UK Flower Blooming Early – And Effect of Ecosystem. Solutions and Analysis.

Spring is associated with warmth and water is required for flowers to bloom. As per Wikipedia (Spring (season) – Wikipedia) spring relates to flowering of many kinds of plants, animal life change, smell of soil that has reached the temperature for flourishing of microflora.

Plants flowering a month before, means the heat of Sun or heat of atmosphere on soil and the effect needed for Spring has been changed. The reason can be climate change, availability of water in that area, or even to the humidity in the air, to mention a few.

It was found in an initial study by scientists that plants are flowering a month differently  than the plants we know today. 

So more questions that need to be looked at are:

  1. The data analysed is from 1753-1986. One must require more change analysis over time in better gaps, not just a jump from 1753 to 2012 or 2022, and not just from 1986 to 2022. If done already analysis may be provided please.
  2. So can we know – what was the jump in every 5 year of the delay in flowering of plants. We need to know jumps in every 5 or 10 years time, to know that the insects and ants and hence birds adjusted to all this well in time, if they did so. And if these species have not adjusted, how can they be fed the things that they need when they come in for their food. If not insects that we can give to birds, can be give them a substitute, till all this is healed. While this question as natural species are self adjusting. Birds can sense storm much before it comes, ants and even animals know well when heavy rain is to come and they hide in then. So what has been the change in the ecosystem, given climate change was gradual – it was gradual change – we have been seeing. Hence, the adaption must be gradual. Oh yes if there is some sudden change in weather then for sure– adaption cant be easy for any species. In these cases mankind have to provide with the alternate solutions to feed these birds and arrange for some of likes required by local insects to rely on, for instance the bees may not get rose but may get a sunflower instead to feed on ?! You may find which flowers require lesser water.
  3. What are the nutrients from soil that are depleted by a particular flower.
  4. Soil quality- over these years when analysis was performed. Rate of change required for soil quality, warming in region for temperature, rate of change of water to plants and so on for all ecological phenomenons.
  5. Soil Mositure- This shall answer, is it only dry soil that is causing it or the flower soil need some natural fertlizers? Can we correlate the historical flower blooming data with soil data as well.
  6. Change in rainfall over the same intervals of time, at gaps of 5 years, 10 years and so on.
  7. Ecological AI solutions are provided below.

Some concerns raised by botanical people were – shall it affect the ecosystem ? As bees and other insects are attracted by flower blooms, this is often the food of beautiful birds, the food of which are insects, pollen grains, wheat and so on. Well this can be answered by my analysis in the following way, and AI/Machine Learning can help one know reasons. Look at this in this way –

An ant for instance has a unique power to sense its food and it leaves behind a trail of enzymes called pheromones in its way so that other ants can find out the most important path to find food. Same way each good or bad insect has its own unique characteristics to find food, be the food be in the flower itself. 

Now consider birds, who feed on the insects, then well, birds follow a pattern to look for food. They follow other birds in a flock. But the concern is not this, this is a property, the following are the things Artificial Intelligence can tell – perhaps Machine Learning is enough to answer this. Here are the points.

  1. What was the data of migration of birds, rate of change per 5 years or so.
  2. Now if we correlate the data of flower blooming and migration time of birds over these years ?
  3. What about insects timings of reproduction over these times?
  4. Were these changes co-related to each other — If so was the co-relation positive or negative and what was the degree of correlation [Pearson & Spearman Correlation Coefficient]?
  5. Further what are other statistical relation between the flowering data sets of so many decades and many other Ecological processes of concern to dear biologists and Natural Science researchers.
  6. These statistical entities can tell – if Ecology was effected or not. Yes effect is for sure, but it shall give answer to how much are these species adapting to warming!
  7. In case there is a change in any Ecological Migration or likes then — where are the migratory birds headed towards then? And what replacements are they feeding on dear Biological Scientists?

Solutions are – to irrigate ! Channels, pipes, or artificial ponds, filed monthly ! Water is life! And to artificially sustain the Ecosystem, knowing the needs of birds, insects and even worm who loves may be wet soils of this time ? Can we give them a replacement of flowers.

Further Botanical and Natural Sciences people need to answer – the process of smell of soil that has reached the temperature for flourishing of microflora. How is this related to tilt of Earth at time of Spring, and what and how we can artificially or humanly maintain the spring same smell of soil and water contents, the evaporation and precipitation rates in these times.

Further, how artificial irrigation of lands can help low rooted flower bloom. Other proposals are– why not grow fast growing trees in areas where these flowers grow – Why? To give shade to these flowering plant, to hold soil, to hold moisture in soil, and to be shade to the soil and plants in tough weathers? If that helps, it can be good, and above all when these big trees shall flower -the bees shall make a different kind of honey, if not a rose nectar but a big tree nectar it shall get. Also, insects may not get the best puddings nut some raw food to eat from these flowers of big trees and deep rooted plants. Yes there wont be tasty flowers to eat for some insects and many insects come out of soil. But for sure something to feed on for insects and hence for birds. Hence ecosystem can be sustained.


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