Google was left behind in AI by once Elon Musks OpenAI, was Google not vigilant of this competition?

OpenAI was once Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and other co-founders company.

Google left behind in AI by a recent years startup company OpenAI. This is a small company in front of the name Google. So how can OpenAI take over Google premium AI works? Not one product it beat, Google has been left back in so many areas by OpenAI research, that too it being a non-profit company initially. Is Google really left behind OpenAI now ?

It was reported on web that Google made a similar chatbot as Open AI, chatGPT but it was never let open to public? Why? Just because it can put in some harmful content to user, then well post-processing is all it needed. Yes. Post-processing, should not a new things to developers in NLP. It detects the outputs, check if it can be displaced and debar it from release citing as harmful content to the user. That is, it. So, the chatGPT equivalent in Google, never came out. Now, they are releasing a chat bot for medical chats, but that needs quite a lot more to be perfected and may be prone to more errors, as the answers are not many but few.

In image processing too openAI’s Dalle-2 is making so many news. But what about Google equivalent of this image processing toolkit. When the competition is high, one needs to be on foot to see what the competitors are making and about to release.

Still, Google have time to take over OpenAI market as an equal opportunity partner, rather than waste time in non-conventional releases. Now, Google should aim to bring in sound embedding research ahead of other companies, that is what healthy competition is all about. And healthy competition should always live.

Its ok all competing partners co-exist in all areas of products be it in electric cars to space programs to operating systems. But keeping morale high and not falling in is a must. Even now Google have time, to showcase its cutting edge AI research, by post-processing and blocking harmful content.

Come on Google, why are you hesitant? Showcase your competence, else your name will be lost to OpenAI. It makes me remind that once Yahoo was de facto things, taken over by others after a while.

Here is some history of OpenAI compant initially founded by Elon Musk and partners.

Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and some other collaborators started an AI company Open AI in around 2014. In Feb, 2019, Elon left OpenAI [2]. But all this was his view to provide free AI to everyone, without charges and much licensing, as per internet sources. This means it required really big funding. Some of the reasons Elon left OpenAI was he said the people OpenAI want to hire are those whom his other ventures Tesla have some kind of contradiction, apart from that he reported he can’t function well with his base companies, Tesla and SpaceX. So why he took over Twitter after a failed attempt at OpenAI? Anyways we are not focussing on these in this article.





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