Rose Sweetened Preserve

Rose Sweetened Preserve

Ingredients: Organic Rose, sugar, spices as per likings – you can vary spices each time to vary flavour of pudding, cardamom is one such flavour in this.

Caution: See if you can consume rose. Also see the kind of rose you can consume. Only then make or consume it.

Step 1. Take the roses, typically there are certain categories of roses that are used in making rose sweetened preserve. I used the rose I had. Make sure the rose you are using here are free from any kind of chemicals such as those to make it look good, to mention one such case.

I took 4 – 5 rose buds. I had Pink Rose with me.

Step 2. Pull off the root of tose form the petals.

Step 3. Spread out the petals to be washed well in water.

Step 4. Put it in a utensil to be washed.

Step 5. Wash it, well in water, as roses even if chemical free are often in presence of dirt particles.

Step 6. Once satisfied with the wash, remove water.

Step 7. Put it in mixture grinder and mix it with equal amount of sugar. Compress the rose in hand to see how much sugar is required. I started with 1 spoon of sugar, and left the gaps to be filled later by tasting it. Mix it in mixture grinder and take it off in a plate/vessel.

Step 8. This is how it looks.

Step 9. Put it in a pan and heat the pan – No oil no butter is required-No. Just put this in a pan.

Step 10. Keep moving it with a spoon.

Step 11. Taste it, it shall taste raw, in a while it shall taste quile refined and cooked.

See the sugar levels you need. Add more sugar if required, I added half a spoon more of sugar, for a more delicious taste, as I wanted it as a pudding.

Step 12. Mix well, keep heating it. It shall be ready, you can see it by looks, or by the sumptuous taste of it. Here it is.

Step 13. It is ready to be served now.

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