Eggy Ladyfingers Snacks – 12 minutes Only

Ingredients: 100 grams ladyfinger, salt, green chili, 3 eggs, oil. That is it.

Note you may change recipe a bit by frying the ladyfingers before mixing eggs. But this taste you wont get in that derivation of the dish.

Step 1. Take 100 grams of ladyfinger, wash it and the cut them vertically after removing the front and end of the ladyfinger.

Step 2. Take 3 eggs and beat them up in a big bowl.

Step 3. Put the cut ladyfinger in beaten egg in bowl. Mix well. Keep it like this for 2 minutes or so.

Step 4. Heat oil in frying pan, once heated, empty the bowl mixture containing egg in the frying pan.

Step 5. Mix the content in the frying pan.

Step 6. Add salt -1/3 spoon and 1 finely cut green chili. And keep mixing. Slow the flame to minimum, else egg will burn.

Step 7. Keep moving it on low flame.

Step 8. Keep moving spatula and let the full mixture get heat. Other way is to close the lid of frying pan with cover. However I did rotating the mixture constantly–just 7-8 minutes.

Step 9. In the end after 7-8 minutes, put the flame on high — and mix mixture in pan with spoon. The dish is ready and it is tasty.

Step 9. Add more spices as per taste. It was delicious snacks and nutritious too.

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