Potatoes and Green Peas Fry – Least Oil – Nutritious Snacks – 10 minutes for deliciousness

Here is the recipe of Green Peas and Potatoes Fry with least oil possible!

Ingredients: Green Peas – 1 cup, 2 potatoes, 3 spoon of cooking oil, salt, red chili! That is it! and 10 minutes of your time!

Optionally these can be included in a toast for that we need bread and toaster!

Here are the steps for the Green Peas and Potatoes Fry- with least oil! 3 spoon oil for one plate full of snacks, worth it!

Step 1. Take 1 cup of green peas, wash them well. Take 2 potatoes, wash them and peel them and wash again.

Step 2. Cut the potatoes in 2 parts then again in two parts and cut them in small fine parts as shown below, the smaller the potatoes are cut the faster they are at cooking via this method discussed here.

Step 3. Heat 3 spoon of oil in a frying pan.

Step 4. Once oil is ready with right heat, close the flame and put these washed and freshly cut vegetables in the frying pan. Close the flame as the vegetables are wet, and oil is warmer.

Step 5. Fry for 3 minutes or till the potatoes start turning brownish as shown below. The presence of wet freshly washed vegetables in this pan will make these riper and not dried.

Step 6. Now put 1.5 tea-cup of water and heat it on high temperature till all water dries up in – 4 minutes approx. time (on my stove)

Step 7. This is how it looks now.

Step 8. Heat it more the oil has made the green peas and potatoes fry and it adds to taste at the same time there is no excess oil to it oily.

Now fry it more till potatoes and green peas show a tinge of brownish color and it is dried.

Step 9. Its ready now, see how it looks now. Add salt, chili/pepper/spices as per your taste.

Step 10. It is ready to be served hot.

Here, is how to make it a meal, Toast it in between bread for delicious meal.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Cut the corners of the bread and put in in toaster. Spread this on toaster.

Step 2. Heat in toaster.

Step 3. Serve Hot!

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