the freshly washed, hence wet broccoli and green peas in the frying pan.

Step 6. Heat it for 2-3 minutes on slow temperature. This way the broccoli and green peas shall absorb the small amount of oil and hence adding taste of cooked food to raw vegitables.

Step 7. When you see broccoli changing color mildly, add 1.5 cup of water in the pan and heat it on full flame.

Step 8. Heat well till dry.

Step 9. Here is it now, dried.

Step 10. Keep moving the spatula and cooking this in the frying pan, as there was 3 tea spoons of oils, let it fry till you get the taste you want. Also add salt, chili/spices of your taste and mix well.

Step 11. Its ready tp be served as a green delicious dish – served hot!

Step 12. Or you may even try it out with bread of choice! As shown below. Heat in microwave for 5 seconds to get the hot flavour.

Enjoy it hot, the way you like! As it is – Its fried in least oil, so it taste awesome.

Or try out with a bread !

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