The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier

Universal Artificial Intelligence Tasks                                                                                                                                         Abstract- In view of all the ever-increasing data clouds, keeping a count of training points is no more essential, what one needs is a way in which one Machine Learning (ML) model can talk to other ML models, to start with. Sequentially, one should aim to merge variousContinue reading “The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier”

Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies

We have the best architects, the best design and the magnificent outputs of the tremendously tedious work architects do. The beautiful, building, the best interior and exterior designs. Here in this article I lay emphasis on “Aqua Architecture” or “Water Architecture”. Several large scale aquariums have been build in various parts of world that displaysContinue reading “Architecture Must Include Designing and Beautifying Water Bodies”