AI and Infants

Informed AI is an AI agent pre-loaded with knowledge, information, and decision-making algorithms.

Its not a question to be answered for comparison. But it was discussed on social media, so here are some views for, not so techy guys. My answer is a No.

Infants are too young to understand what is going on. They are more curious on what to do, what to ask for, when to ask for milk and how to gain attention of hands loving the toddlers.

Informed AI indeed, is not curious as infant, but yes, it responds well to answers just like an adult, is more knowledgeable, as it is being fed by with knowledge, information and decisions making toolkits.

Informed AI can help guide infants and learn from infants as a matter of communication.

Infants change their demands once learning of an element is over.

Informed AI remains same in the way question answering is performed.

Infants grow faster and their question-answering methodologies change once their target to be learned is reached.

Informed AI, gives a machine made response and can learn emotions from infants while at the same time helping infants learn faster.

Informed AI can learn from infants via Reinforcement learning.

Infants can learn with both supervised and unsupervised learning, and at times even reinforcement learning.

However, Informed AI, is embedded with so much of knowledge, learning and decision making software that Informed AI are much ahead average humans in terms of knowledge and in decision making it do rely on humans, yes for sure we can’t compare it with infants here. It knows better and for sure we can’t leave our infants with AI all time as its decision-making is still not 100% correct. It knows better as it carries knowledge books in a chip within it. Imagine you with google on your phone and you have to compare who is better you or Informed AI!

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