The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier

Universal Artificial Intelligence Tasks                                                                                                                                         Abstract- In view of all the ever-increasing data clouds, keeping a count of training points is no more essential, what one needs is a way in which one Machine Learning (ML) model can talk to other ML models, to start with. Sequentially, one should aim to merge variousContinue reading “The Infinite Classification Task -The Universal Classifier”

AI: Ranking of Machine Learning/AI based Classified Data

AIM: To aim is to rank the objects from the output of a classifier. The ranking is performed per category of the data. Classifier can be a machine learning or AI based classifier. The model is evaluated on Multi Document Text Summarization standard datasets using well known performance metrics. Details: This article is about myContinue reading “AI: Ranking of Machine Learning/AI based Classified Data”