Analyzing plants for benefits, medical values, industrial use and even for harmful effects

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The forests and lands are filled with plants of variety. Study should be done on each plant in the dried form and even in paste and liquid form to be analyzed for its benefits. There are some natural products which would do harmful effect as well. There are many which heal, many which are needed in making of newer products. Who knows we can find a way to melt plastic back to fossil form from one of the liquid extract formed from some plant in distant jungle ?

This article presents some of the benefits of some naturally occurring plants and vegetables. Also, this article tells as much as some plants can be beneficial, there are many plants which can have really harmful effect on humans as well. Some examples of both are mentioned here. Hence, it is important at one side to grow right good plants and trees and at the same time, we need to clear off or license use of all harmful plants from Earth.

There are many more plant varieties, some that we do not even consume. This is a big step in ending many problems– (1) such as naturally extracted chemicals viz. chemicals extracted from plants directly and at the same time (2) removing harmful plants or licensing their growth for just restricted research and development.

Yes licensing of growing plant.

This article is to emphasize that the medicines that are made can be made in climate friendly ways– being naturally extracted from plant. Plants can be used in various ways. There are some herbs which can treat many problems like headache, week eyesight, blood pressure, kidney problems to mention a few. Hence all I want to emphasize here is that “GO NATURAL”. Some beneficial plants are given below.

Look for plants and the seeds and the fruits and even the flowers it gives. See the chemicals that are there in these natural agents. Extract the chemicals from plants products naturally rather than making it synthetically in lab. Grow plants and take out chemicals from there.

Some negatively effecting plants are given below. Hence there are plants which can cause harm to human and animals equally. But there can be even more harmful plants. This is example of famous story of Prince Salim, son of King Akhbar. Prince Salim feel in love with a woman, named Anarkali which King Akhbar did not like. He was madly in love with Anarkali. Akhbar told Anarkali to meet him once and leave for ever through a tunnel in Palace that will lead to Afganistan, as I have heard of it… He told Anarkali to make Akhbar smell a flower spray. After she did it, Prince Salim feel unconscious and he forgot everything of past, as is shown in movie [in link below]. See how dangerous chemicals were present even long back when industrialization was not there.

This shows dangerous chemicals existed in nature long long before from medival times and even before may be. Why this is needed to be studied? As one needs to find them and stop the areas where they are grown. Or license their growth as these can harm innocent animals, birds too, if grown in extra amounts.

Grow fruits, leaves, flowers of good and bad kinds — dry them- make its powder or make paste or get it in liquid form from raw form and extract the chemicals from it – to study for industrial use.

Some may need to be squeezed for liquid chemical extracts they can give. The medicines obtained in this way would contain enzymes as well, not just chemicals. Hence, may be more beneficial. While other chemicals can be studies in the process as well.

Links of Story Given above


Some beneficial plants are:

  1. Asafetida seeds – Is helpful when gastric problems occur, especially on eating certain food.
  2. Curd – helpful when acidity happens in stomach
  3. Fenugreek seeds- Are helpful for loose motions and diarrheas
  4. Carom seeds – Are useful for clearing stomach in case of constipation
  5. Cumin seeds – is helpful especially in nausea like taste in mouth.
  6. Holy Basil Leaves (Ocimum tenuiflorum) (Tulsi in Hindi) – is useful is common cold and cough
  7. Some foods have side effect of having gastric problems, such as cauliflower, taro roots to mention a few.
  8. Ginger – helps fight flu, it is said ginger helps boost immunity
  9. Papaya leaves – is said to help increase blood count
  10. Banana – also helps in loose motion like feeling
  11. Lemon – Is full of vitamin C and helps in common cold and have many benefits
  12. Brinjal – Help in iron formation in blood
  13. Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy) – helpful in fighting disease like Dengi

These are just some of the natural green herbs with benefits. There are so many plants in forests that need to be analyzed for their effects on health of humans. One need to do these analysis.

Some harmful plants are:

As per link below []:

Seven plants that will make you sting, itch and blister.

  1. Close relative of poison ivy.
  2. Poison sumac.
  3. Giant hogweed.
  4. Wild parsnip.
  5. Stinging nettle.
  6. Wood nettle.

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