Let us light in the hidden candles as another new year comes

Let us light in the hidden candles of our hearts as another new year stands on the door of our lives. Let us thank God for all we have got and let us pray for all we want to get in the coming year. Let us know we stand here at the pinnacle of the completion of another year. This is yet one more accomplishment of your life another year just past may be with either loud accolades or silent accomplishments. Let the new year be much more better, let the new year celebrate you in your life more openly and let the coming new year be remembered for successes like never before.

Let this year be year of more hope.

Let Gods mercy fall on us in this year.

Let this year shine like diamond in our lives.

Let the love we cherished be everlasting from this new year.

Let the love you seek shall seek-th you from this day.

This day is day of hope for another new year.

Let those whom we want to attract in our lives come by in our lives, this year.

Let the materialistic things that thy wish may be there in your lives.

Let our heath be good, we be brave and healthy form this day of wishing towards in the new year.

Let this year be a year of successes of all kinds, personal, professional and others.

Let this year ripen fruits of our past works.

Let this year God hear us more closely.

Let this year more colors shine in our lives

The colors of abundant love shall be with thyself

Wishing You a Happy New Year

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